Miko healing beam change

I don’t know if somebody already has suggested this but i think that Mikos healing ability should be changed so that if M;iko or the player miko is healing is moving Mikos healing beam heals less than normal, it could be something like 0,5-0,75 of the normal.

Currently Miko can heal you on the go over 100 hp per second which is too much in my opinion.

I know this would promote more stationary play style but support should not be running deep in the enemy lines anyway.

I’m open to critique ;D

As far as I knew it was nerfed already but then it seems he can still heal someone through pretty much any attack.

Running into enemy territory helps give the opposing team the opportunity to burn Miko down which is what a coordinated team should do. I said it in another topic about Mikos ability to heal and that is if you nerf reasonably powerful support characters then no one will play them. If Mikos heal could constantly be out damaged then no one would have to bother targeting him which would drop a strategic aspect of this game which I find great. Support characters should feel like they are targeted due to the value of their abilities and, in addition, teammates should prioritize protecting said support classes especially in critical moments like a strong push. Have you ever seen a group with Kleese in it and no one helps protect him? He’s like a huge Miko and gets annihilated. The only time Miko can truly out heal the higher dps abilities would be his burst heal of biosynthesis+heal beam which is time limited.


The problem here are the games with random people, you don’t get that focus on healer effect as you do in pre-made teams. Mikos great maneuverability and speed also makes it hard to focus on It.

A valid point. Thats why i don’t want him nerfed but rather change the healing beams mechanic. With the change Miko would still be able to heal fast when behind a cover etc. but it wouldn’t feel so broken when Miko rushes you with a tank.

True. I know focusing on a miko healed tank is a really bad tactic, but sometimes it’s the only option, and when 3 players focus on tank they should be able to out dps Mikos healing which doesn’t happen at the moment. And not only that miko can keep 4 players in full health at the same time if they are not rushing. I know healing is his primary job and everything but it makes a team comp without Miko less viable.

Kleese is so easy to kill with marquis especially if he gets greedy ;D But he plays completely different role than Miko and he’s a lot easier to hit. Protecting support classes rarely happens outside of premade teams and even then a competent miko player can just run and heal all four teammates at the same time.

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I don’t think miko needs it, she already got hit with the nerf bat.

Then maybe Miko would get a buff with the change

Nah, no more nerfs. The last one was somewhat illogical and spiteful at best. Should have left Biosynthesis the same, but nerfed instead the amount healed with AoE heal helix to like 30%. The AoE heal is just stupid pointless now that they broke it.

I am always that guy! Its riddiciolous how some people still dont know he can heal you just by standing right next to you, he is much easier to kill than miko but if hes well positioned and protected he can benefit the team twice as much as miko, especially in 3v3, 4v4 etc. he can heal couple targets every second, slow enemies, do massive damage and his shock teaser is a great tool to finish off wounded enemies.

eh, could be fair then

Sounds more to me like a learn2play problem. If Miko and a tank are rushing your area… that means Miko is coming right to you for you to burn down.

Miko doesn’t hit all that hard and isn’t tanky. If you keep limiting the healing she does… why the hell would anybody play her?

This mindset of hating supports in games of this sort is maddening. There are three basic areas to consider for a character: offense (damage), defense (sturdiness), and support (healing/buffing).

The only time it should be a problem is if the balance is out of whack. In the case of Miko, it’s not.

I like the idea, better than my own idea to give Miko a tiny damage reduction debuff while using the heal beam (the idea to be to force the Miko player to choose if they heal and go down, which may still win the fight, or flee to selfheal).

I like the idea(s) because it allows Miko to still be an easy character to play, but rewards advanced knowledge of the game.

I had the idea that the beam should be cancelled when Miko is hit, it can be recast afterwards of course, but actually landing attacks on Miko interrupts the healing. Miko would still be able to rapidly heal characters out of combat but would be reduced much more while in combat. While it wouldn’t entirely end his ability to dive into the middle of everything and save someone at the verge of death, it would become much more difficult and bring him more in line with the rest of the support characters. It should also help with having a Miko/Galilea rush in and shred half of your team as one player could focus on interrupting the healing while the others kill Galilea

I don’t think Miko need a nerf. He is quite nice steady single-target healer. New Battleborn, Alani, can instantly heal 800-1000 health to any ally, if she reached full Osmosis, of course, but she can do it rather quick, especially at high levels. So, I think, Miko is OK.

I feel like if you aren’t queuing with at least 1 other person than its on you if the other people don’t help you take down Miko. Right now he is the only true healer. Other clases such as Umbra can do good healing but he is still the best. I don’t believe this should change. I have played in teams where we had a tank and a Miko and the other team had no support characters, and we lost. Sometimes steamrolling damage can be super effective. The trick is to work with your team to CC or silence Miko. And even those few seconds where he is disabled he drops so fast. Before Alani came out I pretty much ran builds strictly for burst damage on healers and it worked out great for my teams. He does not need a nerf. You also have to take into account who is playing him. Has the person stacked high level healing gear? Is your gear damage based? Sometimes just getting physically between him and hitting him to get him away from who he is healing, is enough to kill a tank if the rest of your team is pushing. Usually this is what I do. Sneak behind them and separate him physically so he can’t target the tank. Usually he will throw down his ultimate and panic on his first ability and bam, he is on cooldown and you can destroy him quickly or at least make him retreat while his tank dies and team suffers. And this is often while solo que.