Miko heals nerfed, give it better offense to balance please

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Ok, Miko had too much healing but very poor offense.

You nerfed it’s heals and that is ok only if you increase it’s offense abilities.

Keep the same abilities, just improve their strength and you have a major winner. Balanced, and sill a worthwile as a teammate
I mean, till shreakinw


What in the blue blazes are you talking about? Miko has PLENTY of offense.

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(McDoogleGME) #4

There were nerfs to their healing amount? I watched the stream and sure the wound CC on more characters is an indirect nerf to ALL healing supports but per shot Miko is the strongest not even including the poison effect. Only nerf I heard was the 1.5 second light cool down on the fight or flight helix for 15% extra movement whilst taking damage.

Miko has a lot of offensive options - spore shock, pervasive poison and the damage mushroom So in a 1v1 Miko will normally out damage other supports. Mid to late game Miko can 1v1 almost anyone maybe excluding Montana and Attikus if you have access to all mutations (but it’s not necessary).

In short, Miko got off easy this time balance wise so no buff is needed since the impact they have on a match is already immense and needs to be reduced. I mean he already keeps the team alive they don’t need to deal out more damage than they already do plus their survivability is already top tier.

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Miko’s kit evolves around healing people and assisting. If you increase his offense you will see nothing but lone wolf miko’s trying to ninja people without healing your team. Everyone can play the way they want… But Miko is listed as a healer and much of his kit evolves around healing and giving/receiving buffs during heal

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He’s also listed under combat, not saying we should give him more health or make him less squishy just maybe make his poison stack instead of refreshing with each hit? Or perhaps make it stack five times and the execute, the current way his poison works makes difficult to run a dps Miko if you want to. Granted the poison shouldn’t do the majority of Miko’s damage but it also shouldn’t be doing only 45 damage either. A happy medium would be gladly appreciated.

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I agree (first time)

I totally agree. He need a good balance.
Or CC and focus on him or only run xD (sarcasm, someone gave mi that awesome tactic)

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Yea, but you can equip gear for that extra damage too and I believe att dmg+ also helps heal?? I use solar sustainer with Miko for heal + and att dmg + for you and the person you are healing w/ att speed gear and I’m still able to give good heals and do some damage (I believe it’s about 70-80 damage a kunai hit). I’m not looking for the kill as support but atleast I can do a bit of damage when everyone on the team is healed.