Miko Helix power levels (game changers) Poll

I’m collecting data for a later post on BB characters. This is a multiple choice on which level helix makes the biggest power difference that you can see. IE: I see a big jump in my Oscar mike’s power when I hit level 2 and get the aoe effect. If I had to do one for OM it would be (2, 5 (to me the biggest game changer in choice), and 7). On this poll I would select 2,5,7 if this were for Oscar Mike(which I plan on doing one) again if anyone can help me build a better poll please give some advice. I’m allowing up to 4 picks which is very generous. I have polls on other BB so please check out their pages on here as well.

  • Helix 1
  • Helix 2
  • Helix 3
  • Helix 4
  • Helix 5
  • Helix 6
  • Helix 7
  • Helix 8
  • Helix 9
  • Helix 10

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For Miko, I chose helix 2, 4, 6, and 8.

Helix 2, I always go for Heal Thyself and I defenitely need it. ;p

Helix 4, totally depends on the game mode, but is always very usefull. On capture and Meltdown, I go with Sporeshock to help my allies by stunning the enemies. And on Incursion, trail of spores to slow down about all the minions in the middle.
(Oh an in PvE, I tend to go with Sticky Spores, to throw them on my allies for a good laugh. Very important.)

Helix 6, mutation, Healer’s Oath is just a must have late game.

Helix 8, both change totally change how strong you are, and it really depends on the game itself which one is the best choice. But both real game changers.

Getting his ult is a huge game changer in terms of healing builds.
Other than that I go for 2, 3, and 6. Makes a bigger difference in your healing abilities