Miko in Atticus DLC- Solo DPS?

I finally got to 50 ops points and want to try running it with all the characters solo. I’ve played Miko a total of about 5 times and never as a DPS so I need some help.

Can someone recommend a helix build that helps it kill quickly but without sacrificing its ability to heal? Gear recommendations would be cool too

I will edit this post later, but for now I do want to say that if you want to have a great ability to heal yourself without giving up on damage, go with heal thyself on helix 2. You can heal Attikus, and so heal yourself very quickly to full HP. Also, attack gear makes both your damage and healing beam stronger, so def take that with you.
(I have no time to write a full helix at the moment but those two things are pretty important.)

Edit: Turns out I do have time! I thought I had to work today, but I arrived there and it turns out I am an idiot… Me being an idiot doesn’t mean this guide thingy is going to suck, no it will be perfect! :mushroom:

Helix choices without explaination why to take them:

Helix choices with explaination:
Helix 1- Breathe Deep: Intensifies the slowing effect of Cloud of Spores. +100% Slow
The other one only affects playing with allies, so this one makes sense.

Helix 2- Heal Thyself: While Biosynthesis is active, healing an ally with Miko’s heal beam also heals Miko.
I explained the reason above. Healing Attikus will let you heal yourself while biosynthesis is active. Sadly, you can not profit from this at the final boss.

Helix 3- Swift Draw: Increases the reload speed of Miko’s Kunai. +50% Reload Speed
Miko has quite a slow reload speed, and this is REALLY going to help you out. The 15% cooldown time seems nice, but in the end, it’s barely noticable. Especiallt compared to the reload buff.

This will also help you activating the healing beam more easily, because sometimes after reloading, the healing beam wont start properly. (I recommend quick meleeing after you reload, and then using the healing beam whenever you need to start the healing beam after a reload.)

Helix 4- Trail of Spores: Cloud of Spores drops spores along the way to a target, covering a larger area.
The stun seems nice, but it can’t be used on bosses and it can only affect one enemy. So I def prefer being able to slow and entire area. In the final boss, you can slow all the brutes and create some distance.

Helix 5- Pandemic- Molecular Mycology’s poison effects spread to nearby enemies.
Being able to poison a lot of enemies is especially convenient against boom bots and primals, since it can kill them before they reach you.

Helix 6- Probiotics: Increases Biosynthesis’s self-healing effects. +15% Healing
The middle one doesn’t affect you in the boss fight, it can affect you when Attikus is nearby but I think self healing without Attikus near is a lot better. You should be able to deal most damage with your Kunai, so the extra 15% damage on the spore bomb is not that important.

Helix 7- Blade Slinger: Increases the firing rate of Miko’s Kunai. +20% Attack Speed
The other helix is great for PvE, but you need the 20% attack speed to deal enough damage in the end. It also goes really well with the reload helix.

Helix 8- Residency: Increases the duration of Biosynthesis’ effects. +5 Seconds Duration
The other one doesn’t affect you solo.

Helix 9- Resilient Stain: Cloud of Spores lingers longer after bursting. +6 Seconds Duration
A slow area that stays 6 seconds longer? Yes please!
If you decided to go with the stun, the bigger burst may be more usefull for the extra damage.

Helix 10- Viscious Strain: Fungus Among Us deals damage over time to enemies in range. +167 Damage per Second
If you need the damage, go for this one. The fungus deal a lot of damage.
If you feel like you die very easily, you may want to go with the one that gives the mushroom more health so you can stay in it longer.

There are several options you can go with.

  1. Attack damage gear, attack speed gear, reload speed gear.
    This will make Miko strong and extremely fast in attacking obviously, and this may be very, very good for them.

  2. Skill damage, attack damage, health regen
    You will be a little more survivable with this. I never tested if skill damage makes Biosynthesis better at healing, you’d def need to test that. Maybe skill damage makes your Ult deal more damage AND do more healing, but once again, I’m not sure. The skill damage may make the Spore Bomb more usefull, and making your Spore Bomb deal more damage with helix choices may be usefull but it does make you a lot less survivable.

  3. Healing recieved, health regen, healing given
    I am NOT SURE if healing given will increase self healing, you’d need to test that out too. But I’m pretty sure that healing recieved and health regen will make you a lot more survivable.

I am running a different loadout since I only use Miko with a partner, but I have an awesome piece of gear which name I don’t remember. It is a legendary cooldown reduction gear, and it’s special ability is “When you are under 10% health, all your skills cooldowns will be reset. Happens once every 30 seconds.” or something along those lines. If you have that, I’d def take that. Being able to use Biosynthesis and your Ult when you are under 10% will be able to get you back to 100% in no time.

Random info and tips:
-Always place Miko’s ult behind something, so it will be protected. If you place it on some, a ledge or something, you can stand under it to still get healing. Same if you place the shroom under a ledge and you stand on it.

  • Keep moving! Miko is small, quick and dodgey! Even when you use the healing beam, you can jump around and keep healing as long as your target is in sight.

That’s all for now… Questions and stuff, ask everything.
Also, Miko is da best. :mushroom:

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This is definitely my preferred helix choice in the base campaign. But I can’t really think of many scenarios in the DLC I’d pick this one for (except Ronin, but you can just throw it at your feet in the event you get a pack of them). I think the de-aggro and easy of crit the 2 second stun provides would be better, especially for the Brute in the boss room. The rest of the helix is great.

The gear I’d recommend if you have it is…

View on lowlidev.com.au

View on lowlidev.com.au

View on lowlidev.com.au

This covers all your bases with health, attack damage, attack speed, heal power, healing received, skill damage, and damage amp. A good balance of DPS and survivability, and the attack stuff still boost Heal Thyself last I checked.

The skill damage boost Vicious Strain, Cloud of Spores, (maybe Biosynthesis’ heal) and most importantly Molecular Mycology. Which will cause your primary to apply a universal damage amp to anything you hit. And personally I think Swift Draw is enough reload speed, so that’s why I didn’t include any.

does heal power/heal received affect biosynthetis? if so, that’s awesome!

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just got it done with Miko! I didn’t die more than I do with any other character (damn aria’s attacks that deal 1600 damage in less than a second!) i used the pacifier instead of the symbiotic gauntlet since I don’t have it and it did pretty well I’d say! I leveled her (them?) up from 1 to 4 so I ended up with the 2 DLC skins and her normal progression lol

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I don’t test a lot in this game, but I’ll try to check it soonish. Congrats.

Heal power, healing received, and skill damage buff the self healing of Biosynthesis.

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Skill damage buffs all heals in fact. Someone who I can’t rber the name of did a test and proved it (something like dante_solar)

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