Miko is love Miko is life

Could use a lot more polish, but this is what I got so far.


As I said on the Discord it looks good. :thumbsup:

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Thanks dude :smiley:

@skerrus What is your best Milko Loadout Build?
My Milko loadout build is
White Shardes per second zero shards to actervate
White Health Regeneration per second zero shards to actervate
White Max Health increase zero shards to actervate
I read today Milko has no shield, I didn’t know that before.
Also concidering Milko can heal himself replacing health per second with
White Fire Rate increase might also get Milko killing enermys faster.
What’s your Milko loadout Build?

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TBH I didn’t play Miko as much so I can’t really remember, but I used something along the line with max rolls on health, sprint speed, and skill power( which changed often for testing purposes). I played a bunch of Battleborn and haven’t really chosen a main, but I did play a lot of Shayne and Aurox, Orendi, Deande, and Pheobe more than the rest. With that said I never really had a set build because of testing different load outs.

I haven’t found any 0-cost shard gen items yet, but I’ve got one that generates 2 per second and only costs 400 to activate. So that coupled with some picked up shards, I can eventually purchase my legendary cooldown item pretty easily.