Miko is not Eldrid

In The Experiment, if you’re playing as Thorn, Boldur has some friendly dialogue with a fellow Eldrid.

If you’re not Eldrid, Boldur talks to Mellka that her friends (players) are not Eldrid.
The same happens when you’re playing Miko.

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Just saying, he knows thorn is eldrid because thorn is his grandaughter (or related)…

However, miko is a plants from a planet that was considered eldrid. He isn’t an eldrid species, but he’s an eldrid fungi. Kinda like how you wouldn’t consider a tree in your lawn to be part of your family, I guess…

That or since he isnt mellka or thorn, whom boldur knows, he says they areen’t eldrid. He may say this with alani and kelvin (who is a lot like miko) as well.

after saying this i could just imagen miko standing there stareing at boulder thinking srsly dude im right here not…cool

Surrogate father figure actually (one of her lore entries clears that one up lol). They are also not the same race, either.

Also what is being said here is correct - Boldur only talks directly to characters he personally knows here.

I mean, he doesn’t have any lines for Kelvin or Alani, either.