Miko is not the only support/healer

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This post may seem like a bit of a rant but I like to think of it more as raising awareness for the misunderstood role of support. Too many times have I heard people complain about the lack of a “real healer” if the person playing support doesn’t pick Miko. Yes, everyone’s favorite sentient fungus usually generates the best numbers when it comes to straight up healing, but numbers alone do not make a good support. Reyna, Kleese and Ambra are all equally viable as support and they bring more than just healing to the fight.

Miko is such a popular healing pick (I feel he’s the easiest support to play) that people don’t seem to understand how other supports work. Too often will I drop a sunspot next to an ally in need only to have them immediately walk away from it and head to the nearest supply station. A lot of people don’t even know Ambra is a healer, they just assume the glowing orbs are offensive tools. I’ve heard teammates complain about an absence of support when we have a support spec’d Reyna doing a fantastic job of keeping them alive. A well timed overshield can turn the tides of battle, I’ve seen it many times. As for Kleese, people have no idea what he does and don’t realize his turrets are both offensive AND defensive tools.

And then there’s the whole “I have a Miko behind me so I’m invulnerable” thing I’d like to address real quick. Yes, Miko is a solid healer, but he can’t outheal an entire team shooting bullets and poking you with sharp things. Especially not if you’re playing Phoebe and are at half health. This myth needs to be dispelled so that people can appreciate other supports equally.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind playing Miko, but I main Ambra and like to share the support love with Kleese as well (I think Reyna is fantastic too, I just don’t personally enjoy playing her).

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Reyna is a nice utility support but, I have to seriously disagree with your assessment of kleese and Ambra. From a pure support standpoint they are nearly worthless. And the reality is unless your in a skilled premade team no miko = no win when opposing team does have a miko.


I think a key difference is that unlike Reyna and Miko, Kleese and Ambra has little to no self-survivability tools available. At least Miko can heal themselves easily and Reyna heals herself when she heals others, but Ambra’s heal either requires her to attack an enemy or needs to be shared with others, while Kleese requires his rifts to heal himself (or get a kill with mortars, which isn’t anywhere near reliable). Though Kleese at least can heal others passively, so there’s a plus to that.


I’m honestly baffled at your claim that Ambra is “equally viable as a support.” There isn’t even any comparison. Miko’s heal beam alone absolutely wipes the floor with Ambra’s measly sunspots.

I feel like Ambra’s seriously misunderstood, at least that’s what I’m getting from your comment ad Joewoda’s. Ambra has amazing survivability, especially once she hits level 5. If I use my full support sunspot build, I can heal myself back to full pretty quickly with one single sunspot. If I get too low on health, my flame shield will pop and the speed boost makes it pretty easy for me to get away. When I play Ambra, I usually have the least amount of deaths (while still providing solid support to my team).

As for Kleese, I’m not as familiar with him since I only started playing him recently, and while I agree that he can’t really heal himself, his turrets still do their thing while he’s not around. He has amazing lane control and pretty good mobility thanks to his chair. He’s super squishy, so he’s all about staying out of harm’s way. Healing isn’t the only way to properly support a team.


Yes, but going for the full sunspot build means you can only heal with sunspots (I’m assumt by full sunspot build you’re getting the mutation to heal sunspots, cause otherwise those sunspots don’t last long enough to do good amounts of healing). Aka you sacrifice some ability of healing others in a mobile form in exchange for being able to hold a location. Likewise, Kleese can hold a location pretty well, but being able to move around to support others is the main issue.

(Also, getting that mutation requires having the mutation unlocked to begin with…)

With linked energy rifts and heal chair at level 5, Kleese can keep shields charging almost indefinitely while still engaging enemies, and his ult gives him the best CC in the game. Kleese is a defensive, late-game support, in many ways he is far superior to Miko.


You are correct about my sunspot build and yes, it does require to have the mutation, which is unlocked at level 12. I only started using this build once I unlocked said mutation. I also agree that Ambra (and Kleese) are more “territorial” supports whereas Miko and Reyna are mobile, and that’s neither good nor bad in my opinion. They offer a different playstyle, both with their advantages and disadvantages.

Ambra’s sunspot build is most effective in Incursion where her group healing really makes a difference in a one lane map designed for group fights. I posted a screenshot in another thread where my healing numbers as Ambra were pretty much the same as the enemy team’s Miko. I haven’t played a lot of capture but I would assume her build would be great for holding control points as well.


pre uber nerf id agree Ambra is viable but im sorry she just cant do jack compared to a good Reyna or a half decent Miko :confused:

People didn’t have to think before when using the pre-nerf Ambra. Now that you have to think to play her most people don’t know how to play her anymore. She’s still viable in the right hands. She’s just not easy-mode anymore.

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Yeah her healing power hasn’t even changed…?

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Unless for the fact that you have to camp to get a use of the “endless shield reloading” while miko can follow you to the end of the world.

I did mention that he is defensive.
And you do not have to camp, you slowly push up as his rifts cooldown and he can lay more. It’s a slow advance, but unless you stop Kleese early and prevent him from leveling up you’re gonna have a bad time.


Kleese can ALSO follow you and do all them heals. The only problem is that Kleese has little way of healing himself outside of those rifts, and is a humongous target, while miko can heal himself, making “killing the medic” somewhat trickier.

Guys, quit trying to convince everyone Kleese doesn’t suck. Let them keep on thinking it, LOL.


An Ambra/Reyna and Ambra/Kleese combo has worked absolutely fine for me the times I have done that. Instead of having 1 pure healer you have 2 that can do more than enough damage in my opinion.

A lot of people here are doing the very mistake I mentioned in my initial post: compare the supports heals for heals and declare Miko the winner as a result. A support isn’t just a healer, they also bring utility into the fight. Miko’s utility is basically limited to his slow/stun. Ambra, on the other hand, can increase the damage taken by an enemy with her sunspot (you are welcome, my little assassin friend), knock people back with her solar wind (Very useful to knock unsuspecting Marquis off their perch and into the pack of hungry wolves below or to surprise a foe from behind and push them right into the group… or to keep people in my ultimate’s range) and even reveal stealthed heros. Kleese and Ambra also have some pretty decent wave clear capability while Miko has his single target kunais and a bomb with weak damage (provided you build him for support, which is the whole point of this discussion).

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I made the mistake of playing Klesse a bit closer to the lines like I do with the other supports…oops. His advantage is he can change the fight from half a mile away.

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On the other hand, if you only compare the healing abilities, Miko is a clear winner - especially considering both Kleese and Ambra are movement restricted and most of their good stuff come later during a match.

After all, Support characters can only really be compared to what they bring to the fight that is totally exclusive to their role. Wave clearing and DPS, everyone can do - what do THEY have that stand out is what matters.

I agree, Ambra and Kleese are just as good and hopefully these patches will further their cause. Miko is the only one who took a hit so it should become more apparent now.