Miko is unstopable

So I have played a dozen games now and I understand what a great healer Miko is but i feel like Miko heals himself a little too well. This makes it so i almost never die, when i do die is because i usually am ambushed by two to three people and by the end of the game my score is usually 2-3 kills and 25+ assists. I think some things might need to be fixed here.

Na dude, you’re just that good.

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Uh I’ve been playing Miko since the CTT and I still die way more often than I’d like to admit. Granted I do play agressively for a support, but even when playing defensively it is not at all impossible to kill me, and it happens fairly often. I think you really are just too good haha.

Get healing power gear and 2 healing received gear pieces, then take helix options that heal you when you heal others, increase healing amount of L2 beam, and cool down on your L1 ability and i’m pretty immortal…unless i act really stupid (what accounts for my 1 death a game)

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I agree, He is over the top, there was a reason they nerfed Ambra, yet Miko goes under the radar somehow, just 1 semi-decent Miko can carry the entire team, It should not be like that.

Because Miko can be with every single team mate at the same time.

Miko can be extremely hard to kill… When Miko stays with 1 person most part of the match. Miko gets a lot easier to kill when Miko decides to be the real MVP and heal the entire team.

You know what the main problem is that I see? Most people don’t target me.
Not sure if you have ever played against a Phoebe that kept targeting you? Well I did, and when that happens, you suddenly die a lot more.
Miko heals himself too good, if everyone decides to attack the person that Miko is healing. When 1 good damage dealer targets Miko, Miko has to retreat eventually because Miko cannot keep healing themself all the time.

My assists most of the time are between 20-30, I have games in which I don’t die at all. But I still don’t think this makes Miko OP.
Like, I do get chased off now and then, and when that happens, chances are big that the one I was healing gets killed. That is a win for the enemy, and a loss for Miko.

Ambra is called a SUPPORT and she got 25+ kills every game I ever played. She had huge self healing, extreme survivability and ridiculous damage output. Let’s compare that to Miko.
Miko is able to help in killing 20+ Battleborn, has a pathetic damage output, and cannot heal themself constantly.
That is why Ambra needed a nerf which I do not think Miko needs.
But that is just my opinion on this all.

Just this.

Miko is functioning as intended. Miko’s self healing has a cooldown and he has no sheild.

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his healing is still way to much though. i mean you look at galilea anbd every one is screaming nerf, yes she needs a nerf but miko is worse. he can literally keep galilea up so well because his healing is WAY to high. they need to lower it massivly tbh

Miko does not heal massively. Miko only heals a lot while using Biosynthesis. Then Miko will outheal normal damage. Which is fair, because Miko is using a skill. Miko cannot outheal anything when not using Biosynthesis.

Miko is good to only problem I have when I play Miko I get targeted by 3 people and get annihilated, I do go one match with 7kills 0 deaths and 32 assists tho :joy:

Miko is getting nerfed in an upcoming patch. It’s health regen is going to be reduced.

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what is it like a little over a hundred HPS? most characters can out damage that. He just happens to heal very efficiently because that is his role. Like I said, fuctioning as intended.

@VDubb that sucks. its really uneccessary IMO

I just had game with A Miko paired with a Kelvin which itself is annoying to deal. But at one point the Miko got cocky and dropped to 20% health for the first time. I was playing Mellka and I jumped the Miko with all the damage I could. Without using his ult the Miko went from 20% health to 100% in less then 3 seconds with myself attacking him.
I believe he was using a setup like the one flatliner99 mentioned.

I want to repeat this: Without using his ult the Miko went from 20% health to 100% in less then 3 seconds with someone attacking him.

That’s messed up. If he used his ult then fine, but he didn’t.

As someone who primarily mains Miko I think a nerf to his health regen is fine but as far as healing output I think he is right where he needs to be. Now before ppl who are angry over his healing start forming new rebuttals to that statement just hear me out. I know immediately when I’m playing a smart group who are communicating and a group who just hopes everyone is doing what they need to and expects that to work. Why? Because ever since healers and support were created in gaming who do you target first if possible? The healer, and you do this by a combo of CC and burst damage. Rath and phoebe ruin my day constantly if I don’t play smartly around them and for that reason I love playing against Rath and phoebe players. Miko can only really powerfully sustain himself by using the “heal thyself” helix, biosynthesis+healing beam combo which can all be interrupted with CC. And if he can’t be sustained he can’t heal and then why would you play him? If we nerf reasonably powerful support characters then no one will play them and then we are back to PUGS often consistening of all damage dealers and Rambo playstyles…no thanks.

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Yeah. Dear God please no more nerfs.