Miko Lore Challenge help

Hi, I’ve recently started to play Miko to get used to playing a support incase it is needed in my group… I’d like to complete the lore for this character, but I’m stuck on the one where you have to “assist your team mates killing enemies”…

Only it doesn’t move, I’ve played quite a few matches with her/him/it but it never moves from 0…

Can someone let me know the best way to complete this one, and what I need to do to advance it?

Thank you

Just heal them while they kill the opposing team. Basically get an assist. I’d focus heal a Galilea, Kelvin or Dragon to get it faster.

Does it just apply to PvP though?? As I haven’t ventured there yet with Miko, I’m just trying to get used to her mechanics in PvE before I try PvP… Didn’t want to go in blind and give an increased chance of my team losing incase I was useless lil

I assumed you meant PVP. I don’t know if it works in PVE but I play PVP with Miko most. Play Incursion for PVP. You’ll often get focused so stay behind teammates and heal.

I’d wager it only works in pvp because of how easy it’d be easy to assist 50 kills in pve but how hard it’d be to assist 500 kills in pvp, for example.

definitely a pvp only one, i played as miko several times in story and never got 1 in that challenge, i did pvp and have it about half done now.


Thanks guys, I’ll try some PvP tomorrow when I get on, looking forward to completing this… If anyone on a PS4 likes playing as a Kelvin and wants to get a few rounds in (UK afternoon/midnight onwards), feel free to add me :slight_smile: (You don’t have to play as kelvin either, it’s an open offer)