Miko + Montana, ideas?

Miko + Montana, the only way i’ve found to deal with this combo is either a Phoebe or a well timed wounded from Galilea.

Is there any other good ideas? i tried Marquis as well and Thorn but Miko just hides behind the Montana at all times.

Also this is not a nerf thread more of looking for some ways to handle that combo as i see it constantly and it’s almost impossible to handle in a random Queue.

I find playing as Deande makes taking out Miko quite easy, Stealth + Uppercut works well against him so long as I have atleast one member of my team on Montana to distract him.

I imagine OM’s stealth would help in a similar way, but I have not played as him so I am not sure.

S&A would probably be a good counter for the combo; they can pull Miko in if he accidentally steps out of Montana, or just pull Montana away from Miko, they can sneak up behind them to get right at the juicy center, or they can ult and force Miko away with the aoe damage.

As long as i have at least one person to help distract Montana I like to use el dragons knock up on miko you can usually either get a kill or at least run him off and then work on Montana

This is assuming you can flank them

i like when im matched up with orendo versus that combo, i like to run in and punt miko off towards my team while i beat montana to death with shadowfire pillars and standing on his head or running in circles around him. at any rate, ive found the best anti-miko anti-chain heal type is to kick them out of range of their healing target and focus one or the other. the problem is generally a lack of focus fire, not an abundance of healing.

montana in general needs to be looked at very carefully. you wont hear about it, you wont read about it, but he needs to be looked at. last night we were outleveling a team in meltdown by 1 level. pretty much we were all 8’s, and they were all 7’s. Miko on their team had been dead, so montana was very slowly getting kind of low. I kid you not, i teleported on top of him to slow him, popped my phoebe ult while he sat in it (mind you he was 20 pct heath tops when this started), then my teammate rath popped his broken ult and he survived sitting in my ult, slowed, rath’s ult, and me meleeing him with insane attack speed for the full duration of rath’s ult, and then died a full second after it was over. so two strong ults, and a ton of dps from my melee took us about 6 seconds to kill a 20 pct health montana that was a level below us? now, granted, part of the issue is people using legendary gear in pvp.

now i would be ok with absolutely all of montana’s tankiness–every last bit. i would be ok with it if he did not do so much dmg and have slow on his minigun. being able to effectively slow someone that long while being able to tank thousands and thousands of dmg and deal a ton at the same time makes many other roles/classes irrelevant

You literally just kill Miko.

If you don’t damage Montanna he probably won’t kill you and Miko can’t use the immortal build to stay alive.

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Personally I think Miko needs a nerf because I’m with you, it’s a real tough combo to deal with. Trying to focus Miko isn’t easy as Miko can use Montana as a human shield and even if you get in close Montana is just going to be all over you while Miko will be bouncing around like a bunny rabbit while managing to keep his heal beam on target. I guess AOE attacks could help counter them?

Even worse than that, Miko + Alani combo ! Got that tonight, really unkillable ! At the end of the match, they were on the supply station before our 2nd sentry, my team against the 2. I tried to quick melee miko to get him far from alani, kinda worked, but miko got away, and alani too after killing 2 of my teammates… I love playing Alani but her base damaged need to be nerfed !

And Miko’s speed movement makes him really hard to hit, especially when hiding behind a montana :confused: