Miko needs more impact ultimate skill

The reason why miko is not fun than other battleborns and other games healer is her(?) that thing’s(?) bored ult.
It must be more impact and little more be helpful to team include tank.
Resurrection can be one of the answer but I suggest the other idea.

How about she throw her pileus like [Cloud of Spores] and that explode in the sky.

Range : super large
Duration : 8 seconds
Effect :

  • heal immediately 300
  • armor +10%
  • 20 Health regeneration per second.
  • movement speed +10%

lvl 10 helix

  • Q : heal immediately 100 more
  • F : movement speed +10% more
  • E : blind enemies 1 second

Whatever, miko can be fun battleborn don’t need to pass each other.

Miko’s ultimate is fine as-is, plop it behind cover and it does its job.


It’s not the problem of good or not.
It needs impact for play fun.

Impact? It heals in area, i use it to change tides a lot, it has a rly good impact in a team fight.

They focuse your mushi or your team and this give you enough time to dont worry for squishies and focuse on tank or help with dmg.


That’s highly subjective. I for one love Miko and considers him to be one of my, if not my favourite Battleborn (it’s technically “them”, I simply say “he” to avoid confusion).

As for the ultimate;

It must not be anything more, it’s fine the way it is. It could use a buff or two, yes, but it’s still good.

Still, it’s already helpful as it effectively allows you to throw down a healing station at almost any given location.

It somewhat got undercut when Kid Ultra got drones that are AoE heals (not sure how strong they are in relation to Fungus Among Us), lasts for the same amount of time and is on roughly a third of the cooldown. While making comparisons like this isn’t the best at all (and I usually try to stay away from them), that conparison in particular feels somewhat skewered.

I do like the idea, but it’d only work in PvE as there’s no thing such as resurrection in PvP. And if they did add it, it’d be one of the strongest ultimates in the game for sure and would need proper balancing around it, not to mention potentially giving other characters a possibility to ressurect other players.

How large is this? If you’re like me who don’t know in-game distances, use references.

This would inevitably nerf Miko. The total healing would be 460 per target. Miko’s current ultimate out-heals that in 5 seconds, i.e quicker than this ultimate would heal for its entire amount. The movement speed and damage reduction are barely noticable and underwhelming for being a part of an ultimate skill.

  • Q - That’s barely anything, that’s slightly more than his ultimate does now per second (for up to 45 seconds).

  • F - Again, still rather underwhelming on an ultimate with these values.

  • E - Could be nice, but it’s not in line with who Miko is or is supposed to be.

For the current ultimate, I’d simply suggest another health increase and radius to make it be able to take more damage as it goes down straight away in most locations and as it would allow him to put it around more corners when the radius can teach further out.

For your version of the ultimate, I’d say something along the lines of;

  • Duration: 10 seconds
  • Radius: Similar to that of Alani’s Splash Zone
  • Cooldown: 70 seconds.
  • Insta-heal for 1200
    • 25% Damage Reduction
    • 30 Health Regeneration
    • 30% Movement Speed

Miko needs to be submerged in a vat of V-Jolt…

Yhea, I think Miko is not fun and it’s subjective opinion.
But I still have an idea lot’s of queue have a problem about lack of Miko player in captain draft.
In PC version, even though captain choose Miko but no one want to play her.
Alani is very hot pick and ban pick, and Ambra-Kid Ultra-Kless-other supporters have some users,
but Miko is not. Nobody want to play Miko.
And that press captain to makes comb without Miko.
Captain draft must ban 4 battleborns. If someone ban Alani, Miko became one of the best pick.
But it’s very hard to pick Miko because nobody wants to play her.

So I think Miko must be more fun.
I think Miko is one of the best important battleborn because both team can’t choose same battleborn in captain draft and there’s only 6 healers but 4 ban picks, so I think she needs to be more fun as any other supporters.

And I think big scale ultimate skill will be very helpful for make people want to play Miko.

I know [Fungus Among Us] is very good.
I know Miko doesn’t need a buff.
Not the problem of she is good or not, [Fungus Among Us] is good or not.

She must be more popular battleborn because captain draft make choose Miko.
Yhea, not all the time but very many time.
And I think big scale ultimate skill can solve this problem.

You do realize there are people who still play miko right?

And please remember grammar saves lives

I agree with that. [Fungus Among Us] is very helpful as u told.
But I still think [Fungus Among Us] can’t attract users to play Miko.
Miko needs more big scale ultimate that makes people want to play her.

Sorry I really try to make correct sentence, but English is too hard to me.


Miko is not enoguh interesting for everyone but that doesnt make (them) a bad hero ir enough reason to change it.

They offer the best single healing in the game, is probably a hard healer because:

a) not everyone likes to only heal
b) has a huge crit spot
c) doesnt have an escape per se so if you try to save someone or follow someone who has an escape, you can end up in the worst situation

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Meanwhile on PS4 I can list other Miko mains/semi-mains such as @dantesolar, @blainebrossart1, @Ar_JaY, Miss_Sharingan, shoujoaisaka and @conorwillybums54 (:smirk:) for instance. Miko’s a fairly popular pick on the PS4. In terms of picking healers, Ambra should on the PS4 be the one who needs more of a “fun-factor” as she’s, to my experiece, the least played healer as of late.

I think that primarily comes down to a preference of gameplay. Miko’s arguably the character who distances himself away from combat the furthest in the sense that a healing Miko barely does any damage at all.

As you say;

So we can ask ourselves; why is that? I think the answer is largely her playstyle. She’s reliant on combat to be effective and can put out strong heals without continuously focusing teammates. She can do damage while maintaining solid heals and focus on combat 90% of the time.

A lot of top-tier players that at least I know of on PS4, if not actually most of them, mains/semi-mains primarily Attackers & Defenders, but also one support; Alani.

I don’t know how it is on PC (though I take it it’s similar), but on PS4 experienced teams will close to always ban Beatrix, Boldur, Galilea & Kelvin unless a target-ban occurs (which is still rare to my experience).

Miko’s already one of the best picks on some level for a lot of drafts, if not even most of them. Miko & Alani are, in my eyes, the only two reliable “combat-healers”, i.e healers who can reliably heal mid-combat.

For Ambra and Kid Ultra you typically have to tetreat into a sunspot/drone to heal (and if Kid Ultra didn’t get healing radius drones, then he’s nt going to heal a terribly lot).

Kleese can heal through combat with his healing chair, but the heal is merely complementary than anything else.

Reyna lacks healing until level 4, and even then she still lacks the continuous heals Miko & Alani can offer.

When Alani’s picked for the opposing team, then it’s not too uncommon for the other team to grab Miko as he can sustain a push unlike most other characters.

In Captain’s Draft, the Captains chooses the team comps, not the game mode itself. If no one wants to play Miko, then the Captain should respect that and pick someone else.

Again, going back to what I wrote earlier, it’s a matter if preference of gameplay. Miko’s not for everyone, and may be the most unique on some level to be the one character which seldom engage offensively in combat. That’s one of the reasons why I love him. Changing his current playstyle might deter some players away from him.

Personally, I love that he’s not combat oriented and “the one true healer” in the Battleborn cast, and I wish we had more of them.


Rip @mor_dhonuts, one of the last Ambra mains of PS4.

Sharingan actually has a forum account: @MiSS_SHARiNGAN

I would say that Miko is a great pick on Incursion but a little lack luster in Meltdown. He doesn’t do much to help with wave clear and it’s more important that everyone can help out with that in Meltdown. However I will say that his ability to pocket a Shepherd Bot or an Elite Bot is very useful since it’s already harder to kill waves when you only have 2 or 3 people in a lane on average.

And then when Finale comes around, pocketing an Ultra Bot is just evil :smiling_imp:


Banning 2~3 supporter (mostly Alani) is very normal in PC.
It seems PS4 is totally different situation.
Ambra has many users in PC.
That is right a difference of playstyle each battleborn makes gap to number of users but I suggest this way.
Change ultimate skill to more dramatic? more… um… yhea dramatic can appeales who like to play Alani and Kid Ultra player to play Miko.
It doesn’t change Miko’s playstyle so original Miko users will not stop to play Miko but has a possiblity to someone who was not enjoy to play Miko to play soso.
If PS4 didn’t have a problem about lack of healer, it will be hard to symphaty with PC users.


Oh how I loathe how good her Alani is.

Seems every time I face her it’s while I am without friends…


At least that makes me one of the best by comparison, :laughing: But rip who? she still has an impact (hehe impact crater) on any match she’s in, heck i just had some of my best games with her! It’s a shame though a lot of people says she’s too slow when healing xcough thats why ceremonial sacrifice exists coughx when really she’s balanced and late-game. Been with her since beta (oh how radiant was she) and her nerfed into-the ground- post game release. (dark times. seriously i get flashbacks) and i’ll always be her. I mean the sun isn’t gonna praise itself and shirts WILL BE TUCKED IN.

p.s. Beam range back pls?


gasp my people! maybe i should go to pc but oh, how my computer is like a potato :weary:

As for the topic (been distracted by ambra a lot lately) miko ult is awesome and is great at sustaining a push cuz that aoe heal helps them pump out more healing, as for boring, well it seems the general consensus is that it’s subjective.

I could not agree more with you.

Her basic dmg is crap and anyone crying about how op or lack of skill was needed to use ambra i laugh at them!

She is a freaking meele healer with a huge crit spot, the worst lvl 2 options ever and mistake lvl 3 can be as dangerous as lvl 2.

I loved her in the close beta, open beta, when she got nerfed and still do tho i dont pick any helix at lvl 2 anymore u till lvl 3.

Ambra WAS op, but is now one of the weakest characters.

It’s a shame really because she has some really interesting features in her kit (build heat with basic attack then alt attack to spend heat, reducing cooldown of sunspots) but as you said her damage now is awful!

It also doesn’t help that KU fills a similar role to Ambra but does it way better!

People say Ambra is balanced because she isn’t OP anymore, but quite frankly she’s just dreadful :stuck_out_tongue:

As for Miko’s ult, I agree with what most people have said, it’s pretty much fine and Miko is a strong character who some people find fun :slight_smile: