Miko needs more impact ultimate skill

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I usually try to make sure that supports are being appreciated because of their contributions as most people seemingly look at kills/damage dealt to determine success, but I don’t think I’ve ever gone up against anyone thinking; “Fck, we’re up against [Insert Name], (s)he’s going to hell the sht out of her/his teammates!” :sweat_smile:

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I disagree in some ways here.

Miko is very fun to play with. In my opinion, he is the better healer in the game, single or multi target. I think his ULT can be, sometimes, a game changer skill - if you know how and when to place it.

Although, I partially agree with modifications on his ULT. I think it’s good in the way it is, but maybe it can be improved to increase Miko damage or survivability.

  • Miko can’t be critically hit while in mushroom area;

  • Miko get X% damage reduction while in the mushroom area;

  • All Kunai hits will be critical hits while in the mushroom area;

  • Put some initial damage on ULT, before Level 10;

  • Increase mushroom healing AoE.

  • Enemies are slowed when they enter in mushroom area

I don’t know, just crazy ideas that can slightly (I think) improve his ULT. In my opinion, your ULT idea will only make him weaker.

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Ambra is only on the weak end on Incursion because she lacks push power but is fine in Capture and Meltdown. As a healer she’s fine since she usually puts out more healing than KU but since it’s Incursion she can’t really go out into lane and help since she’s so squishy. On meltdown she has amazing dueling potential and since her ult is on a 60 second cooldown she can ult every single wave.

With the damage amp on her sunspots her melee is actually pretty good and hits fairly hard with high heat. Her fireballs are the better choice on Incursion since it gives her some ranged poke, but on meltdown I’ve always preferred the life steal on her melee since it gives her stupid high sustain. She’s also very good on Capture as the damage amp on her sunspots are amazing when capping and defending points.

If you’re only comparing them on Incursion then yes Ambra is worse than the other choices but isn’t as terrible as you say since her healing is so good after hitting 3. In a more campy comp setup she functions fine but KU would be better since he has stupid high ranged damage and a ranged stun at level 9 to help confirm kills.

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I do agree that she can heal well at level 3, KU is much more useful as he doesn’t have to stand and heal his drones whereas Ambra has to stand and heal her sunspots. Ambra also lacks a valid burst heal (the level 2 helix is awful) which KU has on his own.

Her ult is a decent waveclear I agree with that, it’s not amazing against players though since it is very easy to avoid, but can help shutting off a lane!

I disagree with her damage potential, I feel like it is severely lacking, especially compared to KU. Her fireballs are her only reliable source of good damage, but sacrifices her sunspot cooldown, and really is only super effective when her legendary is active. Her melee attacks at full heat don’t do quite enough damage for me, even with the damage amp, and her level 7 burst attack is possibly the worst thing I’ve ever seen :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall, I think she does need a slight buff to be on par with the others.

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Just curious but what’s the average damage you’re getting with her in Meltdown and on Incursion?

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I don’t actually play her much because I don’t really enjoy her, but I can play a few games and find out!

How about you?

(Dr H0 H0) #28

On Incursion my average is around 80k-100k and on Meltdown it’s in the 90k-110k range

(beta382) #29

Those numbers should be even higher if the incursion match goes to time (unless you have multiple waveclears like Ernest or Orendi or Thorn on your team) or if you’re nuking every wave in one lane on Meltdown. Ambra’s waveclear damage output is not to be underestimated; just like most other supports, she is more than capable of dealing top damage if other top waveclears aren’t present.

(Dr H0 H0) #30

Yeah that’s just the average I get with her and we should 100% of the time have other waveclears. I don’t recall my highest but it might be in the 150k range.

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Depending on how Alani and KU are changed in the next update, I feel Ambra will rise a bit in the Incursion meta.