Miko needs to be addressed

Miko is a huge problem with the game right now. Galilea and Miko used to be the problem because of Galilea’s massive damage and CC. However now Miko and Montana just hide in the back where you can’t get them without dying. Doing nothing but firing and killing minions preventing you from doing anything. I know this thread will get a “just focus the healer” however Miko is just able to hide around the corner, protected where he can’t be focused without your entire team dying most likely, especially on Incursion. The problem is that Miko heals faster than you can do damage. We have had a Miko heal a Montana through 3 ultimates and The Montana never once got close to death.

So something with Miko needs to change. A few suggestions are that

  1. Miko should heal less the farther away from the character Miko is
  2. Decrease Miko’s movement speed, Miko is a super quick character when compared to other support characters
  3. Decrease Miko’s damage to bring it more inline with characters like Reyna and Ambra.
  4. Put a time limit on Miko’s heal beam so Miko can’t just hide behind a wall shooting the beam healing a person making them invincible.

You’re issue isn’t with Miko.
It’s with Miko + Montana.

So instead of making Miko useless to everyone, why not address the combo. Montana healing recieved is lowered with the amount of heat he’s generating.


Took the words out of my mouth.

I seen a lot of people make this complaint of Miko + tank= unfair. They are being played the way that they should so how is that and unfair advantage. Would we call for a nerd if boulder were to distract and harass your team while putting his shield up and getting healed? No, because that would be ridiculous.

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They should give miko’s healing some kind of ammo like kleese’s taser


Whenever I’m playing against a miko + Montana and it’s constantly healing him, I can usually kill Montana with no issues. Miko’s heal isn’t THAT strong. If he throws his shroom down somewhere where it’s not reasonable for me to kill it I just focus on something or someone else. Mind you that I play Oscar Mike, Whiskey Foxtrot, Orendi, Thorn, Marquis, or Caldarius normally. They’re all capable of killing him quite quickly whilst outputting more damage than miko can heal.


What you are describing is good teamwork. If they are hanging back, focus on holding the lane instead of trying to push the lane against them. push the other lane instead (meltdown). For incursion, flank them if you can or use thralls to disrupt them. And if you have no other options and must go head-on, coordinate attacks. There’s no way you hit them with those ultimates at the same time if Miko was the only healer.

Fight teamwork with teamwork instead of calling for nerfs.


It is more than possible to counter Miko’s constant heals…I main Miko and have had my target die while under heal simply because the damage being done was more than the beam could mitigate.

If you’re playing Miko the way it’s supposed to be played, your damage output is negligible because you’re healing, not attacking. As it is, Miko had no real armor rating to speak of, so you offset with high damage, short lived DoT. We’re not talking about Destiny’s Thorn problem here.


Miko cannot heal faster than 2 or 3 damage dealers can dish out damage. Not even with Biosynthesis active, all healing Helix choices picked and +Healing Power gear. (And +Healing Received on the patient probably won’t help much either)

Send an assassin to bother the Miko. A Miko who is too far away from their patient can’t heal. A CC’d Miko can’t heal. A dead Miko can’t heal.

A lot of people seem to think they can take on a Montana who is being healed by a Miko alone. Even if Miko isn’t dishing out any damage, it is still a 2v1 scenario. Don’t go alone!

Miko can be very difficult to take out if the person playing them is good, but that’s how it’s supposed to go.


Nailed it.


This. So much this.

To further: certain combinations in this game get crazy because of how they synergize. Miko + Tank (especially with gear loadouts/helix choices to work together) gets nasty. It is design. There are other combinations that can be just as crazy (if not more so).

Ever try to take down a montana in a rift spot of kleeses? If kleese positions well and picks alot of cooldown gear he can set up alot of health for montana. Heck even non tanky characters become troublesome.

How about Alani and Orendi guarding a flank on meltdown. They will kill all your minions before you can blink, and can take on 2-3 challengers easily.

Rath with a healing focused Ambra. Sunspots healing him while he eats you alive (but he’s not a vampire!)

Some of these duos can challenge 3 or even 4 enemies and survive if they don’t synergize as well. It is just how they work together.


It’s one of the things I love about the game. Every character can be very strong in the right situation and synergies between them reward good teamwork.


Agreed…this was my introduction into a MOBA style game and it’s insanely fun.

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Miko Montana. Miki gali. Miko Alani (god forbid you don’t face that premade, it was hell). Seeing a theme in the “op” ones? He needs ammo like kleese, spamming the ability is kinda cheap. Other mobas that have similar characters have mana bars to drain, so there’s balance. Unless you have a caldy or melka who is rather talented, he can just chill where nobody can reach him in some maps corner healing. Kleese can kinda do the same after getting his rifts up, but all it takes is om napalm and they alllll gone.
And if you’re saying focus miki… Ha. When he’s defending someone who defends him back, you need a three man gank at least.
All in all, I think he just needs a higher rate with a short cd on his beam.
However, there are already threads on possible reworks for that, so I’ll stop here

I think Miko needs to be tweaked, but not necessarily because of the reasons you gave. I think Miko is the best healer by far and wide. Primary DPS of 140 without Kunai (double Ambra’s), best healing in the game, best slow in the game or a stun at level 4. I find ways around Miko and usually can counter, but I do feel Miko is the best support by a long shot.

Best support once they nerf Alani :stuck_out_tongue: her heal when minions are present is an instant 60% on a max level tank.

Yeah I kind of factored the post nerf Alani into it since it’s happening in a few days.

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Yeah… So then I completely agree with you. I’ve been killed 1v1 as caldy, against miko, and I’m certainly not a bad caldy.

Instead of needing Miko directly, you could also buff less used characters with a neat debuff only one character has to my knowledge.

Wound. I believe is prevents all healing done to the target for x seconds.

Unless I am wrong because my reading comprehension sucks, Gali is the only one with this debuff. Adding it to another character in the right way may help solve two birds with one stone.

This will, however, also effect bother people, like Alani, certain helix options in Reyna, Ambra, and some of Kleese’s effectiveness, as well of life steal oriented abilities of wound also effects those.

Food for thought. Don’t know if it’s been discussed or looked at, but it should be brought to the table.

Yeah, I actually think utilizing the wound mechanic would be awesome. I’m sure it’s too late to add it to current characters, but maybe in the future a “wound based” character with all kind of ant-heal abilities would be super dope.

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So long as it’s not done just cause, you could change helix options for this. Lesser used characters could have their helix choices looked at, and have the debuff added, or have wound completely take up a helix slot.

As an example, not saying he is the person to get it, but look at good old Oscar Mike. He has a helix choice at level one that is almost a no brainer to me in terms of which you should use: Impact Grenade and the Stealth Field bonus damage amplifier to his next attack.

To me, almost no one should use the second choice, as instantly exploding grenades are amazing, adding a wound effect on addition to the amplification, or something of the sort, would make it more desireable based on the enemy team comp, giving Mike a reasonable choice.

Again, not saying Mike is the one that should get it, or that my assessment of his helix choices are correct, but this is one way you could do this.