Miko nerf broke PvE

Now Miko can’t heal himself in PvE thanks to the self-heal biosynthesis nerf. Takes cycle after cycle after cycle to heal up. Good for PvP I guess, but a horrible, horrible idea for PvE (which had Miko right where he should be).

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You can mushroom super to heal, I know. But this never should have been broken.

There are orbs of life everywhere in PvE just waiting to be picked up. I think you are going intense with this nerf breaking PvE :wink: I never played with healers and everything goes smoothly


Seems fine to me. I play Miko quite a bit in PvE, and all it means is I have to rely a bit more on heal assists instead of drawing attention by throwing knives around.

I usually run Miko with some self heal gear as well, anyway, and that helps round it out nicely. Hell, by level six or so, the rest of the team is wrecking shop so well I don’t even need Biosynthesis anymore.

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did the hotfix go live already? people in game said it has not gone live yet?

Easy way to tell is to look at the faction loot packs (unless you are high enough level to have already unlocked the, all.

mine are all unlocked

Tbh it seems like they’re balancing purely around PvP; many of the nerfs - which have been pretty significant so far - have been a response to issues in versus match-ups, and they may have brought some characters more in-line w/ others as far as that goes, but there’s been little to no consideration for how they perform in PvE (like for example, Ambra’s DPS is noticeably reduced, & in 5-man advanced it can be underwhelming unless you build a certain way). This is one of the reasons seeing such large numbers in the nerfs has been concerning.

All the heroes are still very viable in PvE, even ambra even discounting building in specific ways, though of course you are expected to build in certain ways to meet certain challenges. Like if you build pure healer of course you will suck in solo PvE. That said, I assume you’re referring to there being only 1 possible build for PvE DPS ambra, which is hardly the case, unlike Miko who has only 1 possible PvE DPS build thanks to many of their helix choices differentiating between support and DPS.

Well no, my point wasn’t about builds at all, I mean the nerfs for characters so they’re not overwhelming in PvP are often so dramatic that they’re hindering in PvE. I bring up Ambra b/c she’s one of my most played characters and her DPS was substantially downgraded, which can be felt in 5-man advanced when you need to solo kill tougher enemies. Solar wind is very weak to start off w/ unless you build for it.

I wonder how much this nerf affected Mikos AoE Heal. I liked to combo it with his healing Beam but I guess now that his self healing is nerfed I’ll need that self heal from the healing beam.

Solar Wind isn’t optimal for single target takedowns regardless, you should be using her secondary heat-consuming attack for that.

I wasn’t asking for advice, I was giving examples; her DPS is substantially diminished which is noticeable when trying to take down tougher enemies solo, and solar wind is substantially weaker until/unless you build into it.

The nerf hasnt even gone live yet.

EDIT: Nvm it seems to have im lvl 23 and all faction loot packs are unlocked so cant remember what lvls they were.

My issue isn’t that things are still “doable” in PvE, and if you’re not playing on more challenging modes you won’t notice anyway. The REAL problem, once again again again, is PvE nerfs because of PVP issues.

This is a serious problem in every game that dors PvP/PvE.

My issue isn’t that things are still “doable” in PvE, and if you’re not playing on more challenging modes you won’t notice anyway. The REAL problem, once again again again, is PvE nerfs because of PVP issues.

So you are saying you don’t have any issues, but just don’t like change in general?

The fun factor goes waay down with each of these. And then there’s the “but you can still do it” chorus that makes my ears bleed. I like change in the right direction. But PvE nerfs for PvP issues is no way to run a game.

His issue is that the PVE experience is being negatively impacted by changes that are being made based upon the PVP side of the game.

This just reminds me of destiny, where they changed certain weapons due to PVP complaints. This in turn ended up with them being less viable in PVE and so you moved onto a different weapon, this kinda sucked when it was something that matched your play style and you had invested time and effort into attaining it and levelling it up.

The problem with BB is, you don’t have weapons you have characters, so you are at risk of making a whole character impractical for PVE play.

Whilst gearbox totally have to listen to their PVP crowd, especially as they push towards competitive play, they also still have a responsibility to the more casual gamers that bought this game. It was sold as a PVE and PVP game, with over 2 dozen characters. IMO this means that all characters have to be playable on all missions whether in groups or solo, currently this is not the case, for example using a melee class is not particularly fun and in cases is bloody ridiculous if you want to solo the campaign. If they nerf more characters, which they will, it’s inevitable, then this problem will only get worse.

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This guy gets it! I don’t want a repeat of Destiny.

What’s probably more important is rebalancing of helixes in general. Some helixes are WAY better for PvE purposes (like the ability to heal sunspots), but hidden behind level unlocks so you’ve to grind through it. Though regarding Ambra, admittedly I’ve only played it after the nerf so I can’t comment on how food she is pre-nerf, but I honestly had little issues with her other than sunspots dying way too fast when used as an AoE.

(Personally, I think the ability to heal sunspots should be innate, but much weaker unless using the helix option)