Miko nerf not in the right place

This has been brought up before, but I feel it warrants saying again. The nerf killed Miko… literally. I have played Miko a great deal in both PvP and PvE and can say the nerf isn’t as bad in PvP as it is in PvE.
Before the nerf to his Biosynthesis, Miko was a formidable healer who had a decent ability to heal himself temporarily and give him a fighting chance so that he could heal allies AND fight back if the need arose.
After the nerf to his Biosynthesis, Miko has been somewhat made into a one-trick-pony. All he is really good for now is group healer. Once he’s under attack he either has to run away FAST or die. He has been designated the “healer” and unlike almost every single other Battleborn in game now cannot fit into multiple roles.
Before the nerf to Biosynthesis, Miko needed to get into the fight at a decently close range to heal his companions or actually do damage and could (when the need arose) heal himself enough to stay in the chaotic fuster cluck that is the swarms of enemies and still fight back.
After the nerf to Biosynthesis, Miko now needs to stand back during battle in order to not take damage because his Biosynthesis heals him for roughly 200 health over 5 seconds which doesn’t help at all given you WILL get hit and even small thralls can do upwards of 80 damage per hit with around 2 hits per second.

In short, Biosynthesis was a method you could use to keep yourself alive long enough to get out of the fray or keep yourself alive long enough to do a little damage and fight back. It is now hardly a way to keep yourself alive long enough with movement increasing effects to run away. The issue people faced in PvP was predominantly related to Miko’s Healing Beam ability which can still heal massive amounts of health at a constant rate. When you pair this with someone with high health such as Kelvin or Montana you have a nigh unstoppable duo. I personally just ran a PvE run of The Sentinel with a decently coordinated group and have much experience with Miko before the nerf. I kid you not, we all died almost instantly due to the healer (me) taking literally 5 shots and dying while using Biosynthesis to heal myself. The issue people had/have with Miko was that his healing capabilities in PvP were too high. The reason the were too high? Healing Beam which can add extra healing per second through helix mutation.

If anyone would like to comment or provide any opinions on the subject I would much appreciate it. I want to get a sense of what the rest of the community thinks.