Miko Only Real Healer

Regarding character balancing, I think the biggest issue rn is Miko. Before you take out the pitchforks and torches just hear me out. He is the only legitimate source of healing that doesn’t take require you to be out of the fight for 30+ seconds to regen your health. Without Miko, your best option to fill up health is to just return to base. While there are definitely some characters that are more powerful than others, Miko is the only one that’s really a necessity. To form a competitive team, you really need a Miko, and I think this really kind of goes against the whole idea of the game, where you have to think about team composition and play with the various characters that you enjoy and play the best. The question isn’t “Am I good with this character?” or “Do I like this character?” or even “Does this character fit into our team?” It turns into just “Do we have Miko?”

Possible solutions: I think in general they should nerf his heal beam a bit, and if that makes him underpowered as a character they could buff something else. The important bit is bring down Miko’s heals and bring up all the other sources. I think the supply stations 100% need a buff because they’re pretty ■■■■■■■ useless as it is. Also, Ambra is a bit of a controversial topic right now regarding how powerful she should be. I think they should bring down all her damage and significantly increase her healing, so she’s less of a power house, but more of a legitimate replacement for Miko.


I disagree, Miko is perfectly fine where it is now. Miko only has healing skills, and it’s secondary attack is the Healing Beam.

Miko is meant to be a healer, whether or not you have a Miko on your team is strictly dependent on you and the other people on your team.

The only thing I’d say needs adjusting on Miko is the kunai damage it can pump out. Miko hits you with the slow and demolishes all shields + health with poison kunais, ridiculous.


yes, along with reyna, and ambra.

I agree with both of you. Miko is fine where he is now and Ambra needs to be tweaked to be more healing focused. It’s disappointing that out of 25 characters, there are only four support and only one of those is a proper healer. Out of 25 you’d expect at least 8 support and half of them to be healers. There are way too many DPS characters in this game.


Kleese, Miko, Reyna, and Ambra. 4 I guess.

Not enough.

The main issue here is that Miko might be balanced in terms of healing (which I think he’s a little strong still) but he is the only dedicated healer. Ambra is more of a hybrid as reyna is to kleese. Yoh can’t call kleese and reyna healers because they deal with shield (and minimal healing augments). Having a healer is vastly more advantageous than having a shield support, and pretty much nessecary to have. As you stated, if you have no healer, your next option is to go to base, which is a psuedo-kill for the enemy, as you lose out on XP, and are out of the fight for a decent period of time. Health regen, even when stacked, is very slow, and requires you to stand back far enough for long periods of time before being healthy enough to continue fighting, and then at that point, going back seems almost better. So the fact of the matter is, having a healer, no matter how weak or strong they are, will keep your team in the fight longer, allowing you to push harder, level faster, and ultimately snowball a team without one. At this point the only solution I see is to hope Gearbox impliments at least 2/5 new characters as healers, or maybe even add more healing mechanics to Reyna and Kleese, and tune down their shields to compensate, thus allowing them to fill a more shield/healer hybrid role. Simply having shields doesn’t replace the benefits of having a healer, as the shields are more beneficial mid fight, while healing benefits both during the fight, and recovering afterwards. Alternatively, thry could buff health regen for every character to allow them to sustain decently without one, making the healer role less about sustain, and more about keeping players alive mid fight. I definately agree with you that supply stations need a major buff, and would be a step in the right direction. However like I said, I don’t think tuning down Miko’s healing will solve the problem, because no matter how weak the healing is, it will still heal characters faster than going back to base, and if they nerf it too much, he becomes unviable all together. It’s a messy situation definately, and one they NEED to address quickly before it ruins the game. I really enjoy this game a lot, and find it to be very colorful and full of flavor, and I would hate to see this problem destroy the game.


Alani will be a combat healer, and I believe Galilea can heal her allies as well via Helix. So, 6?

That’ll make a grand total of 2 dedicated healers out of 30 characters. For a class that you basically need on your team otherwise you lose, 2/30 is not enough variety IMO. But at least it’s better than one I guess. :laughing:

Considering that most characters (if not all of them) have self healing abilities such as lifesteal, natural regen, stacking overall health increase, and shield regen. Don’t think dedicated healers were apart of the plan with this game.

Idk, I don’t really see this being an issue at all.

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Having a healer on your team is a huge advantage. As a Miko healer I always win against teams without a healer.

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I actually agree with d_Chrome_b i do not feel like healing is such a necessity for this game. Besides the fact that there is a recall button, going back isn’t that bad. With the gear that gives various types of regen and the heal stations that can bring you back to fighting strength most teams will be able to survive. I feel like both heath and shield based supports are both quite viable and fill different niches. Galilea has a heal, and also has a heal reduction in her kit, she makes it sort of a counter pick for health based healers. While all health based supports do have incremental healing over time, the shield based ones give you usually an over-shield which i feel is better in some scenarios like dealing with burst. Even if you have a miko, if the enemy team has enough burst the healing it can be essentially useless.

Miko is a must a much better healer than Ambra, who is decent but who plays Ambra in a support role? Once they actually fix her I think that will help. Miko will still be the better healer but Ambra could still be useful in a fight, like she’s ment to be. Reyna’s sheild buff is great too, and I don’t think I’ve even seen anyone play as kleese. Almost every team ends up with a miko. And if not miko, Reyna. I haven’t been running into a lot of Ambras, I guess people consider playing as her to be cheating?

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I disagree. IMO a healer is an essential part of the team. If you don’t have one it means you have to run back every few minutes which kills momentum. Also most people in public games seem to stay and die than return and heal anyway.

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Right! It’s all about momentum! I’d really like to see a few more health based supporters.

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Having a healer is a rediculous advantage to not having one, or only having Reyna or Kleese (which I think Kleese is underrated, but that’s a discussion for another day). Let’s break this down into 3 scenarios:

Scenario 1 (You Have No Healer) - Your team is pushing minions, lightly skirmishing over the center map’s objectives (the turret, the crystals, or the mercenaries), and taking a combination of both minion damage and player damage. Your shield is good for mitigating some of the poke and minion damage inflicted on you, but if you sustain any heavy damage, it will begin to be inflicted on your health. Now you are in a heated fight, and you manage to escape with 1/4 of your health. You now have to make a decission, do you wait for your shield to recharge, and return to the lane, or do you go back to restore your health. If you decide to go back into the lane again, you are at a very high risk of getting killed, either by a sniper, or by a smart player who exploits your weakened state, and if you die, you now suffer a HUGE punishment of a respawn timer, feeding your enemy XP, and the walk back to lane once you respawn. That respawn timer, and the walk back means you are depriving yourself of XP and shards, and depriving your team of momentum, and ability to defend or contest objectives. If you decide to go back, you still suffer the penalty of running back into lane, which has the same negative effects on your team as dying would, but not as long. Either one you choose, you are at a loss at this point.

Scenario 2 (You have a shield support) - Having a shield support is nice, because you can mitigate more damage in combat, meaning you will sustain in lane for a longer period of time, but what happens when you, again, escape a fight with 1/4 of your health. Sure, a Reyna overshield will help mitigate an extra 400 damage if you decide not to go back to base, but ultimately you are still at the same disadvantage as you were in the first scenario, but you now have 400 extra shield to play with, meaning you lower your risk of death. Not as bad, but a smart player will still realize your disadvantage and exploit it, by forcing a fight you can’t win. The point is, shields are nice to mitigate damage, but it doesn’t solve the main issue of the 3/4 of health you are missing, which is the bulk of your survivability. You are still in the same predicament as before, and will still suffer the same penalties if you either die, or go back.

Scenario 3 (You have a healer) - Just like in the previous 2 scenarios, you manage to escape with 1/4 of your health. You and your healer disengage to some cover, and they quickly heal you back to full, while your shields recharge as well. At worst, you take cover behind the sniper’s nest, and deny a wave of minions for you and your healer. At best, you take cover close to the action, and manage to heal up while providing decent aggression at a safe distance. Either way, you are only our of the fight for about 10 seconds, before you are ready to go back into the battle, and continue the push. In combat, your healer is just as good as a shield support in mitigating damage you sustain, but they are also able to help you quickly recover if the fight turns south. You won’t have to go back as long as your healer has half a brain, thus never having to suffer the penalties of going back to base, or putting yourself at a disadvantage for your enemy to exploit, and risk death.

As you can see, the benefit of having a healer is undeniably better than the other 2 scenarios. The longer your team can stay in lane, the more aggression you will put on the enemy. The more aggression will lead to harder pushes. Harder pushes lead to more damage on the sentries and more XP for your team. More XP makes you more powerful. Being more powerful helps you snowball. This game already has some issues with snowballing, so if you don’t have to give up your momentum, why would you? Like I said before, even if you nerfed their healing to the ground, it would still be quicker than going to base. Some may argue that in casual play, your healer might not heal you, or your enemy might not be smart enough to exploit your disadvantages. But with that logic, you could effectively argue that all strategy is meaningless at that point. If you are playing at that level of casual play, then this problem shouldn’t affect you anyway. But if you are playing anything more than a casual level, having a dedicated healer is a MUST.


I think you guys are discounting Reyna too much here, the healing augment she can take restores a decent chunk of health to start with, and if the person playing her actually bothers equipping some heal+ gear it can be even better. Best of all, it’s healing PLUS an overshield. That’s an immediate life-saver, and works even better if the heal-ee has even a little self-healing ability.

If someone on the enemy team has large amounts of Shield Penetration, that’s a different story… but then again, Miko’s healing is less helpful when paired with shield-focused badasses.

Another factor to consider, any kind of Crowd Control on Miko will IMMEDIATELY cut their teammate off from healing, since Miko has to actively babysit their patient, except when using the area-heal mushroom (which can be destroyed easily by any high-damage badass). Reyna on the other hand can just slap her overshield onto you in an instant and then forget about you.

Yes Reyna has her place but IMO she works much better with a Miko as an off-healer/shielder than by herself. Miko + Reyna = Win.

That does sound amazing. Now you just need an ISIC to go into ultimate mode and push the lane in front of them :smiley:

Reyna providing shields and marking priority targets for increased damage, Miko healing everyone and throwing slow-balls in the path of anyone crazy enough to charge at them, while ISIC lays down non-stop death at range.

-quietly plays Kleese in the corner and passively restores every teammate’s health-