Miko Only Real Healer

LOL yeah can’t forget ol’ underrated Kleese. Don’t him and Reyna have wait until around lvl 5 for heals though?

Yeah, they both get their heals through helix. Kleese’s is super aoe and lets him keep attacking and doing other old man things at the same time though


Every omgsrsbzns team will have a Miku, guaranteed.

Miko is the best healer to begin with however kleese can retore sheild and health with helix point so can renya. Dont know if you count it but renya lengendary gear let her heal with the pulse with they have her oversheild on as well as helix points. Miko can never restore sheilds. Ambra a better healer with the right spec as she has sunspots and her staff can be a healing beam. Miko is the easiest healer.

You don’t need dedicated heals. Sure Miko is the best but nearly every hero can provide some sort of heal.

You are all missing the point here. It’s not about sustaining healing within the fight for survivability. It’s about surviving outside of the fight, once you took a lot of damage. If you go off of raw damage mitigation and combat survivability, Miko has his flaws, but Miko can do that no one else other than Ambra can do (and SORT OF Kleese), is recover their allies after a fight is done, so that they don’t have to go back to base. That’s why Miko or Ambra is NESSECARY, and Reyna and Kleese are just a plus. BTW I think Kleese is incredibly underrated and his lack of power is partially attributed to the fact that his kit heavily revolves around team coordination, which no one has in these games.


A good Miko can do huge top off the team healing at a level no other off healer or Ambra could ever dream to.
Not to mention cc, stun, and even heal tank at the sentry.

Her best healing build is also her best combat build, IMO.

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Agreed. I have a Miko build with +20% heal item and use the +Heal beam mutation. I can fully heal most characters in about 3 sec with Biosynthesis and about 5 sec without.

When play Renya people don’t even notice they don’t have a healer. Plus I’m not a mushroom head with a large head shot area shooting “Hey everyone I’m a healer” green stuff out my hands for the enemy to single out.

Well clearly Miko is the only real healer, and that’s not really a good way to leave the game, so they can either make 3/5 new characters healers, or they could just rework Miko a little bit, and Ambra to make her another viable healerish option. I love Reyna, but 230 health every 20 seconds is not enough to heal the team. Haven’t played Kleese much, but I’ve played on a lot of teams with him, and he doesn’t have nearly the healing that Miko does.

The other big fix that I think they should implement either way is that they should buff the healing stations big time. Right now waiting by them to heal is wildly impractical. They take forever to actually do anything, and it’s honestly faster to just return to base. In return they could make them worth more shards, because since healing is such a limited thing, they should really be essential.

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Oh, wow. I had not seen Reyna’s legendary. That looks great! Reyna is interesting, because she’s basically a burst healer.

Miko doesn’t need to restore shields because shields restore themselves after like two seconds anyways.

Late game ambra heals more efficiently than miko if built right (take the transfer HP to ally ability, pop down a sunspot in between you two, and bam 3x miko’s heal rate). She does do more damage, but she lacks a slow/stun so I don’t see that as a problem. Honestly I would prefer an Ambra on my team over a miko, she is a bit more versatile to build and doesn’t need to stare at me to heal me (kinda helps in comparison to a lot of mikos simply chucking kunai at enemies while I sit next to them half health). A third option is Reyna, who I think is almost a must have for competetive teambuilding. Her shields can be set to heal, and if you have enough CDR the combined overshield+health can turn an tank into an impenetrable wall, along with yourself.
So 3/25 characters are capable of playing the healing support role, which I think is fine for a game with a 5 role basis, especially because these characters have to be able to perform PvE as well, thus need to be able to play in a versatile fashion anyway…

Many characters have fashions for self-healing as well, though I run a lot of items to give +HP regen and take skills that have such as well (I never go back to base).

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  1. 120 health per sec at lvl 5 to as many allies within range without doing anything.
  2. Rifts you start with heal shield by 88 (lvl 1) up to 133 (lvl 10) x3 or x4 (9x or 16x linked (lvl 4)) every 3 or 2 sec (lvl 9) to an area you don’t have to be anywhere near (plus insane cast range), damaging enemies at the same rate and amount. The rifts pulse with separate timers (even better!).
  3. 24 shield healed per mortar (144 or 240 total per cast) as a ranged AoE attack (also damages enemy who’s fighting the guy you’re supporting), at lvl 1.

The overall lack of praise or even mention greatly constitutes “underrated.”

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Yeah but so can health if you near a health station thought we were talking during the fight you give them a oversheild the restore 280 health 120 sheild and gives them an oversheild they going to win the fight.
The other supports or just different its like saying the templar is the only healer in elder scrolls online.

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I really hope they don’t change Miko he is perfect as he is. And my teams without a Miko has beaten teams using one more often then not.

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That’s because the other teams Miko sucked. :wink:

Agreed. The heal chair is actually quite effective, and with a coordinated team, the rifts can be extremely good for support.

On the topic of Ambra as a support, not many people seem to know about her last mutation (unlocks at Char rank 12, but available at helix level 3). It allows her to pretty much keep sunspots up indefinitely if you have her legendary active. Which means a high & constant rate of healing without having to sacrifice her health.

I have a question! What gear improves your healing capabilities? I’ve been assuming its the items with “Heal Power”? But it’s not very clear, and at first I thought they amplify the healing I get.

Thats healing recevied i dont think any really knows yet be nice if gearbox told few answer i would like to know a few things about what gear actually does