Miko Only Real Healer

(Gesus236) #41

Maybe have the healing stations have a pool of health that fills up over time? Its starts out at 500, then you can upgrade it for 1000 health. Just an idea.

(Evil Midnight Bomber what bombs at midnight!) #42

Reyna can outheal Miko if she gets the +250 health on overshield. I prefer her to Miko as a healer,because you don’t have to focus on the healing,you just fire-and-forget every what,5 seconds is it?With incredible range I might add AND to TWO people,so effectively she heals 500+ per skill use.So every 5 seconds you do a 250+ heal that’s instantaneous and applies an overshield AND can restore shields as well if you take the helix node for it.

(Triazic) #43

Sounds amazing until virtually anyone kicks ISIC out of his ult.

(Flapjackphil) #44

Again, the point I think everyone is missing here, and what makes a healer so much better than a shield support, is the ability to recover yourself and your allies AFTER a fight. I don’t doubt that during a fight, Reyna can easilly keep up with healing in terms of mitigation, but you can throw 5000 points of oversheild on an ally, and their health will still remain the same. Again, AFTER the fight is done, and you are at low health, if all you have is Reyna on your team, sure you can get a nice small boost of health (every 15 or so seconds), but you are still at low health, and there is nothing Reyna can do about that. You still need to recall back to base if you want to get your health bar back to full, or die. If you play on a competative level, the player with a full health bar, and a full shield will engage a player with 1/4 of their health remaining because they know they can win the fight. And if that happens you die, which is EXTREMELY bad.


That isn’t true, especially if she has her legendary gear. Perhaps not the ideal character to fill that role, but she can. And Kleese can as well, with his chair.

(Flapjackphil) #46

Again, In terms of competative play, min-maxing is incredibly important. You want to optimize your team, your plays, and your ability usage. So why would you pick someone who can “sort of” heal over someone who can actually heal. The team who picks the actual healer will outplay the team with the “sort of” healer. The healing output of the legendary item has way less HEALING output, due to the fact that it is dependant on overshields, cooldowns, and is single target. Miko can heal up an injured ally much quicker, without a cooldown, and with his ultimate, can heal multiple people. Thus, players will only need to leave the action for a very brief period of time, while the Reyna team will have to stand back and wait for her ability to come off cooldown for another sub-par HEAL. Again, I am not downplaying Reyna in terms of healing and mitigation WITHIN the fight, but she isn’t nearly as capable of recovering players once the fight is OVER. She falls short to Ambra or Miko in that aspect.

(Bloodwing) #47

You also have to remember that Miko does an absurd amount of damage with its kunai. High rate of fire. Easy to hit. Stun through helix.

But when it really comes down to it, if you have a Miko babysitting a galilea all game, he gets assists off every kill and they both level fast as hell and steam roll. The momentum is too much. Galilea is already overly strong with way too much utiliy. Ridiculous damage and attack speed. Self heals. SILENCE?! Gotta be kidding. Mix that with a Miko heal all game and it’s just too much. There’s definitely not enough heals to go around and mikos healing beam is too strong.

They should nerf it’s healing beam slightly and make the supply stations heal faster. Because they’re pretty insignificant and pathetic

And lower the kunai damage. It has too much damage to be such a good healer

(Puunchbag193) #48

Supply do low heals so that when someone tries to push its possible to win
Buffing the healing station would make so you could easily stand there get a ton of heals and shoot people unless they reduced the healing it does when an enemy battleborn comes to attack but what people shooting you from a far so would it stop healing you if you took damage? Then if you ran away but had a dot on you and healing station wouldnt heal you you be pissed. Secondly the health station arent meant heal you so fast if you have low health teleport back thats what thats for.

(Bloodwing) #49

The heal stations are fragile. Just destroy it


Part of the reason shield restoration on kleese isn’t as useful is because there aren’t many characters that are really based around shields. Eldrids don’t have shields at all and only Kleese and shayne/aurox have over 300 shields.

Reyna could use a small boost in her ability to support. Maybe a small heal overtime when an overshield is active.

I don’t think ambra can really out heal miko reliably, I think burst healing teammates with solar wind would be cool, as well as making the default staff beam able to heal teammates at the expense of heat.

(Puunchbag193) #51

Alot harder when you got a turret shooting you a battleborn shooting you by the time its done you be half dead have to retreat and it be back up again before you are
the health station are fine be no point in the recall or a healer if the healing station could do the same thing

(Bloodwing) #52

I’m not saying buff them a lot. But theyre not very relevant. And idk anyone with an aoe can just shoot it and it dies pretty much. Go around and flank it real quick. Especially in meltdown. U can shoot it from so far away

(Puunchbag193) #53

The staff can heal in exchage for health once she levels up and the heal cost isnt so bad makes her a better healer than miko because she can heal you with two sources.
Reyna can give heals too they all just has good at keeping the team mates alive just in different ways

(Weyrd) #54

I have been able to consistently out heal Miko as Reyna. I believe you are underestimating her.

Also factor in that her priority target helps eliminate enemies faster so less healing is actually needed.

(Evil Midnight Bomber what bombs at midnight!) #55

Yes,I notice that a lot. They charge in on an almost dead ISIC,then I shield him and heal,then he stuns,then I shield him again and the enemy dies. 250+ insta-heal is no “small amount”,it’s 1/4 of many characters hp,and you don’t need to use the shield in a fight,you can just shield allies for the heal when in a safe space. Let me phrase it like that: Miko is a replenisher- she can replenish your health so you don’t have to go back to base, Reyna is a sustainer- you might not be on full hp, but you are defended anyway and get healed in the process. In fights Miko can’t take a lot of pressure,Reyna can. So what that the enemy team doesn’t have to come back to base if they get rekt by a half alive team that just stays in battle like that and can still be effective. Of course it’s not set in stone and depends on many factors, a good Miko who can juke and keep herself alive is powerful, but she still doesn’t have Reynas survivability. Reynas heal is also very dangerous due to the things I said in the example above-you think you have an easy 1 shot kill and suddenly you’re in a 2v1 fight and have to run for your life.

Most peoples mentality is that straight out heal is the best, but it has many weaknesses- a stun on Miko is devastating for her and her healed teammate because she does nothing and can’t make up for the lost time, Reyna not only has insta heal and shield which are very hard to interrupt, she also doesn’t care about stuns that much because she either had an overshield and got healed before the stun or she casts it right after. Her only weakness is that she’s extremely fragile alone, but that’s what makes her an ultimate support in my eyes- she HAS to support or she dies and she deals damage/pushes at the same time, whereas many Miko players have to make the call if they either want to heal or deal damage. In addition, if Mikos team is all low she CAN’T heal them all at once,where Reyna can easily juggle between team mates saving them in the most crucial moments.

In short,I think Miko as a healer is in the lower tier- she’s extremely predictable,easy to disrupt and she can’t deal with many players at once. Reyna is much more skill/tactic focused because it doesn’t matter if you win a fight with 1/5 health as long as you win the fight and she can do just that.


Some interesting points.

I think it’s probably fair to say that Reyna has a higher skill cap. An inexperienced healer is going to be better off with Miko, probably. Someone who really masters Reyna, which may not be the easiest job, is a person you are going to want on your team.


I know, I still think having some staff healing by default would be nice. Miko can also use the mushroom and biosythesis to increase the healing from multiple sources.

(Evil Midnight Bomber what bombs at midnight!) #58

I just thought about it and here’s some additional cons to Mikos healing-list of situations when she can’t heal(lowering her total HPS for the entire game):
-she’s forced to run away
-forced to clear out minions
-knocked back
-out of range
-doesn’t have constant LOS
-has/wants to deal damage
-her ult got destroyed by 2 ISIC charged blasts
-slowed(loses range)
also,under heavy fire she goes into tunnel vision mode- healing and hoping for survival that is 100% dependent on her healed ally.

none of these apply to Reyna.

Reyna heals,dealing and amplifying damage at the same time(Miko trades overall team DPS for her heal) which results in less healing required overall,she’s hard to focus,hard to take down,has incredible range and her ult can’t be countered.

I love support characters and play them in all team based games, so I gravitated to Miko instantly, but after playing Reyna I really won’t go back. Reyna is a strong independent woman that don’t need no man, she’s on equal ground with her damage dealing team in fights while Miko is pretty much a walking battery.

but in all seriousness, who needs healers anyway? The important matter is finding the right “last words” template for those silly drunk infants :smiley:

(30% more flak) #59

I’ve only played a few matched with Reyna, and I have to say I absolutely adore her in PvE. Absolutely amazing. I still have to practice shooting the guns she has though, for some reason I forget to Aim properly when I play with her? :joy:


It’s because she holds them sideways.