Miko Only Real Healer

(Puunchbag193) #61

Miko-constant beam healing, can be use at level one ult heals as well.
Down sides cant attack while healing with da beam ult can be detroy fair quickly.

Ambra sunspots to heal and a beam at later level. Sunspot also deal damage and ambra can attack while healing with sunspots(her main heal)
Downside sunspot can also be destroy, heal beam cost own health, sunspot lose health when damaging people so less healing.

Reyna gives oversheild can restore 280 health (plus 10 each time she levels up) restore sheilds, can undebuff the ally or increase oversheild shength, oversheilds can reflect damage its quick so can be attacking as well.
Downside heal and the other benfits arent till later not every battleborn has a sheild making that useless on certain people.

Kleese restore sheilds and can restore health passively so can be attacking as well
Downside needs to be close for the heals and not until level 5 not all battleborn have sheilds

There all pretty good miko is the best at level one but personally like reyna better nothing better than someone about to get kill next thing bang 280 health(depend on gear and level) 120 sheild back o and a 225 oversheild(depending on level) miko healing wont be helping the team in other ways like dealing damage.

(lokohryu@gmail.com) #62

I share the sentiment that this game needs more healers. Reyna and Kleese don’t count from my perspective, they have too many caveats to their healing to be reliable. They’re more of a secondary support, if you rely on them for primary healing your team is at a disadvantage in a competitive environment against skilled players. Reyna could be used as a sole support, but not because she can heal. Overshield is insanely strong if used properly. You’re still at a healing disadvantage in that case.

(Weyrd) #63

Reyna’s ult can be countered by walking through it, of course that isn’t always a wise thing to do.

(Puunchbag193) #64

I agree we do need more healers i think we will probably get 2 in the dlc i like to see a peacekeeper support as they dont have one combat medic would be cool. In my opinion reyna makes a great healer just different to miko

(Fyrefox45) #65

Reyna makes for a great healer, and is arguably better than Miko. You have to go full on heal helix though. I’ve matched or exceeded miko heal numbers in every game I played as her, and her ult once mobile is fantastic, and can be decent prior in incursion.

Kleese is also arguably better post t5. Heal chair is just silly if a team knows how to use it. Ambras sunspots also arent bad if she remembers to use them as such, and heal more than 1 person that miko can’t outside his ult.

(Bizzerker_Bauer) #66

Absolutely not. Healing is the only thing he does. If we lower his ability to heal then there’ll be no point to him healing somebody in combat, and if we buff supply stations too much then people will just camp on them and there’ll be no point to the Miko character.

I also disagree with him being required to play as. My team only occasionally has a Miko, but we have something like 150 games played with 140 wins, and that’s playing against teams that typically ARE using Miko. He’s a good character, but it means that rather than have one character teleport back to base and have to be out of the fight for a few seconds you instead only ever have four characters who are really fighting at any time.

(Second best Miko player worldwide (just the 5broz Support is better)) #67

Thanks for your feedback!

(Label07) #68

There are basically 4 types of Battleborn;

  • Tank
  • DPS
  • Support
  • Healer

It would make sense there are 6 of each (then 1 random something else) = 25 characters. In short, need more character options for healers/support.

(Orendi <3) #69

^^^^ Yep, too many pure DPS chars.

And besides its not just about whether a healer on the team is really needed or not but rather about diversity. Why have a class system when 80% of the chars are on one class ? Worse, if you want to play as a pure healer you only really have one choice, there’s no fun in that. All classes should be at least somewhat equally populated.

(Puunchbag193) #70

I think they is more attacker because in a team you really want 1 support 1 maybe 2 defenders and the rest attackers so why have an even number of each?
I do agree on more healer/support though. we know we are getting one so maybe another one in later on. Then 2 defender and one attacker.

(Insanity Engine) #71

I think part of the reason why miko seems so needed is because no one properly uses the supply station. Walking by it gives you a decent amount of health, any time you take a bit of damage, run by it. If you take more, back around a corner and hit B. If you go back to base, grab the shards that no doubt respawned on your way back. Or just hop by the supply station and try to stay in the fight. You should totally have a support on your team always, but you don’t need to rely on a miko for heals, just be more mobile and keep that supply station up.

My comments don’t ring as true on incursion, I dislike the map design there heavily. The supply station is put in a bad spot there and unless you’re benedict you can’t make use of it quickly. But as…really any character on meltdown, to me and my friends, it was imperitive we kept that supply station up so we could swing by it as we were rotating, and dipping in and out of combat.

(Mattiwarden) #72

If you lose a substantial amount of health, it is usually faster to just go back to base, even if the supply station is fully upgraded. It takes a while to restore any major health.

(Label07) #73

+1 Yep, they need to heal for more. I just did that in the beta if I was low HP, just tele back, station would have taken forever especially on a 4k+ HP Kelvin.

(Insanity Engine) #74

Yeah it’s not meant to refill your health, just keep you going. Hitting B to back to base is relatively quick, and you are in position to grab the shards on the way back to the fight.

But if you take a bit of damage, just swing by the station and go back to the fight. Like I said, people just don’t really use it, and that’s the big issue. You just go near it, get the heal over time effect, and go back to doing whatever, repeat as necessary. Use the bandaids, don’t wait until you need a suture.

(Mattiwarden) #75

But I do feel like having Miko right there to heal you in a matter of seconds is a HUGE advantage for the team. Like @flapjackphil said, the other supports are great in combat, but non can heal you as well outside of combat to allow you to get back into the fight quickly, as they have to rely on thing cooldowns and the works. The difference between having healing right there and needing to return to your base every time you take significant damage is what makes Miko such an advantage for the team.

(Second best Miko player worldwide (just the 5broz Support is better)) #76

I really think Miko is balanced, sure its a strong champ and defenetly A Tier, but not “overpowered”.

Im around level 50 on my best way to 60 and against good enemys you have to work hard on your positioning.

Its true, the heal is HUGE, very HUGE.

Its like Soraka in League of Legends with solid DMG.

IMO they should nerf the AA Dmg. Could add a minimum higher amount of heal.

(Mattiwarden) #77

I don’t think that he himself is overpowered, it’s just that he is the only character who can do what he does, so it makes him kind of a necessity in competitive play.

(Second best Miko player worldwide (just the 5broz Support is better)) #78

Yes, i agree with that. Would be great if there are more champions with that major option.

(Mattiwarden) #79

I think if we get some good dlc healers (fingers crossed for Alani, lover her design) and they maybe change Ambra, which might be a good thing anyways, it would definitely fix the issue. Also, buff the healing stations. plz

(Insanity Engine) #80

I think miko is a huge benefit to the team, and it needs to be that way. I think people are looking at this strangely because miko is mostly the only character who can do this, however kleese provides rediculous heals around him (I’m not sure if he should be that close to combat though), and ambra can take that one talent that gives her a heal beam…though I never experimented with it. Every other character is a huge benefit to the team as well.

You seem to be acting like it’s taking miko vs taking nothing, not taking miko vs more damage, a reyna to provide easier takedown of targets and spike saves from something like a gally stun, a thorn to provide good sniper support and wave clear, literally any other character who can help just as much, just with a different job. Damage dealt also reduces effective damage recieved. The faster a target dies, the less damage you’re going to take from it, or from whatever else while you’re trying to kill the target.

Miko is a great healer, and that’s what he should be. Hopefully alani is a good health healer, but even if she isn’t I think this is fine as is. Also HEALING STATIONS ARE FINE >:l