Miko Only Real Healer

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I said this about rath, but it could be applied to miko.

There needs to be an easy support character due to how the game is set up, I don’t think it detracts from the game, and characters play differently enough that it isn’t an issue.

If there was another character with a self heal and a beam heal who could stick to people, but required extra effort, even if it was for extra reward, then this would be a problem. But there isn’t. Miko is a healer character for people who like that style, and perhaps don’t want to deal with the complexities of something like kleese’s playstyle.

Perhaps miko should be easier to kill, I don’t know. Perhaps he shouldn’t be able to heal himself as strongly, I don’t know. But him being an easy hero to play is not a problem in and of itself.

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It’s true that this game needs a very easy char as well for new players and Miko is a perfect example of that.

But like in every game, when a char is extremely easy and effective to the point it can perform nearly as well or even out perform other characters in the same role, the char won’t really be refered to as “easy” by the more experienced players. It’s like playing most carries on LoL/DotA (before the adc rework) or Riki on DoTA a year ago before his latest rework. You get mocked for doing nothing but right-clicking for playing those because that’s all you really get to do.

Braindead is like, a tier below Easy in difficulty where it’s just so easy it can’t be labeled as easy anymore.


You forgot to mention that unlike Kleese and Ambra, Miko can’t heal and attack at the same time. Increased survivability partially makes up for this but expect to be near the bottom of the scoreboard as a Miko healer due to almost all your points coming from healing assists. Does that sound like an OP character?

A Miko player needs to know exactly when to switch from healing to DPS and back to healing. It’s a risk vs reward playstyle and it does take some skill. Tank at 1/2 health, enemy at 1/4, do I switch to DPS or keep healing? Miko’s ult is also tricky to use as it has very low hp and small AoE.

There’s good and bad Miko healers like any other character. Good Miko healer would do around 60k-100k healing per 30 min match whereas bad would probably be less than 40k. Personally I would categorise Miko as easy to play but hard to master, which in my opinion should be the case for all characters.

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I agree with ryballs here, it isn’t as simple as you make it seem. And like I said, a character who functions as well as another character despite that character being easy to play is not an inherantly bad thing.

People can harsh on miko players as much as they want, and rath players, and oscar mike players. But that doesn’t make them bad characters, it just makes them good for new players, and as you get better at the game you can preform as well while playing another character, or focus and find the intricacies within that “Simple” character.

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Did you make this? Because this is awesome. Great work to whoever contributed. I’m gonna be posting this link all over the place.

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…I’ll just be seeing myself out. I agree he is a tad hard to hit, but I don’t really think it’s a problem. He’s definitely a long way off from being Ambra level frustrating. If I go into a one on one fight with most Miko players as a dps character, I’m pretty confidant I’m going to win, which is the way it should be. Ambra not so much.

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I absolutely did not make it, I should edit my post to mention that. I take absolutely no credit.

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It’s still cool though, thanks for the link. I have to admit, some of the numbers were pretty surprising.


I think he’s saying his easy to crit not hard to hit.

Hey that rhymes…

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Ya, I know, I struggle with crits. I’m more a spray and pray kinda guy.


Don’t worry my aiming sucks too but luckily I love being support. Which is why if there wasn’t a dedicated healer like Miko I probably wouldn’t have preordered. He really fits my playstyle. Ambra isn’t as fun as she seems too OP and Reyna can’t heal enough for my liking. I’d have liked to try Kleese but didn’t get high enough level during the beta.

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Wasn’t a big fan of playing Miko myself, he always seemed a bit boring for me. I got my fingers crossed for Alani. Hoping she’s gonna have some good healing with a bit more exiting play style.

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If you want a more exciting healer, look to reyna. She’s about straight up saving lives. She’s my favorite support in the game, so active, can easily be offensive, and just… I’m gunna marry her guys, don’t tell her, but I’m gunna marry her.


I have tried Reyna but I am not a huge fan, perhaps I am just not use to her. I know people say she is a healer but I just don’t see it, just from my pov. I am looking forward to Alani tho.


Reyna is a burst healer, unlike the others. It takes some helix options, but once you have those, she can overshield, restore shield, and restore health all in one shot.


Hmmmm… I will have to take a closer look at her. Thanks. I do really enjoy her ‘going super sayian’ taunt.


Reyna is fun to play but her single +350 heal at level 4 is not enough for me. (By the way how long is the shield booster cooldown?) I may be playing her wrong but when a 3k hp tank is almost dead that 350 health is like a drop in the ocean. Even with overshield, eventually the tank still needs to teleport back for heals. In my opinion the whole purpose of healers is to prevent that. She works great with a Miko though.

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The shield booster cooldown is either 16 or 18 seconds, I can’t remember. The point isn’t to refresh a tank or whatever, it’s to save lives, and prevent damage when someone is going in.

300 overshield, 120 shield heal, and 290 health heal (Is the number I remember from the helix upgrade), 710 total “heal” on a target saves lives like nobody’s business. If miko notices someone is dying, there isn’t much he can do. Reyna can rectify the hell out of that situation.

I can’t tell you how many times, as reyna, I’ve played with a friend, he’s running from someone and dying. I overshield them and yell “TURN AROUND AND FIGHT”, and my friend kills them and lives. Miko can’t do that, I don’t feel.

(And those numbers may be wrong, I don’t know if overshield gives a standard amount, I know reyna can increase the amount of overshield she gives, and some of those numbers increase by level, so take all that knowing it’s not exact.)

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This is actually how I play Ambra though the method ends up being different. Pop a sunspot onto a nearby dead ally for healing and bonus damage to chasing enemy, latch heal beam into ally long enough to give them a fighting chance and then turn my attention to the enemy itself. The best part is that people don’t expect Ambra to clutch heal so they continue over extending to what they assume is a secured kill only to realize far too late that they’ve been baited.


LOL yeah I can see where that would be useful. Same thing happens with Miko, I fully heal someone and they keep running away. Noobs :wink:

By the way with +20% healing item and Biosynthesis plus a +15% healing beam mutation, Miko’s healing beam can fully heal most Battleborn within a few seconds. So I think they can (almost) instantly save lives, albeit not quite from the same distance.

In my opinion that’s the main benefit of Reyna, the sheer range of her support. Which is why I find it wierd that she uses handguns and not a longer range, harder hitting weapon. Especially since she already has Plasma Pulse. Imagine Reyna with a sniper rifle :smile: