Miko Only Real Healer

(Insanity Engine) #121

You know… You saying that you can heal most players within a few seconds as miko sounds like a genuine issue with how strong miko’s healing is. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope that’s not the actual case, because that seems way too strong. Especially with miko’s helix that makes it so he heals for the same amount as he heals other people for…


Oops. I mean it takes ageees cough

(Insanity Engine) #123

In all seriousness, I don’t think miko should have that helix upgrade. It makes him way way WAY too hard to kill, in addition to his target. The idea behind a healer like this is you make your target really hard to kill, then its your job to not die. Miko kind of spits in the face of this, at least for a while (Since I think it only happens while biosynth is going, which also gives you a regen effect…), which I don’t think should be a thing. But eh.


Biosynth by itself is not a very strong self-heal though. 300 health over 5 sec on a 2k health Miko (I use two +health items) is nothing.

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It’s still something on top of miko giving himself the massive heal from his beam, which was more my point.


The helix upgrade you’re talking about only really works if you happen to have biosynth off cooldown and there’s a badly wounded friendly player nearby.

If everyone’s healed up and you’re the one being shot at or you’re stuck by yourself in the open, biosynth is next to useless even with all the upgrades.

Miko in the open dies pretty quick, especially against other battleborn with a better self-heal or higher ranged attack. Also as others mentioned the hitbox for his head is massive so almost guaranteed crits.

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Does the target actually have to have lost health for it to work? To me it seemed like you could just attach to someone, pop bio, and refill your hp. Or more what I was talking about, in the middle of a fight while healing someone, pop bio and now both of you nearly can’t be killed for the duration.


Yeah, that what I meant before when I said Reyna is a burst healer. Kind of hoping Alani will be too.


That’s a good question I always thought that it was as you heal some one, it heals you. So if your tank is fully healed it is of no benefit (could be wrong though).

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In my head I see alani having a heal where she throws out a wave and it damages enemies and heals allies all in a line. Obviously I have no idea how the character will actually be, but I think that would be cool.


That would be awesome.


Yeah, I was thinking something similar. Really curious to see what they do, because water effects are tough to do well. I love the art style in BB, though, and think whatever they came up with will be great.

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I don’t think miko needs its heals nerfed you can still kill miko’s and players its healing. Plus we need to see how the story missions scale in difficulty and the advanced and hardcore versions of them. A good healer will probably be a necessity in these and a reyna may become more required also.

I think we need to hang back a bit on some of the nerfs/buffs until we see what the contents like at release and especially the most difficult parts.

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It goes up per level as well and with gear ive been giving 500 heals.
I am glad to see another reyna fan i think we should support this argruement of only 1 healer they might buff reyna healing :slight_smile:

(Puunchbag193) #136

She doesnt need it that 16 is actually 14 can easily be reduced to 8 with skills and 500 heal it great bare to mind she is a sheilder not a healer she can also keep the oversheild up with her pulse gun(bare in mind that means her teamates are takeing no damage because it all the oversheild) keeping her teammates alive the burst heal is a perk from the helix and shouldnt be given to her. a 800 heal would be crazy op. She great at keep her teamates alive just different to miko

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But she a shielder not a healer her keeping the team alive comes from keep that oversheild up not healing the heal is just a perk. It also means that the enemy has to do another 250 plus the 800 health 1050 damage to kill that target thats insane. Thats not includeing if she chargeing that oversheild or has her gear that also heals the target as well or other perks to increase the strength of the oversheild. There is nothing wrong with reyna supporting.

(Fyrefox45) #139

Seriously Reynas healing is fine. Incursion matches I always matched or exceeded total Miko heal numbers of 70k+. Its just different, not worse.


Really? That’s impressive.


Yes Reyna is a strong support, really underestimated.
However, from a player liking to play support’s point of view, there is a problem with Reyna. That is, the cooldown of her abilities make it so that you don’t really help your team that frequently. So yes, everytime she helps it’s strong and helpful. What I’m saying here isn’t “buff reyna” because she’s already strong. What I’m talking about is her gameplay. 15 seconds before shielding again feels like an eternity to me.
Because of that, I have a hard time ENJOYING playing at her as a support.

(Fyrefox45) #142

Thats really her biggest appeal to me. Fire and forget (with a longer range iirc than miko), then go back to crowd control, clearing minions, setting up perfect base to attack sentries from and at level 10 shielding minions on the way to the second sentry at chokepoints. Shes always being productive and in the thick of it, its just not mostly spent healing. She can also keep boosting the shield of who she shielded before, though I never really tried that out to see how effective it is.