Miko Only Real Healer

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Another of reyna’s advantages is she can still heal full health players (so to speak), she can overshield when they are full hp and they still benefit from it.

I don’t know how high you can get cool down reductions, but it would be interesting to see how much you can stack on reyna, if you can shave off a few seconds say around 4 or 5, she could be even more beneficial to team.


You can’t really go above reducing 1 sec that cooldown, since there’s just the watches with CD reduction it seems.
There’s also a way to reduce your couldown by 15% when her ult is active (with one of the helix choices), but that’s it.

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Thats really her biggest appeal to me. Fire and forget (with a longer range iirc than miko), then go back to crowd control, clearing minions, setting up perfect base to attack sentries from and at level 10 shielding minions on the way to the second sentry at chokepoints. Shes always being productive and in the thick of it, its just not mostly spent healing. She can also keep boosting the shield of who she shielded before, though I never really tried that out to see how effective it is.
[/quote] What crowdcontrol are you referring to with Reyna? Slow? that’s only for one target and for 3 seconds every 15 seconds, so that’s not like you can do a lot.

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No. That slow is one target, but it lasts the entire duration of priority target + 3 seconds as long as you tag them with a shot at least once every 3 seconds. Its fantastic for shutting down melees or snaring healers, as well as winning 1v1s because you have them doing less damage a majority of the fight.

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Ya she was one of my favorites in the beta, which I was really not expecting. I usually prefer faster characters that I can play kind of aggressively, but I ended up having a lot of fun with Reyna.

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Nahhh I like to be on the front lines with Reyna.

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Is actually when her failsafe is active (when she applies an oversheild she gets one too) so its on quite alot


@puunchbag193 How did you get cooldown down to 8 seconds? All I can find is that -15% cooldown in her helix.


Yeah, I think Reyna is fine

@Ryballs remember she is a burst healer. Miko probably should heal more over a period of time, but as mentioned earlier Reyna can take someone on the brink of death and put them back into the fight in a way Miko can not. I love that they are so different mechanically.

Reyna is a more difficult character to use, and I haven’t come close to mastering her (or Miko, for that matter), but can feel really rewarding when you manage to pop an overshield on someone in the middle of a fray. I also think Miko is much more “team agnostic” in the sense that a good Miko is going to do their thing even if their team isn’t very good. May just be me, but for Reyna to really shine, I think it helps to have a team that is competent and knows how she works.

I like playing Miko, but I would really love to become great with Reyna.


Reyna is my favorite character, but I don’t think she competes with miko for heals. If you’re slow leveling up it is especially difficult to keep the team full on health. I would put a small heal over time on her overshield while it’s active as a base level ability. Her helix choices are strong, but they really only scratch the surface of what miko can do at a base level. She struggles to support multiple teammates as effectively as miko, especially if miko gets the mushroom.

However, in the campaign she offers quite a lot. Her ult is good for reviving teammates, her priority target is really good against bosses, since generally the whole team is focusing on the boss. She also has great taunts and funny voice lines.


She’d probably be really good at tank support on 3 lane, if we ever get that.

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I don’t have time to read everything so I apologize if it has been mentioned BUT you can give Ambra a healing beam too via Helix if I am thinking correctly.


Maybe. She can offer better damage than miko because she can support and heal at the same time, and personally, the hitscan pistol is more reliable than the miko knives. She also has priority target, but I think miko just has more reliable healing overall.

I think other healer characters should have their ability to heal boosted. If Miko was brought down to the level of other supports the game would play worse as a whole IMO.

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O with gear dont know if you counts it but i do.


Okay then. Must have been some good gear.



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Im sorry dont know how o with gear dont know if you counts it but i do its being a douche but ok.
I shall try again good sir or madam I got the 8 second cooldown from using gear as well as skills i do not know if you count gear as its not the charcter per se but i did for this matter.


Sorry think I misread your comment. My bad.

I might retry a Reyna using cooldown reduction items when I get the game again.

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All is forgiven we are all friends here

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Eh…This is dangerous ground. The game isn’t meant for people to be healed and not die. Each support is potent in their own way, I feel, and to make killing a character even more frustrating just because a support is around…

I said this before on the heal station change thread. People HAVE to die, damage HAS to be meaningful. If we boost, for example, ambra’s healing effectiveness, we could have a setup where we have those two supports, plus two tanks like montana and ISIC, plus a character like deande/oscar to push out lanes and steal shards. You have two extremely high damage - high health characters who aren’t being pushed out of fights, or even lanes, being massively healed by a miko, who already does this job well, and an ambra, who can now…keep up with a miko? Or even just be a notch or two below him.

Miko is an oddball because he can work really hard to stall a character’s death out, and can effectively refill someone’s health without them going back to base. That role needs to exist in a game, yes, but I don’t think we should start giving every support the ability to just refill health like miko can. Kleese can do it with the only reasonable helix choice at that level, but not really in combat due to his health, and I think that’s fine… But boosting reyna’s heal so she can effectively restore someone’s health back to full, or ambra so she can match or be a notch below miko in mid-combat healing/post combat refills…

Fights have to end, people have to be down if they take enough damage, even if it doesn’t kill them. I think something unique about this game is that you don’t need a “support character”, at most you just need someone collecting shards and building stuff, which is support enough. I don’t have to have a miko, reyna, kleese, or ambra on my team to succeed. And saying that characters need to have their healing boosted to reach miko levels of effectiveness at that one job is…I can’t agree with it. At all.


I think the other’s heals could be brought up a tad and it wouldn’t be to annoying. For example, I really think ambra should get some healing on her solar wind.

My post was more to address the idea of “nerf miko” or bringing down his heals. If you force an enemy to retreat, your damage done to them was meaningful, even if you don’t secure the kill. What healers currently allow, is for your teammates to not retreat as far to get heals. This absolutely makes the game better, as people are in combat more often.

I don’t think heal stations need a buff, I think they need to be closer to where the fights actually happen (mainly on incursion/overgrowth). What I want with healer balance is for the other characters to be a substitute for miko. Ambra currently can be if your team plays conservatively and uses cover alot.