Miko+Partner = Unstoppable

Miko is a weird character. When in a random group, he’s useful but not OP. However, in a party, if he coordinates with someone, he can just create an unstoppable duo. I’ve seen this with a Miko+Galilea combo and Miko+Montana. I mean, in a game we played last night we poured down the fire on Montana and he was just healing entirely too fast. Plus, Montana has plenty of inborn health regen and this Montana wisely chose to go the “heat” route so that meant he basically never stopped shooting.

It seems that Miko could use a reduction in heal power or maybe some kind of cooldown so he can’t just constantly keep healing someone. At his current rate of heal he can get somebody back up to full health in far too little time and combined with a decent partner, they create a team that cannot be killed.

It’s actually absurdly easy to counter if you coordinate as well. First, you need two attackers. Beat the crap out of the mushroom’s cap for easy crits, then whale on his partner. Gank the medic whenever you see one, classic strategy since the olden days of pencil and paper RPGs.


Miko has already had some balancing that I personally think have made him better and more evenly balanced, instead of focusing fire on Montana, you should of been aiming for Miko. Miko’s job it direct, constant healing overtime. Whereas Ambra uses her Sunspots to set up almost healing stations meaning she doesn’t have to glue herself to allies. Miko has a pretty big crit spot, so just aim for that.

Sadly this is not always the case. When Miko’s blocked by two large bodied tanks and he’s alternating healing them it’s very hard to kill him. He can simply stand behind a large tank to cover himself and if he is flanked or the tank killed he self-heals, slows/stuns, and runs. And he can heal himself while healing, so even if you get around his target there’s no reason for him to break his heal when he can tank as much as the character he’s healing while that other character who’s being ignored or avoided kills you from behind. You need to converge as a team but that means ignoring the other three he’s not healing and if you try to kill them first he’ll just break and heal your target instead. He should always be a priority target bit that doesn’t mean that he’s easy to kill, a highly skilled Miko will draw you toward him to either trap you or kill you himself.

Personally, when I saw they were nerfing his Biosynthesis instead of his healing beam I just facepalmed and I play Miko a LOT.

If it was absurdly easy to counter, my team would have countered it. With Miko+Montana Miko can just use Montana as a human shield and hide behind him, nothing easy to counter about that at all. Galilea has her desecrate so yeah, go ahead and close in on Galilea, then watch as she rips your entire team to shreds and leaves the whole encounter at the same HP she started.

This is nothing new. This is what healers do and what they are. Montana+Miko is not impossible to kill. I fight them all the time. You can’t do it by yourself, and maybe you’ll need more than 1 guy to assist you. Healer+Tank combos are very effective, and you should really avoid falling for their trap. It’s a tarpit and it is going to waste your time if you try to fight them head on.

Your team did not counter it likely because your team was not as experienced. Like most easily counterable things, you need to know how. Though it is easy to counter, it takes a great deal of experience to understand how and then to actually pull it off effectively.

Also, if you are playing without a healer/support, you are at a disadvantage.

Having played a significant amount of League of Legends I’ve never seen a healer heal as quickly as Miko. Granted, different games so they have different needs, however Miko’s heal rate still seems a bit high.

I think miko has been nerfed enough lately. It ain’t impossible to kill, just use your ranged DPS to gun miko down from a distance where montana can’t do anything.

An awesome strategy if your playing miko is to use you sticky spore mutation at level 4 to make a slowing proxy mine to cover flanks. Works great.

That makes no sense. As I’ve already said, Miko uses Montana as shield, so you already have enough trouble trying to find an angle on him. Second, Miko isn’t exactly sitting still letting you shoot him. Third, Montana happens to have a freaking gatling gun so he’s not going to sit idly by and let you kill Miko. If they’re coordinated enough to be sticking together like that then they’re coordinated enough for the Miko to say, “Hey, Oscar Mike is shooting me, shoot him back Montana” or “Hey, Oscar Mike is on my right flank, move to the right Montana”.

Again, this is really only a problem in a premade team. With randoms Miko is perfectly fine. Overall, it just seems like a reduction to his heal power would be all that is necessary. I mean, Miko heals someone up to full HP in only a few seconds, it’s a bit crazy.

I don’t think a heal power reduction is necessary. Without the use of skills it actually takes a while to heal someone from low to full. Kelvin could just stun both of them and have the team finish them off.

The problem isn’t with miko it’s montana. I demand you nerf his size and then I can easily kill the mushroom.

Miko’s healing beam isn’t that amazing. I agree that maybe the survivability was a bit too high, but the 25% nerf did it’s job.
I understand that a team of Gally and Miko, or Monty and Miko is hard to take down.
But honestly, I think a team of a more squishy character and a Reyna is just as hard to take down.
Or a team of a good Rath and Phoebe.

What Iam trying to say is that Miko is very good at what they do. They can heal up their partner quite fast WHILE BIOSYNTHESIS is active.
Question: I’ve played against a few Mikos and… Can you see when Miko has Biosynthesis active?

If you can see it, then don’t use your skills while Miko uses it. If you are playing a character like OM, frag the mushroom just after using that skill, they will have no other option but running. Then you can shoot everything you have at the partner.

I believe that a Miko+Partner is not the hardest duo to fight. It’s hard, but most groups with mics have a great team set up.
(Marquis+Any character that can stun is quite devastating too! ;p)

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You can see when he activates it, there’s a slight green aura that flashes around him momentarily.

Thanks. Okay, now I know that I can stick with my opinion of using skills when you need to use them, not too soon. ;p

Personally, I find Miko + Montana infuriating. I literally just had a match of Meltdown against them as Kleese and literally all I could do to stay alive was to run away. I avoided which ever side they were on because every time I tried to go up against them (even with 2 other team members) Montana would just block us from Miko and we sure as hell couldn’t take down a Montana regenerating health faster than we could damage him. Sure, okay, we didn’t have a Rath for the knock up move, but there shouldn’t be only one (MAYBE two) counter(s) to this ridiculous fire-breathing turtle strategy.

I can often manage a Miko+Galz or even Boldur, but partner Miko with Montana and I just avoid the confrontation. Not a great idea for a game concept in all honesty…

I’ve been playing Miko+Montana yesterday and when we went 2v2 to anyone in one certain match, both enemies would throw everything they have at me. (Miko.) I didn’t die a lot…Monty did because I ran. XD

I agree that Miko+Montana is a really hard counter by the way. Teamwork is a hard counter, and I think it can only be countered by better teamwork. (Or Gally.)

Though if you are shooting at him with 3 people, then Montana shouldn’t be regerating health faster… I think. XD

You horrible, horrible person xD
The tank charges in ready to sweep the enemy team with a healer at his back, then he dies extraordinarily. I could only imagine his WTF face x’D


I actually think that’s only a manifestation and that the real problem is a very high TTK in game in general, which means that even a mediocre output from someone like Miko will do wonders.

Incorrect. Solution? Kill miko lol