Miko Review (with suggestions)

So, I’ve played the game first on PS4 and then on on Xbox, and I love it, particularly Miko (and S n’ A but that’s beyond the point).

Great move, by far the most useful. IT makes him playable as an offensive character as well as making him an amazing healer. For those that don’t know, it heals Miko and makes his healing beam stronger, as well as other things like heal himself with helix augments.

Spore Bomb (think that’s the right name):
Basically, this helps your teammates kill things quite a bit. It deals damage and slows enemies, what else could you want? The Helix upgrades can make it even deadlier, and makes it possible for Miko to dominate characters like Thorn who are weak but fast enough to dodge most of Miko’s kunai.

They deal a decent amount of damage, the reload is pretty fast and they have a high fire rate. They aren’t the most accurate things and they have kind of low velocity but for medium range fights with most battleborn, it’s an adequate weapon. Thorn and Orendi are pretty good at dodging them though (and other characters of that speed. However, they have poison which makes up for any missed hits if you ask me, and with the helix, you can even add lifesteal to the poison.

Healing Beam Thing:
It heals pretty good, not much more to add

Ultimate- Fungus Among Us:
This ultimate is Miko’s shortcoming. While not completely useless, it has few applications. It’s healing ability is not good enough to use it over biosynthesis, so it’s only useful with bio is on cooldown or when you have more than 1-2 people to heal. It’s radius is so small that it clusters teammates right up against each other if they even notice it’s on the field. The mushroom’s health is too small as well, and ends up dying in a matter of 5 seconds or less anyways.

Suggestions for ultimate changes:
Add base dmg to enemies so it is useful for both dmg based Miko and heal based Miko.
Make the AoE bigger.
Increase it’s health.
Increase the healing effect

Best option: make it timed rather than health based,

I would enjoy base dmg on this as well (helix ability would add extra dmg to it)

Basically, all in all, Miko is a great character, but his ultimate is lacking in usefulness, if only people stood completely still in small circles that small and enemies didn’t have AoE’s that deal damage. I doubt his ultimate will change at all, but I would really hope it did before release.

To address your point about Fungus Among Us, the level 10 helix mutation allows Miko’s mushroom to either have more health or to add damage, so two of your suggestions are addressed, in a manner. To be honest, I usually take the latter (damage) as the health does not save it when it is being focused and the damage can help in a chaotic, up close team fight.

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I am very aware of that, (hence why i said base health and directly mentioned the helix upgrade for damage) however, especially when playing Miko, you do not get to level 10 very quickly/at all, and is it really worth waiting until you have Miko maxed out to really be able to utilize the ultimate? I guess if you play solely as offensive with Miko you’d get there, but he does not level up as fast by healing as an attacker levels up I feel.

You are right - it does take a long time to reach level 10. Heck, in many games, especially Meltdown, I do not even reach level 10, so it can be tough to get to that helix mutation. As Miko it can be especially tough because you are relying mostly on assists for experience which seem to be worth a fair bit less than an outright kill. I try to throw out Cloud of Spores on minion waves when there is no better use for it just to rack up experience and not fall behind.

An alternate way to use Fungus Among Us that can also work if your team coordinates and understands what you are doing is to place it safely around a corner near the front line of combat but not in harm’s way. It lasts for 45 seconds if it is not killed, and so it provides a very good base for teammates to return to and get back in the fight quickly. They can go out in a lane and attack the enemy team, then duck around and heal stupidly fast. The mushroom stays protected and can end up healing many thousands over its lifespan.

My only issue with Miko is how you can spend all game healing your team and yet your score indicates you’ve done nothing. I have no problems with gaining contribution points for constructing turrets and such, but Miko doesn’t really have the luxury of running off alone to accomplish this stuff; there’s other characters that should be doing that anyways.