Miko Self Heal Bug? PS4

The Happenings:

What: No self healing with Biosynthesis or the Shroom.

When: mid to late game, only when I’ve been pocket healer for a Montana (no further testing with other characters done)

Where: Overgrowth, haven’t had it happen on Echelon (haven’t had a chance to test)

Gear 1: Shard Generator (2 shards/sec -14% reload speed)
Gear 2: Dr. Fists Medical Kit (Maybe related to this gear?)
Gear 3: Burning Sunset

I’ll pocket heal our Montana for the game. After I’ve been alive and
constantly healing for 10-15minutes of the game, I no longer self heal
until I die (I don’t have to die, ever). My best guess is that I’m just
sooo heal power that I break the game and puts me in timeout? It only
happens on games where I’m like 1-3 deaths all game. The other thought
is that the Dr. Fists Medical Kit is causing this bug? This has happened
the past 2 days, after I got the Med Kit, so I mean maybe I’m not
breaking the game with my Skillhealz, but there’s probably a chance.

Has anyone else run into this? I’ll check my match history when I get home to add some more info.

Match ID, mostly sure it happened this game: