Miko should get un nerfed

Miko is by no means weak after the hotfix, but the nerfs were still unnecessary. It is was already easy for miko to die if it gets focused down. After all, miko doesn’t have a shield, so rapid health regeneration is necessary. Nerfs are only needed on characters that are too powerful, I don’t think this was the case for miko.


I completely agree. The 25% is a huge drop in healing. Miko literally has not self healing now.

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If it affects his tier 2 ability to heal nearby teammates, you may see even more players pick heal thyself than they do now, not to mention with his own ability to sustain nerfed, heal thyself looks more appealing. This is bad for variety.

This is true. I’m gonna try it out. But I still think 25% is too big. Should have started at like 10%

10% would be better, but I didn’t think his self heal was out of line to begin with anyway. I find in story missions the AI is actually pretty good about damaging miko, so much so that biosythesis doesn’t quite save you. The problem is, and I hate to say it, in PVP alot of players aren’t very good about focusing down the healer. They don’t flank, and usually throw themselves into a one vs. two healer-patient combo.


No, he’s a backline support and agile enough to not get focused down from afar.


The problem folks seem to be missing here is that Miko was simply too powerful as part of a duo. This isn’t about Miko running solo but working with a competent teammate, especially a halfway-decent Galilea. They just became an unstoppable wrecking machine. Focusing Miko wasn’t easy as he would just be jumping around and playing super evasive. Meanwhile, Gali is just wrecking you and making it hard to focus on Miko. While all this is going on, both Gali and Miko are healing at a prodigious rate, there was just no risk in it for them. They could dive in, get kills, and come out at full health. The nerf was definitely needed.

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OK, but why is miko getting nerfed because of galilea is broken? I don’t understand. Supports are always going to seem OP because they heavily encourage teamplay which is what wins games.

@domciarlante Yes, he’s a good character, but I don’t think he was too good and if a rath focused him he would go down. It’s just an unnecessary nerf to his survivability, which he needs because he has no shield.

It’s not a matter of “not being good” it’s a matter of trying to get behind a front-line character in the first place, and then getting ahold of one of the smallest character profiles in the game and doing enough damage to them, while they get several self-healing buffs, before that front line character can pull you off of them again.

%25 isn’t nearly that big of a deal with this ability IMO though.

The self heal was only like 50 hp a second though. He doesn’t have a shield so he requires strong self healing. It’s not like he was unbalanced before the patch anyway, so why nerf him?

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You have to have good communication with your team to be able to keep Rath’s from focusing you down until you’re dead. And if you die to someone focusing you down, figure out why it happened and fix it.

I play a lot of Kelvin and try to sneak around and catch miko by surprise. I struggle when he is in the middle of the map and his team is surrounding him.

Now you might make the argument “he’s in the middle he can get focused from the sniper spot.” Ok, tell your team to keep ranged dps from staying on the nest too long. It’s pretty easy to run around to the stairs and force them off if you have enough escape. Or use AoE fields.

I don’t mean to compare Battleborn to other MOBAs because it’s a unique type of MOBA. However, in no other MOBA will you see a support that can heal their team to full health throughout the entire game with no repercussions. I played a lot of LoL, and the only real healer in that game was Soraka. Her heals were used at the cost of her own health. And she still could not heal a whole team to full health. She’d have to back to base before that could happen.

I just don’t think it’s fair that you can just hold your secondary all game, while healing yourself if you pick that helix option, then have another heal for yourself (also an AoE heal if you helix it), then have an ult that can heal the whole team at the same time. Its too much heal for no consequence.

About survivability. His size and speed make up for that. I find it so hard to kill miko because he’s so small, just as VOLUM3 said. The only time I can efficiently take his health down is if I have him cornered or stunned. He also has survivability other than his heal; his spores. You do not always have to use them offensively, pick and choose when you should use it. He also has good health regen (like all of the other Eldrid characters who have no shield).

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I can still manage rath’s, but I’m just saying miko is killable if you aren’t taking 2 vs 1s. It comes down to the fact that miko was balanced before he was nerfed, so why nerf him at all.

Their are repercussions for healing all game, because time spent healing is time that could be spent dealing damage.

Ok now I understand. You want him to get kills in a 1v1, efficiently heal one strong character, and help do dmg in team fights? For one that is definitely called OP, and he fit the bill before the patch and still does sort of. They need to change his secondary heal.

He definitely can still win in a 1v1 against certain characters (marquis, Oscar mike, whiskey foxtrot, orendi). You have to use him correctly. Furthermore, he can definitely still harass from afar, as well as help in a strong push.

What? That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that if you are fighting a miko and the person he is healing, you are taking a 2 vs. 1 and it is expected that you would lose that engagement. His secondary heal ability is fine and miko isn’t OP at all.

That’s just not true. Reyna is a support but no one is complaining she’s broken. That’s because her power is balanced. She gives an overshield but you can break through an overshield. So she helps but if you play careful and smart you can deal with the buff she’s giving other characters. If she marks you, you can be sure to be extra cautious until it runs out.

With Miko, you can just wade right into the middle of an enemy team and go to town, no consequences, no danger. Both Miko and his target were healing way too fast. You can’t do that with Reyna.

Prior to the nerf no one really complained about miko being OP. I found that jumping in the middle of the enemy team to heal an ally gets you killed most of the time. Mikos power is balanced.

I think Miko was too fast when taking damage. They fixed that. And maybe the Kunais were too strong but most Miko’s barely use them anyways to I think that’s pretty good too… But I do think that he did not NEED a nerf.
Now I am going to add that I’ve played loads of Miko, even a few games after the nerf and… Well, I feel no difference. XD
I think people must stop complaining about "Oh no, Miko is so hard to hit he is so small poor me."
I mean, if you hit Miko, you ARE hitting their crit spot. The size of the crit spot totally makes up for that.

Anyways, I agree that Miko did not deserve a nerf to self heal but… It’s not that bad, and you can easily work around it. I mean, you could never jump into a huge battle and survive anyways. Now you just have to play a little bit more cautiously.

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I agree. I want to stress that I think miko is strong both before and after the nerf, but I still feel the nerf is unnecessary.

It is by no means uncommon for healers to be able to top themselves off or recover if they survive a beating, granted this is over a span of time. It’s like how the TF2 medic has some HP regen, and when played conservatively, this will eventually allow him to get his health back to full over the span of a minute. With Miko this manifests itself as biosythesis. Biosythesis heals quickly, but is on a cooldown, meaning if miko is at 10% he will have to use it multiple times to get his HP back to full.

Basically, TF2 medic’s health regen is fairly steady rate to get him back to full. Miko’s self heal goes through peaks and valleys, where it is fast, and then slow, then fast, etc. Both are balanced IMO, with the upside of miko’s being he can pop his burst heal to survive in combat a little more, but of course it is a skill, like any other it is supposed to make you more effective and offer something.

I’m making it seem like the biosythesis nerf changed miko alot, it really didn’t. But It’s like if the medic in TF2 got his hp regen nerfed, would it make him bad? of course not. But it would still be unnecessary.

My worry is that if support characters get nerfed to being unpopular then you will run into the issue where alot of people won’t want to play them, except for people like myself who just generally enjoy the role.

I love Miko and use him as a secondary and to be honest he needed that nerf. With the right gear he was a massive tank, he was sponge for damage and thats not what he is meant to do. You can sort of go back to that state with the right gear. The nerf was necessary I just think people like you delve too much into a character are to bias to notice that and can’t be objective. He’s a support not a tank and his survivability is still amazing.

He isn’t meant to go 1v1 he supposed to support a character, in the end, Miko should be getting a lot of assist kills. Your argument regarding him not having a shield is not valid either because he has a self regen passive already that is really good, just like Thorn.