Miko should have a charge for his/her/it heal beam

I would love to see Miko having a reloading time for his/her/it heal beam.

But don’t get me wrong I don’t want to nerf the character, I’m just trying to bring more versatility to the table.

Somewhat the opposite of Reyna’s charge secondary attack. A Ki bar that fills up while he is beaming and that cools down while he is not. I can’t give exacty numbers for this, but I believe such a change will give Miko’s more room to attack and do other Miko’s stuff without having his allies crying out for heals non stop.

Sure, that would require a new look at the character health, damage, healing output, etc, but at the long term it would be a good change because lets face it: despite being quite strong, Miko is boring and straightfoward.

Also, a Ki bar would give more options to toy around with his helix choices and loadouts.

What is your thoughs, my dear baddasses?

Maybe it could be like kleeses energy meter. It takes a little while to run out and will recharge when not in use.

No need of it, we have enough healers with dif mechanics.

Reyna is a rescuer and prevent crit
Alani burst healer with dr
Ambra Area of Heal
Miko focuse healer
Kleese shield healer and AoH
kidultra Heal over Time


Kid ultra is kind of like a preemptive healer with his drones.

He usually drones up his allies before leaving the ship.

Well his healing is a slow over time healing unless changed to a small aoh. I wonder if the drone has x amount of healing or x amount of healing ticks ( if you get 1 point of dmg does it spend 1 point of heal or 1 tick)

I usually drop drones around so everyone can take them as needed.

I hope it’s not ticks. That would be a little wasteful. Not sure though.

Yes and I don’t want to change that. He can keep his spot as a focused healer still with a more enganging mechanics. Its not about his utility or his spot in a team.

Its more a fun factor, an anti-boring factor. I know there is a lot of folks out there that love miko simplicity ( me included in the right mood), but I still believe he can have more decision-making tools to shape the match injected into his set.

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Maybe make it so Mikos heal beam depletes a bar but her healing is slightly better.

And maybe make it so biosynthesis partially restores that bar or doesn’t deplete the bar while active.

I’m just throwing ideas out there.


Adding more limitations for the sake of fun doesn’t sound like the best idea, ya know what I mean?


Either I play Miko as a healer bot or I dont heal at all and just try to ninja steal kills from my team. Thats just me, and well a lot of the other Miko’s out there.

While this mechanic would work instead of having a Miko out of LoS healing a Montana for example would be great. Because lets be honest we have all faced those kind of teams.


Im glad this wont be a problem with the future update. Caldarius is miko’s bane.

Unless you are playing against scrubs Miko is normally public enemy #1 so EVERYBODY is trying to kill you first and foremost which is far from boring. Frustrating as hell? Yes! Boring? Not even close! :smile_cat: