Miko Wallclock - Battleborn Fancraft

Continuing the discussion from Battleborn Fancraft <3:

Yes, more fancrafts! I´m very very happy to show you my first bigger Battleborn-Project -

Miko themed Wallclock

The clock face is cut from rubberfoam. I painted the round base with several layers of Citadel Colors, all is painted by hand!
-no airbrush used
-no templates used
-just had a screenshot as reference^^

The clock hands are Mikos daggers - one large one small. The daggers are handdrawn by me on heavy paper, coloured with COPIC-markers and then laminated in stable plastic. I glued them onto the original clock hands.
(Photos were taken in front of my forest photo tapestry)

I can only recommend to try crafting a wallclock - you can get a quartz-clock DIY kit in almost every crafting store! Its really easy and alot of fun to play arround - also its a great christmas gift :wink:

PS: First I wanted to keep it, but the last two weeks I got the impression GBX-staff needs a immediately cheer-up. Me and boyfriend currently work on another little big something for you guys, but this one is now dedicated to the mighty @Jythri - thanks for the inspiration and hard work!
Also my room is far to crowded with fanart and I think it will look great in your office :slight_smile:
Since @Jeffybug knows what we´re up to I hope he can give it to you when it arrives at GBX-headquarters.

PPS: Oh, if you do not want it - please give it to the artist responsible for Mikos fantastic design :heart:


THIS Is awesome!

Shared this image along with the Battleborn team here at Gearbox. Awesome to see!


This is amazing! Can’t believe it’s hand painted. Great work!

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Ohhhh dear, thank you very very much, thats a huge compliment! :heart:
I´m a bit obsessed with traditional art, since I break technology by looking at it I refined my traditional skills over 10 years now Someday I´ll master digital art too, at least I hope so ^^


(I tried to post this, and the forums informed me that “Body is invalid; try to be a little more descriptive”. Well guess what, Forums? Your fucking body is invalid. Yeah. What do you think about that? Have I written enough yet, dear forums?)


I´m so happy you like it! Though now I see your icon closely I guess I better had crafted a lifesize Houdini first? :slight_smile:

Thank you alot, I hope it puts some smiles on stressed developer faces :heart:

How the forum dares to say that???!!! This text is valid enough to make me cry tears of joy! ;O;/

If anything I´ve to thank you! You all did an amazing job so far - I cannot wait to see the results in May :heart:

PS: Hope you guys like cookies :wink:

@Ganjamira WHY!!! Why do you keep making such awesome stuff. WHY do you keep torturing me, i promised myself that i would keep my goodie collection to The Legend of Zelda stuff.

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Naaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww :slight_smile: So happy you like my Battleborn crafts so far @MentalMars !
Can´t promise that the torture will end soon, more BB-crafts are already on their way.

You collect Zelda items? What a coincidence, I LOVE to craft Zelda-items and props! Just finished these lifesize cuties a few days ago ^^

If you ever want something special crafted, don´t hesitate to send me a PM :heart:



I love you.

■■■■. I hope i didn’t come off too strong there…

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Holy Hell. You’re talented. That is amazing.

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Nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww huggle Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Strong enough ^.^
Already have something special for you in mind too :wink:

Thank you alot!!! :joy:

Watch out when making statements like that…

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:slight_smile: Guess you´re right! Now I read it again it sounds rather creepy XD


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Nawwwwwwww thank you so much!!! ;O;
I show my love for games mostly through crafting and I love Zelda alot :slight_smile:

btw. got any zelda hearts on a necklace ?

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Are you looking for a present for your wife? :3

yup yup

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