Miko wolverine taunt need info!

hey guys so i dont know the name of the taunt but miko spins around and pops his kunai like wolverine claws. I dunno if youve seen it but its nailzzz. Ive been buying eldrid packs 4 over a month but no such luck:( can anyone inform me? Was there some other way to get it that i missed?

This one?

“Miko’s taunt from the Digital Deluxe, called Readiness.”

thats the 1… not gonna buy the digital deluxe version for 1 taunt unfortunately:(

It would be p neat if they allowed to upgrade, I’ve seen a lot of people interested in it.

i hope they atleast consider it

Damn it… already spent so much money on it, I wish I didn’t see that… now I want to have it, but buying the game again? No, that’s too much.

Please let’s have an upgrade, I have a game Disc and I really don’t want to buy this game twice.

The taunts that are in the DDE aren’t exclusive, you can get them out of the faction loot packs.

If the randomness will let it happen that is… OK then, got nothing better to do with my credits anyway…

Now it’s up to RNGesus. Let’s hope he’s in a good mood.