Miko's Double-Target Healing Beam?

A Miko in a match I played just now was healing multiple people with healing beam at the same time. The beam was clearly splitting at his hand and connecting to, and healing, two players. They both even had the green +s around them indicating healing being done to them.
Now it only happened when they were vaguely close to each-other, which implies to me it was an actual game feature and not a bug/hack, but I can’t find any reference to an item or helix choice that might add that effect.
Has anyone seen this? Or done it? How do? D:

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Miko has a helix choice where the biosynthisis effects extend to nearby allies. Maybe that’s what you saw.

Oh THAT’s what it is. I didn’t realise/notice that extending an actual extra beam before.

I’ve never seen it in third person. Did it look like both allies were being healed the same amount? It’s possible it was a hack, but without actually seeing it, I’d rather not accuse anybody of cheating.

It was definitely two seperate beams - I was too busy raging at the fact that nobody but me was attacking their Miko to check who was being healed for what :stuck_out_tongue:

Huh. I’ll try it in PVE and ask my teammates what they see when it’s active. The two beams do sound suspicious. Hey @JoeKGBX, can we get some clarification on this? Thanks.

He has a glitch when he gets knocked up while heal beaming someone it just happens they aren’t really getting healed from it but it will track the beam through the entire map…

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That is the worst graphical glitch, I never know who’s really being healed lol, and it’s visual pollution when a target is far away from him, AND it makes chasing easier as well… One minor glitch, several major problems lol.


I know excatly what you talking about I think ots a glitch because I had 2 healing beams but one was permensntly locked on one of my teammates and the other one worked as normal

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I swear I had it once too , I was healing two targets at the same time, only happened once though.

I have this constantly. It typically goes away after a lil bit though. As a Miko main, more confusion doesn’t hurt, so I’m fine. It’s just hilarious to still be “healing” someone halfway across the map.

I have three healing beams showing once. It felt like I was a mobile disco.