Miko's healing beam seems clunky

Did anyone else run into this? For me, it either wouldn’t activate properly, requiring two trigger pulls before it even started, and then when it would start, it would jump off of one player with half health, and onto another player with full health. It’s possible all of this was just me being bad at Miko, but it felt a little too clunky for that to be all it was.


No…not just you…I also have had many occasions when I couldn’t get the beam to start and had to pull the trigger twice. I think the switching is not an easy fix as I had the opposite happen when I was trying to heal someone and it kept sticking on the other person with full health. The fix for us was communication but I agree with you about the “clunky” feel.

Same for me. Ability needs a lock on or something.

I have the trigger problem too! I thought it was just me doing something wrong. ;p I also have the problem that when I’m healing someone, and an ally walks past me, the camera follows the ally that just walked past me. Which is really annoying. :I

Ah, yeah, I forgot to mention that part as well! The auto-aim really takes over when you’re healing someone. I’ve rotated a full 90 degrees from someone running past Montana.

So, I don’t know what happened, but Miko’s heal beam worked perfectly in my matches today. It fired up as soon as I hit the trigger, and it stayed on my target.

It still had some issues pulling away when someone else ran by, but as far as actually starting the heal, it went off without a hitch.

Once you lock on, it should stay on that particular target until you release the trigger. It gets annoying trying to heal someone, and then an ally or minion walks in between the two and gets your initial target killed. :confused:

I think it should be toggled. Press trigger once on a target to start beam. Beam will stop when target goes out of range or trigger is pressed again, either at another ally or elsewhere to cancel. Check out the Support class in Monday Night Combat for an example of this. It works much better.

I can’t even get it to work!
Is it L2? Do you hold it in? My daughter and I were trying to figure this out last night.
Noob central, I tell you.

Holding L2 has always worked for me.

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You hold the left trigger (L2) while pointing at your target. As mentioned above sometimes it doesn’t work and you have to try again until it does.


Cheers, thanks guys.

My daughter has fallen in love with Miko and we really were having trouble getting him/her/it to work ‘as intended’.

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Good choice. It’s my favourite as well. :blush:

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Miko should be everyones fav, all the other chars are lame. Just sayin’.
Jk, jk. But I agree that choosing a target and STAYING with the target can be so damn hard when an ally walks between you and the target or when an ally walks past you and Miko decides to turn away from the target to take a good look at whoever just walked by. (Can blame Miko, some characters look pretty good. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

I think toggling would be a great idea!

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It is very clunky. The effects and animations aren’t clear enough. Sometimes, I’ll be running up to someone about to die and throw a spore bomb at his attacker and start holding the left trigger to start healing only to notice he’s not being healed and he dies. The aim assist and crap is crazy and the worst part is the input lag. Am I the only one that notices it? It’s not much of an issue for melee characters, but try using Oscar Mike, Marquis, Miko and it’s absurd. You’re fighting the controls more then you are your opponents in this beta.

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Does Miko’s second helix option to heal nearby players actually work? If so, what is the range? Also hoping they disable minion healing as almost every game a teammate dies due to me accidentally targeting a minion with my healing beam instead of them.

I hope they do not disable minion healing! Healing the Sherpard has actually helped my team win a game sometimes!

Btw, disabling auto-aim has REALLY healped me out in the Beta.

I am alright with minion healing, but prioritizing minion healing is pretty awful. I had so many times a tank I was trying to heal just to keep getting stuck on small minions. I would love a lock on toggle like they gave the TF2 Medic. It really improved the enjoyability of that class and I think it could do the same for Miko!

No one should be using Auto-Aim with Keyboard and Mouse on the PC! You should all be ashamed of yourselves!!!

The Shepard is already OP even without heals.