Miko's legedary lore gear is TERRIBLE! Which heroes have good lore gear?

What heroes have Legendary Lore gear that’s actually worth using? Miko’s is basically terrible. I have GREEN gear that beats it by a good amount.

So I just got my Legendary Lore gear piece for Miko… now when I looked it up online it said that it does nearly +14% Heal Power and +4% movement speed (that’s what the screenshot of it showed anyway)… Well I just got it and it’s actually +10.86% Heal Power and +3% movement speed. It also has the power to have 50% of poison damage done added to next healing wave (that’s not that great though… I mean if I poison for 20-30 seconds straight it adds up somewhat but doesn’t make THAT big of a difference).

Thing is… I have a green piece of gear of the SAME type (CAN’T use it AND legendary together) that gives +16% Heal Power and +11% Healing Received after taking damage. 16% Heal Power is a lot better than 10.86% obviously and the added 11% Healing Received after taking damage is hugely beneficial. I mean, any time I take damage having an extra 11% healing to myself is quite nice.

I was really excited to get the Legendary Lore piece, but I don’t think I should even use it (1800 shards to use this piece of crap???). As Miko, I’m healing a lot more than I’m poisoning enemies so I’m not going to poison stuff for 30+ seconds just to have a bit of a better Heal Wave on next cast. WTF! Especially at the cost of 1800 shards… I mean come on.

My other 2 pieces of gear I use on Miko increase my Sprint Speed by 11% also with +7% Heal Power and the other piece gives +6% Movement Speed with +10% Sprint Speed after picking something (anything) up. All for MUCH less than 1800 shards to activate.*

I did all that work on Miko to get my Legendary Lore piece and it’s not nearly as good as I thought it was supposed to be… my friggin random ass green gear beats it significantly.

WHAT THE F!?!?!?!?!?!?

I feel like most of them are kind of optional use, like they aren’t meant to be game changing items necessarily. Ambra’s is pretty nice but the special bonus is barely noticeable. Mine is something like +6.7 skill damage, +6.7 heal power and staff slowly gains heat on it’s own. Very slowly though. I do use it with one gear setup for her because it helps with damage and support but I feel like another item will eventually replace it.

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In my opinion, pretty much all legendary gear is not worth picking in PvP. 1800 shards is an insanely high amount that is WAY better spent on giant minions and buildables.

I have yet to activate any legendary gear in game - I’d feel like a bad guy trying to keep all those precious shards for my own gain, which is not proportional to the price.

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Unless you use a zero cost shard generator… I have an Ambra set with that and two legendary items, the difference is I build first then wait for later in the game to activate them. I do have another set with three items for skill damage but I primarily use the other.

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You have a piece of gear with a 0 shard activation cost that generates shards? The only one I have like that costs 700 to activate and it generates 2.14 shards per second. Do I need to farm until I find a piece that generates shards for 0 cost? lol

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Yes, it gives +2 shards and negative reload speed or recoil (forget which), and that doesn’t matter for very many characters so it was a great item to get early on. I highly recommend looking for one like that. :smiley:

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I had one of those in early access that reduced my shield so I used it with my eldrid loadout

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I wonder how many Common Gear Packs I’d have to buy before I got lucky and found one lol.

I’m thinking about using it along with a wrench item that gives more shards and buildable cost reduction, just spend the match building everything and clowning. lol I don’t know if it’ll be effective but seems funny and annoying for the enemy. I might do it with Kelvin and just try to control as much territory as I can.

It’ll also level you up super fast :wink:

The rarity seems tied more with the nature of what the items do rather than the percentages, white does one thing, green does two that are not really related, blue does two that are related, but one has a trigger to make it work, purp does two that Are related and are always on, and Orange does three, two that are always on and one with a trigger…

They seem to be pretty close percentage-wise though, so what you have to consider is the cost vs abilites; right. You get more abilities overall out of an orange, maybe you don’t need that many though, maybe you just want one ability out of a white, which tend to be cheaper, and can be higher in percentages because it’s focused, but it doesn’t do anything extra.

So it’s a dance of balancing cost effectiveness vs how many abilities you want on your character, but you wind up paying close to the same amount of shards for each of your “abilities” in your loadout.

It’s trickier for some than others too, for instance Ambra can have fast cool down just from her helix options (which are the ones I choose) and she survives pretty well so health and damage reduction seem unnecessary but Attikus could use movement speed, damage, attack speed, sprint speed, cool down, damage reduction, etc.

Well absolutely, but it’s going to boil down to how many option you want, and how much you want to pay for them.

I tend to go with two “cheaper” items to get me up and running, and then a more expensive item to finish things out, but with Whiskey Foxtrot I have all purples because I want attack speed off of everything, so he takes longer to get online at first, but then at the end I have like +25% Attack speed at all times, no triggered effects.

Meanwhile with my brawlers, I tend to go with triggered effects on landing a melee hit because, why not?

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Same, Attikus rolls with at least two items that give a bonus on melee hits because you absolutely will get that benefit.

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