Miko's Legendary Mod

Is it really that good? It’s only 11% healing power and somewhere around 4% movement speed for 1800 shards!! Also how much is the poison going to add on to healing beam? Does it really make it worthrough the shard investment if I already have a mod that comes out to roughly 18% healing power after I stay alive for 180 seconds. Answers would be great, thanks.

In PVE, The Heliophage I decided to test it out. Guess what, I did not see a difference… So its bugged, or the effects are simply pathetic.

Poison damage is like 68 damage in 2 seconds? So 50% of that would be 34 health… So if you are poisoning 1 enemy for 20 seconds then it’s like 340 health… Which actually sounds quite good.

But lets be honest. When do you ever poison an enemy for 20 seconds? As Miko, I mostly am constantly healing. Especially when I get to level 7… or 8? (The one with the helix choice to get the cooldown for Biosynthesis down with 30% if you use the healing beam.)

I prefer using gear that is like 500 shards that gives me more healing power than the legendary.

That’s cause its ment to be used with their ( i think Miko is a they) 5th helix Pandemic which spreads the poison to nearby enemies. You lay a whole clip into a minion wave your next pulse will be at least 200 health reload, repeat…gg.

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I was playing a PVE Mission and actually had that helix already… So I did something wrong, my legendary decided not to work or… Or idk. (And yeah, as far as I know Miko is a they… Most people call them an ‘it’ though…)

Question about a different piece of legendary gear: I got a legendary set of eldrid boots for beating the sentry in The Experiment mission, and it give a 30% increase to sprint speed when being healed. Would Miko’s self heal trigger this? If it does, this would probably be a better legendary to choose for Miko because it really help him escape from sticky situations, and Miko is already really good at that, so you would be so hard to kill.

(It also gave an increase to heal power)

Edit: I tested it. It works.

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With the way Miko’s legendary is worded I wondered if it just applied half of the poison’s damage to healing regardless of whether or not you poison anything. In other words, just a 6 heal increase per tick (half of 12)

The purpose of legendary gear isn’t more percentage points, most whites will beat them, it’s the addition of multiple functions, you pay more to have buffs in multiple areas. If you want straight up healing power, whites will be the highest, if you want three items that add to healing power, you’re going to need rarer items that hybrid into that ability.

But I think his point was that even with the special abilities, the total increase to healing still ended up being less than that of lower level gear.

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I’d rather get my gear that gives me like 13% more healing all the time, than this insanely expensive legendary that I can barely use in PVP anyways. I’ve got a legendary for movement speed AND heal power which is also much better than Miko’s legendary.

Agreed. For its cost, it’s not at all worth it. which makes it worthless.

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I think most legendaries are simply only good for PVE due to cost. I mean, in a truly competitive match when do you have 1800 crystals to spare? I never do and lvling is way more important, especially for support characters who rely more on buildables and assists to lvl. If you were truly trying to make Mikos legendary work in PVP you would likely need to pair it with an item that grants continuous shard generation as well as a reduction in buildables cost.

I guess I am the only one seeing burst heals regularly at around 400-600 hp? I love this gear in PVP.

Unfortunately you have to stop healing and do damage to get your stacks up enough for a good solid burst heal. If it took you say 7 second to do a 400 burst heal you be losing out compared to 7 second on using healing beam.

It’s good for making Miko similar to Alani. You can’t do massive damage, but you can stack a pretty impressive burst heal. I believe the spread poison works as well. I can’t be certain. However if it is, you can do minion wipes and then retreat to heal a teammate.

Ya the spread poison works with the mod. But iv never really had a lot of time for attacking. Usually 20k damage a match and lots of heals between running around like a madman topping people up and getting saves. Not to mention the lag between attacking and healing can cause a death or 2 so attacking isn’t even on the radar for me.