Mikos Nightmare

Is it just me or does this guy make killing Miko look easy? 3 or 4 tactical rounds at Mikos head and game over. Just a tip for those who especially struggle with miko, Ghalt wipes the floor with him like no other character does.

I can vouch for this. I wish Gearbox would STOP changing characters that didn’t need to be changed. Every time they do this they make said feature broken as hell. (GHALT UMBRA/GAL 2.0!!) Just did two matches with Ghalt and both times said player carried the opposing teams butt.

I think they may have forgotten to consider his helix upgrades when tuning his damage, without upgrades his damage is OK. Once he has his ultimate and basically any shotgun upgrades? His good damage gets roughly tripled into unfair. I honestly think he deserved a buff though, he was severely outclassed by Shayne in every aspect while requiring a very high skill level to perform adequately.

He definetly deserved a buff, but i feel like they somewhat overdid it. His damage ouput is a tad to high now.