Miko's primary fire

Is it just me or are the kunai really hard to see? Maybe its just a personal issue, as i’m sure they aren’t supposed to be super visible. But it does sometimes mess with my perception of hitting the targets when things get crazy busy on screen in story mode missions.

When a lot is going on, it really is hard to see them… I actually just look at the health bar of what or whoever I’m attacking to see if I hit it. ;p (Which is doesn’t really help when attacking bosses as Miko. Heh.) But I don’t think they need to become more visable, I think they are fine how they are.

I have noticed when there is a ton, and by ton i mean just about 5 on 5 action or 4 on 3 or worse when there’s just the map and players and npc’s and then skill and shot effects, yea then they kinda disappear. I’m fine with that, whether I can see them or not the damage showing up is all I need to validate a successful hit.

Miko’s Primary is overpowered and you know it. It does more damage than it should