Miko's Self Heal

I like Miko’s self heal. Idk the name. I did a group mission so maybe its because all of the action wasnt focused on me but Miko’s self heal was rocking. I feel like I could go all day with it. I need to put it to the test in a solo mission I think.

Yeah the self heal is definitely a huge plus, I like it even more when you upgrade it to heal nearby allies. I’ll pick buffs to that skill every chance I get whenever playing Miko from now on, well worth it.

Biosynthesis? It’s freaking amazing. IMO it gets even more badass when you get the Heal Thyself upgrade.(The one that heals Miko when he uses his healing beam while Biosynthesis is active.) And good luck testing it in a solo mission. I mean, Miko does little damage. I think killing a boss with just Miko will be a pain. ;p

Biosynth + Heal Thyself + Speed Boost when healing others :heart_eyes:

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Heal Thyself trumps the 2nd helix ring compared to the other choice (idek the name of it because I never pick it).

His biosynthesis is weak by itself, getting the aoe heal on it is nothing compared to the burst self heal that heal thyself gives you. I think even Kleese’s chair heal is better than it (for your team) and Kleese doesn’t even have to wait for a cooldown on it.