Miko's Sencodary Fire Idea

Hi, I was going through the carachters when I saw Miko, I felt like he was extremelly well designed, unfortunatly i did not enjoy much his healing secondary fire, I was thinking that would be better for a Witch Doctor/ Medi Gun Caracter instead, so my idea was instead to make Miko Root/Spore/AnythingRelatedToFungus itself to an ally and heal it over time while being able to fire and cast the spore grenade aswell, The ability would have a limeited range and it could be destroyed by enemy fire (in case of roots enemies could destroy the Roots thta bonded both). So yeah guys what do you think?

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I’m not really sure what exactly you mean. Equipping an ally with yourself? Sounds a bit weird and unfitting for the character imo.
Considering the mushrrom theme, I personally would feel like a spore-infection stream would be nice.
To grow mycel on the sprayed surface for like 10 seconds. And that could heal. But that would just be worsening the already weak (imo) ability.
Maybe for another character…

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Since the Character itself is offensive i was refering to a continuous heal that would allow it to heal while dealing damage, the roots or wtv was just an example to it.
I like the mycel growing on the caracter, if done correctly it can do as much healing as the spore stream would but that was just an oppinion anyway.
Oh and i wasnt talking like Equiping btw.

Oh. So more like placing a heal over time instead of needing to keep up the stream? Sounds op to me. The option to continously heal without cost is already pretty strong (over time).
Miko is more of a Support type btw. The damage output is mediocre at best, if specced accordingly.

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I agree, a constant heal over time effect without costs (be it movement disability or else) sounds to overpowered.
Healingpowers in MMO´s are the most difficult thing to balance - one time its to op, then it gets nerved and becomes totally useless. Back and forth, back and forth until it works eventually. So I´d just wait for release and following patches to see how her current healing abilities will get balanced in time.

Btw: Miko has no real gender, but is referred to as a “she” as far I know. Saw many people referring to Miko has “he” or “him” but I´m quiet sure Miko is a She-Shroom XD

I like the idea =)

I agree with that aswell, that’s why I previously mentioned that the target being healed would be susceptible to damage, that said while being healed enemy fire would break the ability meaning that the heal would be cancelled.

Miko’s ultimate ability is placing a healing “field,” so having his secondary fire being another one doesn’t work well.

If I correctly understand; you entangle a friendly player, the ‘root’ then stays attached until one of the two in the link is subject to a certain amount of damage.

To make it even more interesting you should be able to entangle several players =)

I see no reason this could not work as far as balancing goes, firstly the heal amount can and will be reduced, secondly the ‘rooted’ players need to stay close to Miko to not break the link.

You can also easily counter this ability by area of effect damage abilities or even better, to attack the source, Miko, to break all active ‘roots’.

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Some will insist that this isnt possible due to balancing, but I believe it is.

Ambra can drop a orb that heals all nearby characters.

Make Miko carry that orb (+ balance: range, heal amount etc.)

In theory this is, although somewhat simplified, what is described above =)

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That was my initial idea on the abilty, i feel like this sort of games(being also a FPS) never actually require cover and positioning, that’s why I felt like suggesting this, its not a straight up heal in the face but instead a healing interrupted by damage and with a short range, I also feel like it should have a casting time to really add up some more skill cap to it.