Miko's sporenado lore *spoilers*

Anyone have any idea what Miko could be talking about? The fall of its planet? When the varelsi took their star? The planet just getting old and dying off? My best guess is Miko is describing how the varelsi took their star and they began dying out, leaving Miko, causing them to flee.

It, not he.

I know, an error or my part :expressionless:

Got the same lore challenge, equally as confused as you are though.

Yes, basically this is about Miko’s memories of its home planet, the darkening of their star, their escape through the expanse (=space).

For the last part, if you look closely on the other lore pieces, it turns out that Miko is actually just a form of fruit or drone form (remember: the true fungus the mycelium that spans in the ground, all ‘mushrooms’ are just reproductive spore disseminators) grown to assist the Eldrid in their fight against the Varelsi. Even Miko’s more humanoid appearance is just a means of the A. Mikollopria to better communicate with the Aelfrin and other humanoid races of the Eldrid.

But since their home star was darkened by the Varelsi, there is no more base mycelium of Mikollopria. All that’s left is Miko. And any sporling it might ever grow, will only be similar to it. So actually, Miko and it’s sporlings make up a whole new species that can never return to its original mushroom form. Hence the “Never again will we be whole.”