Miko's unique ultimate skin

Hey guys.

First of all, I’m really enjoying to play as Miko. Well, playing with a ninja-knifethrower-healer-oneeyed-kungfu-poison-mushroom is always freaking awesome. :slight_smile:

I’m on my way to level him up to max level, but I figured out sometime weird about his skins. Most of all characters (or all of them, not sure), have a “unique ultimate skin”, for example, blonde Montana, wood Boldur, vampire Rath, zombie Ghalt, USA Benedict, night elf Thorn etc. In short, they all have a skin that is not just recoloring, but really a new unique skin.

Well, Miko don’t have that one. The last one that appears for me is the purple/black/dark recolor, just that.

Do you guys know if they’ll realease his unique skin soon? Or he already have that and it’s obtained through packs (send me a pic, plz)?

(And yea, I know Miko is a “they”, but feels weird to me to talk like that :P)

Thank you!


Miko was the only character not to receive a tier 2 skin, for whatever reason. The 25 tier 2 skins and 7 taunts are obtained through microtransactions.

Sorry, but I’m new at this game. What is a microtransaction?

And wth they don’t give Miko a tier 2 skin? :frowning:

A microtransaction is when you pay for something in-game with real money. You can buy “platinum” and then use that platinum to purchase additional skins, taunts, bank space and loadouts.

I don’t know why Miko was left out, or if he will receive a tier 2 skin.

He will still be getting one, but they had a technical issue with it before tier 2 skins launch. There’s guess work that it’s coming in this weeks patch

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Oh, now I get it. Thank you for the answer. :slight_smile:

That’s nice. I hope he get one soon.

Any ideas of how he’ll look like? :smiley:

Uhhhh I now someone leaked his skin on imgur some weeks/months ago - lets see if I can find the post again :heart:

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Wow, that’s gonna be wonderful. Thanks!

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Here the forum topic

and the direct link to the imgur-album with pictures of Tier2-skins, for Miko you´ve to scroll down a bit :slight_smile:

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His unique skin will be a remodel to be Jackie Chan. Calling it.

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That’s nice. But I still have the feeling that the screenshot that we can see in your link still is a “recolouring”.

Thanks you for the reply!

Maybe a “Mario Mushroom” skin? Or a psychodelic mushroom skin? lol

Seriously, a “green poison” mushroom would look nice.

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The Tier-2 skins are basically more complex re-colours with slightly changes in the surface textures (WF´s scales, Kleeses brain-surfaces, Boldurs skin). I hope for far more crazy stuff regarding T3-skins though^^

Oh, and I want a Pizza-Miko, with a huge Pizza as hat^^



Yea, the T2 skins are nice. Hope they release more skins in that way.

Thank you for the reply.