Mild change(s) to galilea to help people play against her

Make her shield throw roll along the ground instead of be thrown. It stops gally from being able to deal with benedict, which is a character who should be able to deal with melees uncontested. It stops her shield throw from coming quite as much out of nowhere, as you can “Hide” from it behind minions. It would help a lot of people, and solve a small issue I’ve had with the skill (It giving gally a way to deal with benedict). Overall it means if someone is having trouble dealing with galilea stun, it means there is a response now. “Hide behind minions”

Oh also make it make a noise when it hits you, gosh darn it.

Finally give us a good visual indicator of when gally has full health for “It’s dangerous to go alone”. So we can know we need to drop her health a little. Make her sword glow or something, I dunno.

Boom, there. After much consideration, I can feel alright making a suggestion to change a character. The goal is to take as little away from the character as possible, without changing her abilities and functions.

(I was told rolling a shield isn’t as cool as throwing one, and I had also thought about the concept of impact, but I’m sure it could be made energetic enough through sound and visuals to give some believability that it’s hitting someone hard enough to daze them?)

…what??? I cannot tell if this is a troll post or not…as such, it should be locked. This topic has been beating to hell and back.


I’m not sure if that’s a good move - only because it takes away from the spirit of it. I mean, even Goofy could throw a shield.

I’d say that she’d have to choose between a stun or the automatic return, I think having both makes her unbalanced. She gets to stun you, hurt you, then defend against you, while healing - and I’d be okay with it if were more of a skill oriented execution by having to recover the shield every time - or the stun just not be there.

I think a bleed effect would be better over the stun too. Boomerang Shield replaces Stun and replaces with Bleed. I’d like that.

It’s actually not a troll post. “Gally is OP” has been beat to hell and back as you say… but this a genuine change that doesn’t take anything away from the character and gives people a way to reliably avoid the attack: by standing behind minions. Every other stun you can see coming, but gally’s moves quickly and isn’t telegraphed. This doesn’t take that away from her, but gives people a way to hide from it, as I said.

It’s a modest change that only serves to make it slightly more player friendly by imposing some restrictions on it, allowing people to reliably avoid it.

I never thought of this, but I never found gally’s shield to be particularly useful myself anyways… I dunno, it breaks quite fast, so being able to have it back doesn’t seem like too big of a problem to me? I just don’t think removing the stun is a good move, as level 1 stuns keep the game’s early fights interesting. But uh, being able to trade the stun for the shield returning and a bleed effect might be alright…though I’m not sure who would pick that.

And yeah, it would perhaps take away the “Spirit” of it, but it would help with some of the overreacting that’s been happening, and will probably continue to happen once the game drops. It would give people a response: “Just hide behind minions”.

This thread will degrade as all the other ones have. I am sure GB is well aware of this topic. Making repeat post because the old one was locked is redundant.

…Well then, that sure is some serious optimism you have there.

This isn’t a repeat post, this is a suggestion (Probably not yet made before) to moderately change a character people find issue with. I’m looking for a legitimate discussion about, if nothing else, how to take as little away from this character while salving the wounds of the moaning.

As far as I can tell the previous topic degraded into specifically the OP personally attacking posters because they weren’t agreeing with him, and probably some retaliation as well. I’m not going to be attacking people, I’m interested in getting together and brainstorming more possible ideas, partially just because I love talking and thinking about this game.

I appreciate the concern though, and I’m sorry the thread initially came off as a troll.

Let’s not call people or there posts trolls, if you have an issue with a thread then flag it for the mods. Also @arcsteiiscool has every right to talk about this and made fair points.

This thread will degrade as all the other ones have. I am sure GB is well aware of this topic. Making repeat post because the old one was locked is redundant.

So far everything said other than your two posts were fine. If you don’t have anything constructive to add then it can be best not to.

Galliea is my main and I do love her, but these threads always degrade. Honestly too, your title does not help your cause.

At this point, i am just content to let GB do what they will with Galliea and I will adjust accordingly to her.

this thread should really be in the discussion forum for galilea would be my only issue here.

I changed the title. I am incapable of being 100% serious all the time, I enjoy joking around, and I found an opportunity to make a joke considering the fact that people have complained about galilea to no end, and that I have made threads discussing the creation of balance threads and how it should be approached.

I’m incredibly sorry for the confusion, and I have fixed the title to be more specific.

If the moderators would like this moved to the galilea discussion, I have no objections. I simply have just posted everything in general, as well as other threads like "Galilea is OP’ and “Rath ult is OP” have been situated here with over a hundred replies on each. So I didn’t think it would be an issue.

Sadly, I may have been somewhat involved in another post regarding this topic that was locked and I apologise for that.

The only change that I would like to see on Galilea is her level 3 R skill. I think her stun is a good addition, few characters have access to a guaranteed stun so early and Galilea has a few unique qualities that I think make her, well unique. But the skill I mentioned is almost always taken (and for good reason) making level 3 an easy choice and the opposite skill almost redundant. This gives Galilea a huge advantage when entering a fight, sure shield penetration could quickly neutralise her but if you’re a melee character she’ll do a LOT of damage before you take down her shield and get her below full health and by then the battle is already in her favour. The fact that she can damage you from a distance as you approach or snipe you as you flee doesn’t help matters either, that one skill is a game changer in my experience.

I certainly don’t think that she is “OP”, I main Deande and can easily outsmart a lead Galilea but once she gets to level 3 it’s hard to stop her sweeping minions and picking up soft kills that allow her to quickly outlevel the rest of the lobby. That one skill changes her from defender to aggressor, without it she’d be more the territorial brawler that she is stated to be and less the lead slayer that she is used as.

I like the shield throw idea! Make it spark and sound like a buzz saw, and bam!, cooler than the original. As for the sword bullets, I was thinking, how about using that to replace the blob ult. I feel that would be a cooler ult than the black floor slime thing she does, and it could be something like her corrupt mega form! What do you think?

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Hm, I’d feel bad taking away “It’s dangerous to go alone”, honestly. The damage numbers on her show she is very much the lowest DPS melee character in the game, and once she gets “It’s dangerous to go alone” her DPS increases by 77%, which puts her like…50 DPS above the previous highest DPS melee. I think it’s fair to have her have low DPS considering her utility, and I don’t find “It’s dangerous to go alone” to be as large of an issue as it sounds… All you have to do is tag her HP a little and she’s back to being relatively weak and mostly utility.

Perhaps the damage on it should be slightly lowered? But as I had mentioned in a different thread, I feel like though the name is “Simply a zelda reference”, it also exists as a literal warning. It’s dangerous to go alone. If gally gets the jump on you, she’s going to do a sizable amount of damage to you because she stuns then wails on you. If you’re not alone, the other person can probably quickly damage galilea, or notice her if you didn’t, and do enough damage to where that passive doesn’t help her anymore.

This is why I’m mostly just trying to suggest incredibly small changes to help people learn to deal with her, and give them a way to not get stunned if they’re paying attention. I just don’t know if taking her only option for damage away, or reducing that damage is the right answer. I think the dynamic is cool. Weakest under these circumstances, strongest under these.

And if you look at shayne, they can damage you from a distance too, probably moreso than gally. They also get a neato stun, and speed boosts to boot. They just lack the kinds of utility gally has, and exists more as an assassin I feel, and in that respect is better than gally.

Hell yeah! I was going to say “Buzzsaw along the ground” but I wasn’t sure people would get it, exactly my idea though! Her ult is definitely strange, it gives her an escape and a way to sustain herself a little… but overall it does feel out of place. I don’t feel confident enough to suggest a change to it though, plus if we had another melee with a temporary buff ult it might just feel like another El Dragon, you know? I dunno.

I think it’s different enough, I can’t think of another character with a temporary range attack, but I understand what you mean, keep characters unique.

My original idea was to make desecrate an ult, and have it be modded based on various helix choices, that grant it different effects. It would last a minute, have a 3 second start up, and have a 2 minute cooldown, which would refund partially based on how time was left on the desecrate before you cancelled it.

For its dangerous to go alone, I would make that a skill that could be toggled on and off, represented by the sword being enveloped in black flame, and your Corruption bar would act as its ammo.

I’ve never played as her, but those seem like good fixes to me. I’m sure Gearbox knows how she should be though, I’m just a wannabe game designer, so this is fun to me.

Interesting ideas, but having an ult that broke out of how helix choices work now (Only level 10 modifies your ult) might be a bit much.

Also having “It’s dangerous to go alone” a toggle would add a skill, or require another skill to be removed. It also would make the zelda reference pointless. :stuck_out_tongue:

But you aren’t wrong, theorycrafting is fun. I headed up a heavily modded CSS server, I did all the coding and the balancing for it. It was a really fun experience and I never had any complaints of the classes being imbalanced. I’m not saying I’m particularly good at it, all games are different, and how I balanced things was generally just trying something and seeing how it felt, then tweaking it over and over until it felt right. It’s part of why I’m leery of sitting on the sidelines and making suggestions. Without being able to actively feel each change you can’t know for certain what it might actually do to the balance of the system.

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That’s why I switched the skills. I removed the escape spell, put desecrate there, and put “it too dangerous to go alone” in desecrate’s place. Also, I’d rename the skill “Master Sword”, and “it’s dangerous to go alone” could give you a healing aura a full health? Make more sense with the name. BOOM! Two Zelda References! :smile:

You’ve obviously thought this through a lot more than me lol.
My only other suggestion for a compromise, keep the skill to make Galilea still formidable but take away the ranged effect? A melee character firing bullets, I like the versatility but not the outright advantage that it provides.

You know, even though it would compromise the zelda reference…maybe removing the ranged aspect might be a good idea. I’m not going to say it’s the best idea, but she can already stun at range as a melee, why let her attack at range as a melee?

I’m not saying I 100% support this, but it seems like a viable road to go down, at least if nothing better can be thought up. What is the other helix option at the level anyways, isn’t the other one increased damage when your shield is gone?

Do any Gali players actually choose ‘Sentinel Stance’ (Actively blocking incoming damage causes Galilea’s Corruption to increase.)?

If not, maybe it should be replaced with something that’s actually on par with ‘It’s dangerous to go alone’.

Galilea’s fine. Only OP char in this game is marquis