Million Dollar Race

Million Dollar Race - Community Challenge

This is a Borderlands 2 Challenge where the goal is to get $1,000,000 as fast as you can. This challenge was created by TweetyExpert.


There are a few Rules.


  1. Need to start a new character
  2. No Badass Rank
  3. No DLC’s, except Gaige and Krieg. This means no Digi Peak or Natural Selection Annex.
  4. No Co-Op
  5. No Read Only
  6. No mods of any sort, this includes the Community Patch
  7. No Console commands
  8. Cannot use Golden Keys
  9. Cannot go out of bounds
  10. Cannot use any sort of glitches
  11. Cannot use Claptraps Stash, but you can complete the quest for XP

You can also use Gearbox Weapons
For a quick overview of all the rules you can look here.

Also, for the run to be official you will need to stream the full run either on Youtube or Twitch. Make sure you enable your past broadcasts so your VOD can be seen. You can still submit your unofficial run if you do not stream.

After your run is completed, make sure you show proof of getting 1 million. Then find the completed time on the character by going to the character selection.

Post your End Results on this Google Form

The Leaderboards

This Challenge has no deadline and can be completed at anytime. You are also allowed to submit as many runs as you would like.

If there are any questions or problems contact TweetyExpert on twitter, twitch, or on discord.

Good Luck on Grabbing that Money!


This looks fun :thinking:

When he says, “No DLCs, so no DP or Annex”, I’m not sure where that leaves the holiday DLCs, Torgue, Hammerlock, or Scarlett maps. I’m going to assume no for now…


Ah… I’ll pass :roll_eyes:


Just keep in mind

So it might still be fun to do a run and post your unofficial time for comparison.

Also, no DLC includes everything except Hyperion Slaughterdome, Fink’s Slaughterhouse, and character DLCs: Gaige & Krieg. No Head Hunter packs or story DLCs, just NVHM, TVHM, & UVHM.


Thanks for creating this thread Tweets. This will be fun to run through. I am looking forward to see the strategies employed and the times people post.


That is correct. No DLC content at all. Only the characters of Gaige and Krieg is allowed. So no DLC campaigns, no DLC Headhunter packs.


Wow! This sounds like a great idea!


Looking forward to watching the fun! :+1:


Ahh so this is where the cool people hang out :grin:. This is a great idea tweets. Can’t wait to see some runs. May even give it a try myself!


I assume the Vault Hunter Relic is allowed. AFAIK, Mopi used it for his run (?). It’s not a DLC technically.


Two of the current players on the leaderboard b0red bnk3r for their time. (Joltzdude and LazyData)


It’s a logical approach given the restrictions. Once you get there the amount of loot Bunkr drops, it’s on a self-contained farmable map and finally that Bunkr drops high rarity weapons, plus being able to farm that one red chest . The vendor is right there underneath to sell stuff off. I can’t think of any other area that early in the game that provides anywhere near that much loot and farming convenience.


The point is that is breaks the rules of the challenge, being no glitches.


We might need to discuss the difference between a Glitch, and Exploit, and an Overpowered Skill.

Off Hand Bonuses on Salvador is a Glitch. It’s something in the game that was never meant to be used to the player’s advantage explicitly.

Using the Offhand Bonuses with weapons that maximize it, or swapping to a higher damage weapon after firing a weapon with slow moving projectiles is an Exploit.

Bore is an Overpowered Skill in how it works with overlapping hit boxes. It is meant to work the way it does, and players exploit enemies designed with multiple bit boxes that overlap, or situations were you can line them up to overlap.

Bnk3r’s Bore Spot on would have to be created in err for it to be a Glitch. He happens to have a design where he had both Turrets & a large critical hit box that can be targeted and exploited. I’m not sure that is a Glitch, it’s more a feature of Bore.


This seems a fun idea, I’ll have a go when I’m done with my NVHM challenge although I won’t be streaming it.

I also won’t be farming the same place/enemies over as that doesn’t feel in the spirit of the rules.


1st time I see the thread. My bad I guess.
Sounds like Joltz and Lazy found the sweet spot. Still like the concept. Something to put on the bucket list.

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In retrospect, that the slow moving projectile adopts the damage & bonuses of a weapon that is swapped while in flight is exploiting a glitched mechanic. I should have delineated that thought better than this.

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