Min Min Lighter...Any Good?

So I got one at Level 60 last night in a vending machine right after some wonderful coop runs with Derch, Abvex and KatieWaffles

Is this thing any good??

How is it best employed??

It’s a Tediore…so is it a good chucker??

Or is it best employed as a shooter like the Boxxy?

It’s weird, that’s for sure! Assuming the wiki is essentially correct (yeah, I know…) it looks pretty situational, sort of a cross between Maya’s scorn and Death-traps orb thing. I got one and tried it a couple of times, but it was too slow moving for the mob I was in the middle of. Since it bounces off walls, I’m guessing it would be more effective in tight spaces, like the quarantine zone in Veins of Helios?

min min lighter is sick.

Those orbs (and the fire rate for that matter) are frustratingly slow, but the discharges from the orb (not the orb itself) won’t cause the enemies to go aggro, so I will often fire a shot overhead of an unsuspecting mob until I get enough Maelstrom stacks for Smite (which can often proc from these zaps by itself), and then jump into the fray. It is otherwise surprisingly damaging.

Is it a chucker at all??

Shield buster in a Boss fight??

It, like most Tediore lasers, is great for tossing given their Tesla-effect during the throw. It’s kind of a novelty thing though. I personally wouldn’t pull it out in the middle of a pitched battle where I was concerned for my safety, but it’s fun in less-stressful situations. I would definitely keep it… I hear that it’s much better than I’m describing here, but that fire rate… :sleeping:

it has a cool effect, but it is not good

Unless there’s a hidden bonus on the MML, I’m pretty sure a Tediore Railgun of the desired element is going to have a much higher DPS when chucking. From memory, the Railgun had about 3x the damage.

There was this thread on the old forum who’s title was “The Min min lighter: criminally underrated”
And the folks there seemed to think it was the best gun in the game.

I can see how it can be, in a “pimpernel” kind of way, it has insane POTENTIAL… but you gotta know what you’re doing.

But I have never found any use for it, but then again, I never gave it much of a chance
It works basically the same as the Too scoop ( slow orb that emits damage in a radius and then explodes after a while) Some people swear by it. On Athena it’s apparently ridiculously good. (Shock damage increases your fire rate, and damage… and recharges your amp shield, which makes each orb pulse with amped damage for like 2-3 seconds… enough to fully recharge your shield… and so on)

Kills with the orb counts toward the barrel of death challenge. So at least it has some use.

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I had a level 28 once but hardly ever used it. after reading about it a bit, though, perhaps it could be of some use on a weapon swapping loadout. Jack/Athena?

Just lobbing out one of those orbs every so often might make for some great mobbing utility. The use to Athena is evident, but i’m wondering if jack might be able to get some work out of it as well. With Incentives, and does it trigger compound interest on each enemy it hits? something that might be worth trying out.

also, How does projectile speed affect it?

Not really. Best way it’s going to get used is with Ceraunic Storm as Athena. At lower levels it’s pretty good at stripping shields if you shoot, swap, shoot swap. But if you aren’t already focused on dealing extra elemental damage, it’s not going to do much good.

“I personally wouldn’t pull it out in the middle of a pitched battle where I was concerned for my safety,”

If only there were, like, ANY of these situations in the game? One of my biggest gripes about the Pre-Sequel is the lack of good, quality, Holy Sh#t this is crazy mobbing.

The Badass round in the Holodome can get crazy if you get into close range (I have to admit that three Virtuous Ophas at the same time, flanked with those Gargantuar Guardians and their buddies was fairly hectic). The easter egg room in Tyco’s Ribs and the Turret Calibration mission (although this isn’t repeatable) are also fun places to whip up a mob. The Turret Calibration mission takes a little warming up, but in UVHM if you deal with all the enemies outside of the room (and don’t soften them up for the actual turrets), they can run out to where you are to fight them and the turrets won’t get any kills (and lots of badasses start coming out. Seriously, after like ten minutes or so, it’s on). The Shock Drop Slaughter Pit can be tough if you leave yourself exposed and don’t use any of the otherwise ample cover, but I do agree that when I’m after a burly mob, I go play BL2.