MINAC's Atomenent: Designed to be bad? Glitched?

So I tested out new guna, blah, blah, and came to the MINAC’s Atomenent.
And…Is this thing supposed to be so bad? Most of the time it don’t deal any damage to the shooting range dummies…
Is it intended, is the gun glitched? Are the dummies glitched?

These dummies have infinite health. When you shoot the dummy, if damage numbers pop up, then it is doing damage. It’s just that you can’t kill the dummy, no matter what weapon you are using, which saves having to respawn another if you kill it. I watched a stream of the dlc where the streamer got the laser you mentioned and I have to admit it does seem to lack firepower. It does fire a laser projectile of each element, which is cool, but it could do with being a little stronger.

So you wanna say I don’t have any idea how those dummies work and assume the gun is bad because it don’t “kill them”?
This laser don’t deal “Damage numbers that pop up”. The shots just fly through the dumies most of the time.

I never assumed that about you. From what you described in the first post, it was merely a possibility. I did not mean to offend you. If I did, I apologize.

They do? OK, that’s weird. I wonder if anyone else has had that experience, with this or any other gun. It might be something worth looking in to.

hmm… anything happen if you shoot the ground at their feet? or like crit vs non? maybe they have to have a dot or it heals allies or something weird… we gotta figure this thing out! I will get one and do some testing after work.

I got it, but haven’t played around with it yet beyond test firing it, so don’t know its potential, but at the very least I imagine it would be a super easy way of getting the Elementalist achievement, if you haven’t gotten it yet.


Have it here. I have no idea why it hits sometimes, and sometimes just don’t.

I just got mine on TVHM with all Maliwan parts. I tested it against the spawns in the area. It seems when I tried headshots the shots phased through the target, but chest shots always hit. Each shot fired a different element and has splash damage.

I was testing with Fragtrap using the Eridian Vanquisher class mod and was getting all the elements to apply dots to the targets, which was great for getting the Maniacal Laughter stacks built up quickly.

I’ll give it a shot later on. Just got mine and kept it since it is the Chimera of TPS, and a cousin to Marek’s Mouth.

Maybe done on purpose since it has maybe increased splash?

It is probably the meaning behind the red text of “I’m not always homicidal…”
So yeah, unfortunately,probably intentional.

FYI, the shots won’t deal damage to enemies every time, but they will always damage you if you shoot at your feet.

This is my new favorite laser for Fragtrap.

I tried it on EOS and it did really well. I think it just needs a surface to hit and and I think it was getting that with Eos. Also it may have been hitting multiple hitboxes because of the large splash. All in all it might end up being a really good anti-boss weapon.

I love this laser. Since it shoots corrosive fire and shock. Its amazing for my athena and destroys enemies.

Does the gun have a fixed, rotating fire pattern, like “shock, fire, acid, shock, fire, acid, shock, fire, acid” ?

If yes, then it can be a very good weapon! :smiley:

= = =

But if the elements are choosen at random [RNG], like “shock, shock, acid, shock, fire, fire, acid, fire, acid, shock, etc etc etc”…

Then the weapon is too unpredictable to be of actual use. Suppose you fight a robot and, out of 10 shots, 6 are fire, 3 are shock and 1 is acid… not good at all! :confused:

It’s random, but it cycles between them fast enough that it’s still a very good weapon.

I use it all the time. It switches between the elements pretty consistently. It’s a really good weapon

Wait, it does self damage? Prismatic bulwark, here I come… It’s pretty great for those adaptive viruses, and stacking DoTs is no joke. Even more effective with the arena mutator

So what about my problem? Lol…
Discussing about the elemental capabilities of this thing don’t help me at all…

Atonement can’t crit. Atleast, it looks like it.