Minac's Atonement Overlooked?

So I’ve been testing a bunch of guns lately because @khimerakiller has been bugging me to update the Nisha Top Gear :stuck_out_tongue:

The Boomacorn has the particularity of ignoring the “one per second” limit on stacks of Unchained on Nisha, like other guns that shoot rockets (like ARs with the Torgue Barrel for example)

So while testing a bunch of ignored guns, I noticed that Minac’s Atonement ALSO ignores that restriction. While it’s been the consensus around here that it’s a lackluster gun, I started using it the same way I use the Boomacorn: Aim at the feet or jump and shoot from above so as to have those little rockets explode reliably.

The results were astonishing.

As in: killing UBAs in less than 2 seconds, as in 3-shotting rabid stalkers.

Can anyone else confirm that they are getting the same results as me ?

I’ll get to ya in a sec. I’m uploading stuff right now.

EDIT: @Chuck80 Does it proc Hot Lead?

this will be the determining factor. id assume it does, the boomacorn has no listed element, and neither does this.

I was Just asking b/c I’ve made a non-elemental Excalibastard before and it didn’t get Hot Lead, and neither does the E-Gun.

Pretty sure you didn’t mean that right ?

I’ve seen people talk about this stuff and the difficulty slider on the patch tread so it should be fine. If its not @Derch can tell me other wise and I’ll take both post down.

So it doesn’t get Hot Lead or Magnificent Six to start off. I also found that it is much more reliant on spawning the correct element, but for better or worse it only has shock, fire, and corrosive so its easier to get the element you want. It still does a lot of work even without proccing the right element, but when it does it gets really close to Boomacorn amount of power.

Although also to note, it has a smaller blast radius than the Boomacorn from the feel of it, so you have to be more accurate/closer. And I found my self dying more from enemies, but this probably just takes an adjustment to play style really.

I’m not saying its not good, I’m just nit picking based on the few runs I did with it.

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Yeah, i’m still not sure I’d call it good either, but it does have much more potential than we all thought until now. :smile:

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Are you recommending this be tested for Top Gear, or just general talk about how it doesn’t suck like people thought it did?

It has the same limitation as the Hail, it doesn’t work with Showdown. If you get a kill and aim at the feet of enemies it does OK, but it does that at the cost of 2 ammo per shot.

It doesn’t exactly suck, but it doesn’t really synergize with Nisha’s action skill, and she and Athena are the only 2 who can really make this gun work. Its great for farming Guardian Hunter though, you just point at the feet and you don’t have to worry about anything :smile:.

It works with showdown if you jump :smile:

It’s most probably not top gear.

Ok if you ever want a video just ask :+1:

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it could be. anything with the stopping power to kill UBAs like you say it does and stacks unchained fast means it has lots of mobbing potential. like you said, there are already lots of lasers it TG, but that’s real synergy.

As long as you’re on PC, it’s okay.

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just tested it. i still think its not that good. the stacking is nice, but the damage is pretty lackluster, it doesn’t proc hot lead, its inconsistent, ETC. there are better lasers. alot of better lasers.

On everyone else its bad cuz it can’t Crit and it usually does 40% damage on 2/3 shots, on nisha I can assume it’s slightly better cuz Tombstone but I mean no better that real guns.

Pretty much my conclusion: it’s better than everyone previously thought, but it’s still not good enough to be useful.

It was fun testing it though.

That’s not all there is because it’s a similar case with the Boomacorn and the Boomacorn is awesome. It lacks some punch and maybe a Slightly buggers splash radius.

Well even the Boomacorn is noticeably worse on Crit reliant characters than things like Athena and Nisha except the minacs shoots in a set order has really low FR and Only shoots 1 Element at a time unlike the boom which is rng elements but like 5 at once.