MINAC's Atonement

At first, the gun seemed very promising with 3 elements combined on this single laser. But critical hits with this gun was not damaging at all. Then I found out even body shots was not damaging the target. Has anyone figured out any way of use to make this weapon effective?

I’ve used it quite a bit, and haven’t noticed any problems. I wonder if it’s a range issue? Some weapons have an optimum range to get the most out of them - some only work at close range, others work best mid-range.

I found if you shoot at the floor by their feet, like a Slow Hand, you hit them more often then not. Most body shots just seem to pass right through enemies. I think its the red text effect or something.

I don’t know how well it works on most characters because I used it on Nisha. But it might work for you.

It seemed to do well on Athena when Unrelenting procs with high Maelstrom. (maybe like 300ish) Otherwise I never felt like it was something to write home about.