Mind-Killer... Any good builds?

Anyone have any fun builds with the Mind Killer shotgun? I have a few good ones, really enjoyed using it, but struggling to put together a build that utilizes it well. Primarily play Fl4k and Moze on TVHM M4… I think part of the issue is that there just better weapons overall for them.

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I feel like a Terror build is required here…

It’s just a strange gun… It doesn’t have an element or splash damage, so doesn’t fit with the usual Moze+maliwan builds, where the Trevonator clearly is superior. It has a tight pattern, so would do well with a Fl4k/Moze Mind Sweeper crit focused build… But Jakobs does that better already, with more pellets and more options.

Maybe a Green Monster build, where you can abuse the charge mechanic for the corrosive damage?

It’s weird, the Mind-Killer was in my top twice weapons on Zane, still is when I go all Shotgun, but when I tried it with Moze, it just didn’t have the oomph Zane’s speed gave it. I will say it’s really good in a speedy Zane build because you can just punch it through enemies as you slide into them.

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Agreed, but Brainstormer/Redistributor is just so much better with Chain Zane…

Chain Zane ain’t my thang. Lol. But also hate the name.

I was running shotgun sliding before anto-freeze came out and Mind-Killer was my ammo efficient option


Amara phase cast anoint or amara slam build boost 250% or 300% weapon damage boost yes other weapons will be better but with those boosts plus ase shield and grenade should make it a good gun in m4


The mind killer needs to push enemies way back. Then it might be useful in certain situations coughraidbridgesectioncough


I like your type of evil! :grin:

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It’s good on Flak. Mind-Killer has more damage then most Jakobs save for near god roll Stagecoaches, but with on average 5x the shots available then high damage Stagecoachs and a tighter spread. You can also run with a 45% Mali crit damage com and then pair it with a Cutsman and Recursion load out. If you need it to be the undisputed best in class on meta builds though, its not necessarily going to be that. But it can be a viable and fun alternative.