Mind Sweeper and Vampyr

The mini grenades from Mind Sweeper Proc Vampyr and that makes me happy :slight_smile:

Really? Didn’t when I last used it. How did you test?

Brb, okay?

At the 35 second to 40, you can see the health jump. I wasn’t satisfied with that as proof, so, the last five seconds of the video showcase me shooting a practically invincible target and then a min nade drops. blows, and my health goes up.

Basic Muckamuck. Basic Transformer. Quasar in my pocket (that doesn’t do Vamp). Rocket Boot Fire Stone relic. =]

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Wonder if that was a recent change. Up until a few days ago I only used the sweeper because I didn’t have a bloodletter and I never got healing.

Interesting find.

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I didn’t expect to find it. I actually got sad the Quasar wasn’t doing ANY healing, but then my health was all the way up and all I was running was a SnowSploder :joy: I was like “oh, that’s a nice find”