Mind Sweeper would be a lot more useful with Bottomless Mags skill bonuses

Mind Sweeper’s unique effect (25% chance to spawn a micro-grenade on critical hit) has synergy with high fire rate weapons that are typical of Bottomless Mags builds, but the 4-5 skill points in Demolition Woman make it much less appealing to BM builds. The points in Fire in the Skag Den are barely noticeable in builds that typically don’t rely on splash damage, and Torgue Cross-Promotion is more likely to cause a micro-grenade to damage the player than it is to damage additional enemies. The occasional point in Redistribution isn’t bad.

If those 4-5 points from Fire in the Skag Den and Torgue Cross-Promotion were in Scorching RPMs and Cloud of Lead or Stoke the Embers, Mind Sweeper would be worth considering over a decent purple class mod. If the micro-grenades were reworked to explode like rounds fired from The Duc, Mind Sweeper would be incredible, but that might be a bit too greedy.

I’m yet to meet anyone that wants to use Mind Sweeper in its current state. Something similar to this would be a good bone to throw those of us that were collateral damage in last week’s Bloodletter nerf so we have at least one viable legendary class mod.


I definitely dont notice the bonus skills when I use mind sweeper


4 words…

Pull the Holy Pin. Going to break out my Minesweeper Mod when I get home and do some testing. This could be the primary use of the Hex moving forward. Each Hex with 3 point in PTHP should have a 7% chance per tick (I’m not good at math) to proc the Micro Grenade.
…Spam a.bunch of these grenades and you get the picture. That makes Fire in the Skag Den useful on the mindsweeper.


That could be one reason to keep Mind Sweeper as is I guess. Let me know how it compares to other Demo Woman options.

My hope was to have at least one of the five legendary class mods be used for non-Demolition Woman builds though. Mind Sweeper seems like the most likely candidate.

It’s still extremely good. Vampyr procs just as effectively. Might just have to fire guns -while- throwing them (in some cases), since we can do that in this game. They still have the power of a legendary grenade and are still a top pick - because they outperformed most other nades by that much.

Do grenade criticals proc the Mind Sweeper effect?
I’ve never noticed the grenades dropping from the enemies (due to how flashy some grenades are). I thought it was just gun criticals.


Grenades do drop from grenade crits. :smiley: Why didn’t I notice before?

I want to.

But it looks like the skill on it are meant to boost the grenades it’s giving you. Let’s say you wanna run a Shield Mags build but also found this class mod. The grenades would be useless. But with Skag Promotion, boom…more boom…

We need a Legendary Com that buffs Bottomless Mags more. They’re heavily biased towards Demo Woman with one focused on SoR. Maybe something where you gain increased gun damage for every second you fire or each critical hit. Kinda like the Guardian skill, but a better version.


I’ve heard that it is good against large bosses where grenades cant land effectively. Seems legit with a Lyuda against Graveward for example.

About the skills, they are made to boost the grenade it spawns it seems.

The COM has really good synergy with itself and Demolition Woman builds, as Pull the Holy Pin procs it as said before and the mini grenade can crit too as far as I know. Could be wrong here.

Anyway, it gives more to guns than the Blast Master, as the mini grenade helps with Means of Destruction and Redistribution procs If the gun itself doesnt have added splash damage.

I would say it is good for a Demolition Woman/Bottomless Mags build without a lot of guns with splash. :smile:

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Mind Sweeper is the best legendary option for a Machine Gun Moze that doesn’t want to spam grenades to keep using Bloodletter, but it’s still not great.

I’ve been using Mind Sweeper with a Bottomless Mags build while trying to farm a purple class mod with +3 Desperate Measures. My Mind Sweeper with +3 Fire in the Skag Den and +1 Fire in the Skag Den both kill Graveward with neutral modifiers slightly faster (~1.5 sec) than a purple class mod with +2 Desperate Measures. The damage increase from Fire in the Skag Den is so negligible I can’t measure the difference between +1 and +3 while using it with a Bottomless Mags build. My old Bloodletter with +3 Desperate Measures kills about a second faster than Mind Sweeper does with neutral modifiers, without wasting 4-5 points in bonuses that would be more noticeable elsewhere. Like I said in my initial post, the unique effect works well with machine gun builds, but the 4-5 points in Demoliltion Woman are negligible since the vast majority of a Bottomless Mags build’s damage is still coming from bullets, not the micro-grenades’ splash damage. +3 in Scorching RPMs would give Bottomless Mags builds more dps than +3 in Skag Den.

If this class mod was supposed to be for machine gunners, it’s doing the job worse than a slightly above average purple class mod in its current state. If it is supposed to be for Demolition Woman builds, it looks like Blast Master outclasses it by a lot. It just seems to be in a weird spot where it’s almost good, but doesn’t do anything build defining like other legendary class mods.

I’ve played around with Mind Sweeper quite a bit using shreddifiers and crossroads and my issue with it is mini nades are rendered useless vs flyers and/or fast movers, though the damage can be surprisingly chunky at times, really nice for Traunt/Killavolt type fights.

100% splash from Blastmaster, or SoR tree with Bloodletter’s incredible gun damage stacking is just more consistent and constant.

If GBX made the bombs sticky, though…

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Agreed on the flyers and fast movers, which is why my dream would be to have sticky explosives like The Duc’s rounds, especially since those can crit. I would settle for more applicable skill bonuses for MG builds though. This thing is situationally good for MG builds, but it’s weird to be using a legendary to farm for purples that add more dps while also being less situational. The unique effect’s fun factor is high though. Seeing a ton of grenades pouring out of a big, slow moving or stationary target’s crit point with a Shredifier or Lyuda is a sight to behold.

I need this com. I’ve only gotten Blast Masters and one Rocketeer. The last three legendary coms I’ve gotten have been for other classes.


It seems like Mind Blaster may drop less frequently than the other coms. I could fill a bank vault with all of the Bloodletters, Blast Masters, and Iron Bear related mods I’ve found, but I’ve only picked up a handful of Mind Sweepers after an unhealthy amount of playtime.

Btw, where’s the best place to farm coms? I’ve been going through TVHM and decided it’s probably better to stop and farm some bosses/hunts for the com I want first.

Coms are world drops, so your best bet is boss farming on Mayhem 3. I recommend Graveward if you can kill him quickly, Traunt if not. Make sure you are online while farming for them since the hotfix to com drops is server side.

Thanks. Got two more coms for other classes instead of one I can use. Lol. It’s starting to get really annoying. Here’s to hoping my luck changes. I’ll keep farming away.

Edit: Got a Mind Sweeper… it’s for Dahl weapons, but that might be a good thing. We’ll see. Going to bust out my Kaos and give it a try.


Nighthawkin is a good option for Dahl too.