Mindfulness+ Red suit?

I saw Joltzdudes video with his Radiation Fl4k and it got me wondering if Blight grenades with the Red Suit would stack Mindfulness. This could make for a really powerful tank combo if it infect works. I sadly don’t have my Red Suit or a blight grenade so I was wondering if anyone had these things to test this.


I don’t have that grenade but you can stack mindfulness on rad dots


So theoretically this should work and you can just stand in your grenade and reduce your delay to nothing XD amazing. I may try and do something with that.

Edit I actually have a Trevinator with Radiation on it huuuuuum I am getting some diabolical ideas based on Joltz’s video.

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More like 0,5s delay.

It definitely works with blight grenades i use it on a radiation Fl4k build. Even those grenades don’t always apply a dot even when thrown right at your feet though. Mindfulness can sometimes get stuck at around 15 stacks with just 1 source of damage though - in combat it will likely be 25 all the time.

Isn’t the recharge delay percentage based? therefore it will never be zero - gets super low though. Your own dot will kind of negate this however.

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Let us know if it works out

Moxsy has been building around the Shieking Devil shotgun which does self damage. You can constantly have Rad Dot on yourself and +90% damage with elemental Projector.

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So I just tried using a Shock Devils Banshee and a Transformer and found it will not apply Shock DOTs. It’s still super tanky when you add more shock an weapon damage giving you even more shields per blast.

I do however question why the Trasformer is Immune to Shock DOTs while the Red suit isn’t. The only thing that makes sence is it was a balancing choice so you cant get a ticking DOT on yourself giving you back a good chunk of shields per tick. It just kind of stuck as the Transformer renders the Elemntal Projector in operable. To the same effect you also can’t get Mindfulness stacks from Shock with a Transformer on. It works well with the Guardian Perk Topped off and a Phasezerker. You can maintain 100% up time on every buff in the Mythical Assult tree only problem is the damage output is lacking. Still a damn good Support Tank Build.

Looks similar to what nat_zero_six had going above. I definitely what to get my hands on some more Radiation Gear. The elemental Projector looks like it makes the damage on this build. Thanks for sharing the video!!! The more tested footage I have to help me complete my build the better

Ya the is always a minuscule delay but it goes lower then a second for sure making it function similar to HP regen. Someone said above at minimum its .5 second delay. Theoretically ( and I could be completely wrong here) this would mean If you start suffering from a DOT every second and a half you should get roughly half of your shield recharge rate back while at max stacks. This would cause a portion of that DOTs damage to he soaked by shields recharging. Again that is all theory that would require testing.

It can apply a dot but only if you have either a point in infusion or forceful expression set to shock


I would add that I don’t find the Shrieking devil particularly reliable for self-dots, though it seems better if you charge it up which is … awkward. A sellout, devils foursome etc usually does the trick a lot better.

I use shock and transformer but Remember not to get forceful expression if you are going With rad and red suit as it will kill you. A radiation host shotgun is also terrific at self-dot.


Those two don’t come in radiation though, do they? Can confirm that Devils Foursome gives awesome self-damage! I carry it around for times I get randomly glitch-stuck & need to suicide :joy:

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just sharing round 5 of slaughter shaft.

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Are you putting a corrosive DOT on yourself with Forceful Expression and then reducing the damage of the DOT with One with Nature?

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i am not spec into forceful expression, it would kill me. i haven’t found a reliable way to put rad dots on me.

that green pollution is terror, i added health regen while on terror to help me tank damage and deal with those yellow health bars.

Can maybe try a host shotgun instead? Their aoe is quite large

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Indeed they don’t I use those two with the transformer for the shock version of this. Fl4k is my rad version.

Rad devils foursome/host/blight for self rad dot

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So the buff won’t be available after the event is over or you have something to terrorize yourself? (Part of the reason I don’t pay a lot of attention to terror anointed stuff.) Nice gameplay, btw!

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i have a cryo hex with apply terror for 18 seconds after ase.