Mindsweeper Tediore Moze (1b dmg+ in 1 reload)

Hello all,

This build is centered on making Tediore Moze MH10 viable by using the automatic crit on grenades from Pull the Holy Pin to spawn Mindsweeper grenades on any target (even crit immune phases on Wotan), all while maintaining health gate and having a way to heal both your shield and hp instantly, making you almost unkillable with insane damage potential.

Using a shock Tediore with 160% splash vs the dummy (shock on flesh) I was able to get a mindsweeper chain that hit for 783m on the final explosion, bringing the total for 1 reload to around 1b damage. With the 300% while above 90% hp and matching elements while having the 25% grenade anointment up, the damage potential could reach absolutely crazy amounts of 3b+ without counting the 5 MIRV projectiles or kill skills. If you aim for the crit spot Tediore reloads can crit without relying on PTHP, making the grenade chains much more consistent, with the Mirv projectiles offering even more crit opportunities, spawning mindsweeper grenades which then cover a massive area with 9/5 in Torgue cross promotion.

Shock reloads allow you to instantly regen your 38k transformer. Also, by speccing into Redistribution and Rushing Offensive you can reach health gate with every explosion. Shoot and reload while you sprint or start sprinting after throwing a reload, with the Mirv projectiles healing you to max hp the moment they hit a target. Shock reloads can also spawn shock Mindsweeper nades which can heal you… you get the point, I can’t think of a tankier way to play Moze

The spec:

Demolition Woman 5/5 Grizzled, 5/5 Torgue Cross Promotion, 3/3 Pull the Holy Pin

Spec the DW tree only up to PTHP - we don’t need any more points in here since we can heal without vampyr and Short Fuse does not increase our damage with reloads. Avoid Fire in the Skag Den since it makes you do fire damage and you will kill yourself even with shock reloads.

Bottomless Mags 5/5 Matched Set, 5/5 Scrappy, 1/1 Redistribution, 3/3 Stoke the Embers, 1/1 Rushing Offensive, 5/5 IronBank

Redistribution and Rushing Offensive will allow us to health gate efficiently, you can regen your HP and Shield together in 1 shock reload while sprinting. Redistribution also allows you to regenerate ammo before you reload to get more damage overall.

Matched Set and Iron bank give us the most mag size possible for higher reload damage. Use a tediore grenade to get the most out of Matched set.

Shield of Retribution 5/5 Armored Infantry, 5/5 Drowning in Brass, 2/3 Thin Red Line, 5/5 Vladof Ingenuity, 3/3 Desperate Measures, 2/5 Phalanx Doctrine.

2/3 Thin Red Line to keep health gate while boosting your transformer to a massive 38k shield. Going 3/3 will make you lose health gate and you will go into instant FFYL if you take enough damage.

Don’t spec Experimental Munitions since it will also make you kill yourself on crits.

Tediore reloads count as grenades and are directly boosted by gun damage, magazine size, grenade damage, splash damage (aoe), and elemental multipliers. Damage is based on the remaining bullets in your magazine. Reload speed becomes equivalent to fire rate, and splash radius also provides a good indirect dps increase.

The Gear

The Everblast allows for the most damage per reload. 160% splash anointments and 300% weapon damage while above 90% hp are the best available, with the latter being better for full HP enemies or enemies with multiple health bars. Fire 1 shot and instantly reload for the most damage, reload damage is based on how many shots you have left in the mag. Shock reloads allow you to instantly heal your shield, but you can use any element to heal your hp with Rushing Offensive. Matching elements offers by far the highest damage but you risk dying if you get caught in the splash radius.

The facepuncher allows us to regenerate shotgun ammo in 1 shot with the cutpurse since the pellets count as melee hits. Other decent ways to regenerate ammo with melee+curpurse are the launchpad, rocket boots and the fish slap. Unfortunately they are not efficient enough since the rockets tend to hit other targets, or you constantly have to throw grenades/slam/slide to keep up with the ammo consumption. The face puncher just needs 1 shot and you are at max. Just make sure to time it before you enter IB or you will lose anointments when you switch weapons.

A massive increase in damage output with +splash from TGP and insane grenade chains if you are lucky enough. It gives us almost unlimited damage potential. Mindsweeper nades benefit from basically the same bonuses as tediore reloads (apart from mag size) making the two synergize really well.

Tediore grenades give the most mag size with matched set, the It’s Piss would provide a good damage boost as well. Use a 25% weapon and grenade damage anointment for the most damage potential possible since both bonuses are multiplicative and offer a huge boost to reloads.

The transformer makes us almost unkillable since we can spam shock reloads endlessly. Anointments aren’t crucial here but 75% shield and hp after Iron Bear makes you even more tanky, at the cost of making it harder to health gate since it takes more to heal past 50% hp. Don’t use a shock ASE anointment since it will kill you even with shock reloads+transformer.

Allows us to regen ammo instantly with the face puncher, by keeping health gate we can exchange deathless for a Victory Rush which gives more damage and movement speed. You can use an elemental projector for even crazier damage output against bosses, if you have a way to apply-self Dots. As stated before, launchpad and rocket boots also offer decent way to regen ammo without switching gear but I do not find these consistent enough to be worth the loss of the Victory Rush bonus. +Grenade +Mag Size +Weapon damage allows for the most damage possible on the artifact and com.

That’s all, hope you enjoyed the build!

For more info on mindsweeper damage:


I haven’t found a m10 everblast yet but I have some m10 pistols and a fishslap nade. I think I have a cutpurse launch pad somewhere too.

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EDIT, wrong anoint.
EDIT 2, guess Transformer doesn’t work with EP. I thought it did, but I lasted tried on Amara, and things are wonky on her.

Oh I just tossed a few Everblast specifically because I kill myself with Tedior reloads. But this looks fun and totally sane.

I thought about speccing out of the splash fire damage, to see if I can limit my self-damage some. I thought a red suit would protect me from the yellowcake. I was wrong.

I did find a Shrieking Devil with the 300v90 500% elemental crit, shock and fire, that I was able to use with a Transformer. Even when on fire, if I kept pulling the trigger, the shock would recharge my shield, keeping me alive. But your build makes it more viable (well, you know, I can test it without spending all my time trying to not die).

It probably won’t work this way, but it would be great if the anoint triggered on me, then could be channeled through an Elemental Projector. That would be gross.

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You could also go Cutpurse Launchpad or Rocketboots and skip the Facepuncher altogether. I haven’t compared shotgun damage to SMG and pistol chucking.

I’d use a fish slap over the face puncher. Then you can use all the tediores.

That could be an option, would allow me to go full matched set and not switch weapons to regenerate ammo. More fluid gameplay in exchange of less movement speed. Not sure what gives more damage between the VR bonus and more mag size, although mag is on 100% of the time.

@cailte fish slap would also be great, keep forgetting we have several ways to get melee hits now. It would also allow me to keep the VR, although it probably doesn’t regenerate all your ammo instantly depending on how many targets it hits.

Gonna try both out and see what works best. Both sound like better options than the face puncher since switching makes me lose the splash anointment.

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I tested with some m4 shotguns and smgs and I felt like the smgs were best. The pistols didn’t give a big enough boom.

Yeah, I’ve never actually used SMGs other than the Long Musket. I have no idea how they compare to the shotguns or pistols.

The Babymaker is fun because the homing MIRVs fire while they track their targets.

needle gun is good with the 300/90. A few shots to debuff, then just reload.

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Still haven’t had that drop for me.

This is a great rehash of an old build. I’m going to give it a shot tonight if I find a good keenfire or everblast. I’ve been living in a Snowdrift Deathless/Bloodletter build lately, which is fine, but this would be a fun way to spice up gameplay. It looks like the build itself allows for some item versatility either way, since you’re still buffing gun damage and such.

Well done!

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I need to do some more testing on the different tediores, it’s likely that MH10 could have changed which work best. Shotguns were best before since they did more damage and the face puncher was the only way to efficiently regen ammo. With the fish slap and launchpad you can now regen any ammo type so it opens up a lot more options.

@Felixthecoach Glad you like it! Yeh I’m considering adding a sand hawk for targets that are too far for tediores, with the massive mag size boosts and 2/1 redistribution it should be able to fire almost non-stop. I’m a bit busy atm with uni so I can’t spend too much time trying stuff out. Let me know if you find any good combinations and I’ll add them to the build.

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Wouldn’t you just use an anarchy instead of a sand hawk?

Anarchy would work with matched set and all. But I’m not a big fan of having to rebuild stacks every time I switch weapons or enter IB. Could cheese it with the emote cancel spam though.

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Sandhawk is a good go to weapon for MindSweeper right now because it has so many pelots that do so much damage. Honestly, it’s overkill for most mobs, and can be a little bit anti-fun if you solely rely on it. I like it as a badass killer or FFYL gun myself.

that is a great gun, but it seems it would negate the idea of the build, which is weapon swappability and versatility. I mean, @Colossum3 created it, so i’ll let them speak for themselves, but to me, the anarchy is one of those niche weapons you have to build
around because of the ramp up time, and i personally dont enjoy that kinda build.

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Yeh I feel like the anarchy would bring the build in a different direction. By maximising mag size and all it makes reaching max stacks naturally even harder, so the only way of using effectively is to spam and interrupt reload with emote etc. It’s a great weapon, but it’s one of those weapons that forces you to play in a certain way and not swap or enter IB. With the fact we have other great weapons atm I prefer not having those limitations.

Oh yeeahh. Entering IB cancels weapon buffs right now.

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Fair enough. I hadn’t considered the IB issue. Just the whole matched set and Tediore thing. Given your detailed explanations, I’d suggest a Kaoson instead. It’s a better Mindsweeper gun and accurate at a distance.

Anyway, I’m not the boss of you.

Yeh Kaoson and Sandhawk are the top 2 for me. Hopefully they buff new weapons today, we really need more options.

So after some testing I still prefer the facepuncher as an efficient way to regen ammo, 1 shot gets you to max ammo while the other options force you to constantly slide/slam or throw grenades to regenerate enough ammo making the gameplay much more tedious.

Launchpad would be good if it didn’t climb so high in the air before seeking enemies, too many times it hits the ceiling or hits some other object. Some enemies it just won’t seek. VR is still my favorite option for the artifact.

I think for the amount of ammo regen tediore builds require the x14 facepuncher is still the best option available. Even if you lose splash anointments by switching anointments the 300%/90% anointment makes it bearable and you can time facepuncher shots before entering IB.

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